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Oh no no no, Twomommy. How awful. I am so very sorry.
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JAJenny: please move me to taking a break. 

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TwoMommyFamily: How many dpo are you? Was 23 at 15 or 16dpo? Why are they saying chemical? Betabase is down, but according to this chart 23 seems low but not out of range. Are you going in for a repeat beta? I still have my fingers crossed for you. fingersx.gif

hug.gif, anyway, that you're having to go through this.
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kwpx2: Sorry that AF arrived.  :-(  

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Oh, Twomommyfamily, I'm so sorry. Wishing you all the comfort that can be had at such a time!hug2.gif
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twomommy really sorry to hear your news, I hope you are both OK. In time hopefully you'll take the positive that at least you are able to get that little egg fertilised. grouphug.gifWe are sitting the next two cycles out & then start taking meds, hoping for June IVF


fille I know what you mean - I was reading into everything as well. Good luck with it!

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Twomommy I am so sad to hear your news! I am sorry you and your partner are going through this. I am sure you've seen it here with frequency that you are more fertile after a CP or MC. I encourage you to not be so discouraged that you stop. Take the time you all need and then get your game plan and come back strong. Hugs to you!


Fille Anything new there?


AFM I hae been away from the board for a few days taking time to think and process with DW. We went to the RE this am and got a bit of encouragement from her to keep plodding along. Although she isn't really enthusiastic about the success with IUI and frozen sperm in women at my age she thinks we ought to go another round so long as we get a good response from the medications this O. Her advice was we can always not insem but we need to keep my cycles going and make sure I O each month. So we are back on dexamethasone and letrozole looking toward ovulation and possible insem again this month. We originally planned to give me three rounds and this will be the fourth actual round. We are not counting the month we found our thawed sperm to have 5 mil swimmers. Jenny please move me to waiting to O.

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Running by for a quick post (will do personals later) to send mye thoughts, prayers, and hugs to Twomommy and DW. I'm so sorry for the news, you were there for meeh so there's no question I (as well as all of us) will be there for you. Take the time you need. X
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It is getting a bit quiet in here...best wishes to everybody, especially those of you going through a rough time.hug2.gif


I can be moved to TWW.

We had the funniest insem so far, with not so perfect timing, but oh well. Yesterdays US in the late afternoon showed a 20,2mm folly so we triggered immediately for an insem today. I would have prefered a wednesday insem but she was concerned that the egg might have been gone by then. As I teach all tuesday afternoon we had to schedule todays IUI only 18hours after the trigger at noon. Follie looked still good, but hadn't ovulated yet. Now we gotta hope the swimmers stay alive long enough. Since I could hardly show up in class with a sperm tank, my wonderful DP took her morning off and accompanied me to the appointment to take the tank back afterwards.


She, as a gold star lesbian, is extremely squeamish about sperm and never even stayed in the room when I did diy-insems at home, or look at any pictures of artificial insemination procedures. Well my fun, lovely doc wanted to try out some different cervix grabbing and stabilizing instruments instead of the usual speculum and asked DP to assist. Holding the catheter, pressing a special instrument against my slightly uncooperative cervix etc. DP operated almost in shock, with eyes closed during the insertion. I kept patting her back encouragingly the whole time. I guess usually those roles are reversed. She concluded afterwards that it was a great experience for her though and maybe if we're lucky that means we both were present at the making of our child. I really like how we're growing as a couple with this TTC process.  love.gif


Oh and my great doc, who I can't praise enough for doing this for us besides it being a legal grey area, gave us the procedure almost completely free of cost. She had loads of fun with DPs and my interactions. We paid 50€ for the catheter and used materials, but the 3 ultrasounds, the nurse giving me the trigger shot and the two doctor exams were free. With 580€ for sperm and a couple of bucks for the meds this was our cheapest insem ever.at about 660€ / 880$.

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Jenny, can you move me to Waiting to O?

I'm feeling fairly resigned, as I had very PMS-y symptoms for the last couple of days before my period finally started this morning. Strangely, my LP, which is normally 11-12 days, has been 13 days for the last couple months that I've been trying. I know longer LPs are a good thing, but having my period be "late" keeps making me hope just a tiny bit that all of the clear signs that my period is impending are really just very deceptive pregnancy signs.

Anyway, I guess it's a 2014 baby for me (god willin' and the creek don't rise). Things are on schedule to insem again in a couple of weeks (around my birthday, so maybe I'll have birthday luck). If that doesn't work, KD is thinking about coming to visit in May, so maybe we'll be able to time some fresh sperminating.
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Oh wow, what a roller-coaster TwoMommies...  I just read through the thread, catching up and getting familiar with you all.


