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Well ladies, I've been a bit down and super confused about where to go from here with out TTC. Today after posting how disappointed I was, I started a fundraiser for DP and I to help with IVF. If anyone wants to help (even $1) we'd appreciate it, nd if you can't thanks for looking at our story (even though you all already know it). Please pass the link on and share our story with anyone you all think might help! Thanks ladies (mye extended family)! http://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/6x52/dontletsicklecellcutourfamilyshort

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Dear fmorris, I'm so sorry to learn what you're going through with your DP and planning for the future. I know what you mean about how mortality puts TTC in perspective: My own DP had a terrible scare last fall (undiagnosed uterine fibroids hemorrhaged, resulting in emergency hospitalization and surgery), and during the worst parts of it, I kept wishing we'd gotten going on the baby project so much sooner. As much as I didn't want to eventually be a single parent, more than that I didn't want to miss out on having a chance to parent a child with DP for even as short a while as she may have been with me. I totally get what you're saying, and I too am getting all teary: It's a terrible situation. We're here for you. grouphug.gif

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Granite,  thank you for the kind words. Its hard to deal with sometimes because I don't know anyone who is dealing with the same issue. I'm glad that your DP is alright because that sounded very serious! I just wish things weren't so hard. DP took this one very rough too, she keeps saying how old she is and how she really wants a child. I do agree on atleast getting to parent together, even if it is for a short time. I just want us to have the memories and experiences. I never realised how sensitive I am to this as I'm tearing up AGAIN. Thinking of being without her is the single most hardest thing in mye life. I wish you and DP the best with your family.

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Fmorris - I am so sorry to hear about your DP and the struggles you are having. If you get a chance I would like to hear your TTC journey. I see in your signature that you have done 3 IUIs. Have you had testing done to see how your hormones are or if there is anything preventing you from getting pregnant? I have had 5 IUIs and I found out my AMH is really low. This, along with my weight is why I think I haven't gotten pregnant yet. 


KWPX2- I will have to get back to you on the book. I am actually reading 3 different fertility books right now and I can't remember which one is which! 

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Darcy, Thanks for the love, its most appreciated. I'll definately give you our story (through PM because I tend to be long winded sometimes lol). As far as testing, just a preconception check up prior to starting, and my doc said everything looks good. My lining was nice and thick (in her words) and things looked fine. I do struggle with mye weight (IMO) as I feel like I'm always underweight. I'm 5'7 and usually weigh in between 125 and 128 with little give. I feel like I could be too skinny. Who knows? Just want whatever it is stopping meeh to go away!

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Fmorris - Have you read brill? The reason I ask is because one of the things she talks about it making a plan from the get go and sticking with it as much as possible because while we are TTC emotions are all over the place. One of the things we decided was that I would try 6 times before reevaluating (we had to stop at 5 tries because we ran out of funds). This was before I know about my low AMH, too. I figure that once you nail down timing (which for us took a few tries) it makes sense to give those well timed insems a few tries before moving on to something else. If this information isn't what you are looking for, please feel free to ignore it. I have been struggling a lot with not getting pregnant and bringing myself back to the original plan has really helped me keep things in perspective. I know you are really feeling the time crunch on this and I am glad you are exploring other options but I just wanted to share my experience if it could be of any help. 

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Fmorrishug2.gif I'm so sad to read all this about your DP. Sickle cell is absolutely horrible. I truly hope the best for your next attempt/IVF and the best for her overall health. I agree with Darcy that hormone testing and maybe even an HSG might be a consideration, if you choose, before going straight to IVF since money is tight. I tend to be mildly underweight as well and I have an overactive thyroid (which may also be true for you since I also struggle to put weight on), which I thought could be an issue, but the RE said it wouldn't be. Checking your lining and follies doesn't provide nearly as much info as an HSG, when they inject the dye into your uterus to check for blocked tubes and other uterine issues that won't show up on an ultrasound. The testing might be a bit pricey and then the remedies for whatever they find might be a bit pricey, but unless there is a serious issue, it won't add up to the cost of round of IVF. However, mini IVF, which I know nothing about, sounds like half the price, which is good. My friends who have done IVF ended up having to get all the hormone testing done prior to starting their first round, so since you may have to do it anyways... It is totally up to you. And as Darcy also said, if this isn't what you want to hear, please feel free to ignore me.  Everyone here supports you and truly wants you to be a mother, in any method possible, and to share that special experience with your wonderful DP. 

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Hey everyone, I just want to say thank you so incredibly much for celebrating my news yesterday. blowkiss.gifI will be lingering here a while as the RE won't start the beta series till Friday or Saturday and I'm far too scared of a CP or early MC to graduate. 

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KWPX2: Have you tested again recently? Your temps still look good. fingersx.gif

Fmorris: hug.gif I'm sorry you're going through all this. What a hard situation. hug.gif

I'm another big fan of TSBC!

Anyone insemming soon?

Hi to everyone else!
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twomommy  CONGRATS!!! that is absolutely fantastic news banana.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifjammin.gifjammin.gifjammin.gifjammin.gifjammin.gifjammin.gifjammin.gifjammin.gifjammin.gifjammin.gifjammin.gifjammin.gifjammin.gifjammin.gifjammin.gif


fmorris I'm really sorry to hear about DP. I can't imagine how hard that is for both of you & completely understand why you want to get pregnant so badly. Good luck with IVF or whatever route you choose hug2.gif


sorry for the lack of personals, I've been busy tiling my bathroom & it's taking me AGES. Typing absolutely kills them as the skin has been rubbed off 2 of my fingers. Great news, we've accepted an offer on our flat so now just have to get house on the market. It's DW's birthday today so double celebration. I'm waiting to get meds for IVF from my local doc so enjoying having a break from TTC by having a couple of drinks.


Hi to all!

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Escher Thanks for asking. I did POAS yesterday and it was a BFN. My last progesterone was last night so we will see what will happen in the temp department. I am 16dpo now and I feel like if a positive was coming my way it would have come. I do wonder if I don't see AF for a couple more days might we need to consider the possibility of a CP or possibly a miscarriage? I didn't do a lot of POASing this time around so I wouldn't have been likely to catch even the faintest of lines.  We are left waiting and waiting. Not sure if we will try again in April or sit out a bit to gather some more energy. How are things going with your family? When does the first US happen? Hope all is well!


Twomommy crossing my fingers still for you and the betas!


Fmorris Good luck with your fundraising and healthy wishes to your DP!

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KWPX2 - Sorry to hear about the BFN. My fingers are crossed for a late BFP!! 


Twomommy - Can't wait to hear back on the beta!! So happy for you and DP. love.gif


Lizbian - Ouch about your fingers. That sound painful. How exciting about getting your meds soon and Happy Birthday to DW!

I can't wait to hear more about the IVF process as you go forward. Enjoy those drinks right now..I know I am!! 


AFU - The swimmers are scheduled to arrive tomorrow and we will start opks tomorrow as well. Last night after a few slightly frustrating nights of trying, we were able to find DWs cervix. I got way too excited once we found it. It was hiding for a couple days and I was freaking out a little wondering where the heck it was. Now I feel confident that I know how to find it and I am excited to do the insem. I am so glad DW has agreed to try this. Her mother was extremely fertile and was pregnant with twins twice and said she could basically sneeze and get pregnant. Lucky lady... Anyone else inseminating soon? Lots of luck and love to everyone in this process.  

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Fmorris - your story left me very emotional. I hope you find the best way to have a baby verry soon!

Twomommy - wishing you great numbers at the blood test today/tomorrow.

KWPX - sorry about the BFN. How high was your progesterone dose? For me a 200mg dose will delay AF at least 3-4 days.

Liz - Happy Birthday to your DP. Good luck with the meds. I hope they aren't too expensive for you. I looked into IVF costs as the next step if the next 3 IUIs fail and the estimate of 1500-2000€ solely for meds almost made me faint.

Darcy - the mystery of the hidden cervix *lol*. Will you do home IUIs or regular IVI? Good luck to DP and you!

Afm - ultrasound next monday afternoon and insem possibly tuesday or more likely early wednesday. It is our 6th cycle. I am really ready for it to work. The TTC process and particulary the last BFN in combination with meeting my very pregnant sister for Easter has really stressed me a lot. During the last week or so, I've experienced several nights of insomnia because my mind just wouldn't shut up about it all.
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KWPX2: I just looked at your chart. I'm sorry that AF arrived. Will you be insemming again this cycle? So far so good with our pregnancy--thanks for asking.

Darcy: It's exciting that you all are insemming soon. I hope she has her mom's fertility!

Friederike: Good luck with the ultrasound on Monday!
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kwpx2 really sorry about the BFN, hope you get better luck soon x



Darcy don't worry, I am enjoying the slightly relaxed diet! Glad you've found DW's cervix - whistling.gifI would have worried if you hadn't found it at all  FX she's as fertile as her mum. Mine had 6 kids so FX'd I have at least part of her success


Friederike wow that's expensive for meds! I've asked aboutr trhem over here & don't think they're quite that much. The actual process itself is £4,500 for 3 goes which we're going to go with as it's cheaper than £6k for one go in the UK & we have backups in case the firest one doesn't work (30% chance). Good luck with your ultrasound - I really hope this one works for you, it sounds like you're doing everything right so surely it's just a matter of time! I hear what you're saying about mind not shutting up - it happens to me quite often but luckily not lately.


AFM forgot to say yesterday that my sister is pregnant with baby number 2 - due in September. I am happy for her but kind of jealous I'm not preggers as well so they babies could be 2 months apart although if I get pregnant with my first lot of IVF they'll only be 6 months apart.Nothing else to report other than very taped up fingers & now using gloves to tile which is making a difference!  DW had a great birthday, thanks for asking everyone - I'm taking her to see P!nk in concert next weekend as her present - CANNOT WAIT!

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Lizbian: hope those fingers are healing up! You are going to make this house a quick sell with all the improvements! What month will your first IVF cycle be? The price you are paying for 3 rounds is pretty amazing! The prices here are a great deal more.

Friederike: good luck with your ultrasound! I hope there are a couple big follies! I'm sorry this last cycle was especially painful and then seeing your pregnant sister does not help at all.

Kwpx: sorry for the bfn and AF. You had a pretty well coordinated effort this time with the mini HCG shots, do you think you will try that approach again?

Darcy: your post was absolutely radiating excitement and anticipation! I hope DW has even half her mother's fertility!! I think if you get the timing right you will definitely have a "one hit wonder" on your hands! I will have my fingers tightly crossed for you! I hope your experience is the opposite of my one home insem attempt/debacle.

Afm, beta is not till tomorrow. I'm just trying to think positive, sticky thoughts. Symptoms are setting in, many of which were there before, but I attributed to progesterone. We are going to a baseball game tonight with my mom and seeing as I've been asleep by 9pm everyday this week, I'm thinking we won't make it much past the 7th inning.
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Reporting in from 11 DPO to say that absolutely nothing is happening here. I've been miserable for the past couple days with things that are almost surely completely unrelated to TTC--possibly getting another cold and various (normal for me, but still awful) digestive issues--plus my standard PMS symptom of really sore breasts. Being a crazy TTC person, I keep reading about how seemingly non-pregnancy related symptoms like sore throats and runny noses can actually be signs of pregnancy, and losing my everloving mind. Yes, I've gotten over the artificial "eh, I think the spillage means I'm out" calm I fooled myself into for the first week of my LP. I lost my thermometer (under the bed?) on about 3 DPO, so haven't been temping, but I really don't think I could possibly be pregnant. Period should be along tomorrow or Monday, so if I get to Tuesday without any sign, I'll test. In the meantime, to assuage the crazy, I've been peeing on OPKs once a day or so since 8DPO. The theory, of course, is that if the OPK is positive, then it would make sense for me to use an HPT, but if the OPK is neg (so far, all of them have been), than it's unlikely the HPT will be positive. And I've got a bazillion OPKs, so it's a safe/easy way to deal with the crazy, rather than wasting an HPT.
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Beta results are in. 23. It's a chemical pregnancy. We are pretty sad. The bleeding hasn't started yet but I assume it will soon. I still have my pseudo symptoms, but those are apparently now pre-AF symptoms. This is the true definition of roller coaster ride.
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Oh gosh, twomommy, I'm so sorry.  That is just terrible.  <3

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Twomommy - I am so so sorry greensad.gif
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