Hello, everyone!  I'm Tracy, and I was really active in the thread last year -- May, July and August, in particular.  My partner and I were trying to conceive (I'm carrying), using donor sperm and the help of a clinic.  Clomid 2 months, the other F one the 3rd try, and trigger shots for all 3.  No baby at the end, just $4500 or so in bills, even after insurance. 

Changed jobs in July into a more lucrative position, but my insurance covers ZILCH for fertility treatments.


On to Plan B!  We have picked a new donor, frozen, from the Cryobank in Roseville, MN.  We're about 10 minutes away from it, so we get cheaper delivery-- basically just a courier service.
And now we'll be trying at home.  I'm slightly terrified to have so much in our control/ PRESSURE!  But I'm also very disappointed with my clinic experience, so there's something appealing about doing it ourselves.


The good thing about doing the clinic first, is that I know my parts and my hormone levels and all that are good and happy.  I'll just have to try to pinpoint my ovulation, which may take some getting used to.  My plan is to use a ton of the cheapy ovulation tests, and start charting again.  We would like to do ICIs, as far as the procedure, because DP has already seen how it's done, and I want to get those swimmers as far up there as possible! 

I'm not sure if we'll start this month or next, but it will be soon.


Lovely to meet you all, and I'll be checking in often to see how you are all doing!!

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Lovestreet Welcome back. DW and I were not here when you were last active. We have been trying since Jan completing three cycles with an RE and letrozole plus other meds. Unsuccessful thus far but merrily we roll along I suppose. I am 11 yrs older than my DW and our plan is to try once more with me in search of the "golden egg" and if this 4th time fails then we will probably move on to our younger more promising uterus and ovaries. Best wishes to you and your partner in your more DIY efforts. You can do it!


Fille Sorry about the BFN. It is a downer for sure. Good luck with a birthday insem!!


Friederike  you sound like you are really ready to be a "Mom" with all your supporting your partner while being poked and prodded! How wonderful that she got to assist even squeamish as she was. Maybe that was just the trick to get all the planets aligned for you gals! Will be keeping FX for you!


AFM, No news to report. awaiting O. My wife works at a local university and got an email from a doctoral student looking for LGBT persons in a relationship of 6 months or more to fill out a confidential survey about their relationship and stress. I thought Of all the lesbians I know I cannot think of a more perfect bunch of committed ladies under stress than this forum. If you would care to help out here is the survey site. Again it is confidential and no personal information is collected. Thanks on the student's behalf....


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KWPX2 I hope this is a successful cycle for you - bring on the O! Yep happy to do the survey, will check out when I get home after teaching tonight.


Friederike FX for you guys! your DW sounds hilarious & sounds like you guys have a great, balance relationship. My lovely DW took her job of insemming very seriously, although she had a little stress with the tank last time which resulted in her having a massive (quite funny) go at me and swearing a lot. turns out I got the whole thing on video accidentally (forgot to turn it off) so may have to keep to show her sometime in the future! What do you teach, incidentally? I teach a bit of law, investment stuff, Company & trust and also some photography. I'm so glad you've got an awesome doctor too, it makes all the difference.


Fille sorry to hear that but here's to a 2014 baby - we're hoping that will be our year as well. Happy early birthday too.


lovestreet welcome back & I hope your time here is short. We went the home insem route but now going IVF route as the chances are higher & we're trying to reduce the time it'll take (hopefully)


AFM  not much to report. Still waiting on drugs, will follow up tomorrow. We have accepted an offer on our flat - woo hoo so now just need to get this bloody tiling done to put our house on the market. The weather has been so awful this year I am seriously thinking about moving to Oz earlier than planned, although it wouldn't be fair on DW's family to move just after having a new baby seeing how excited they are about it. I guess I'll just have to put up with crap weather for another couple of years. I'm slightly worried I won't be able to do IVF in June as I have a very fine window with days I'm not teaching but it will all come down to my cycle - keeping everything crossed.


Good luck to all those insemming/in TWW xxxxxx

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Lovestreet - god luck with gathering data and preparing for insems. Quite a lot of people do at home ICI or IUI, it totally works if you know what you're doing. I think you'll find good advice on here if you need it. My DP would never in a million years have gone at it with a cath at home and I wouldn't know how to do it myself. We tried IVI a couple of times, but the low sucess rates made me switch to the doctors office.

KWPX - I love doing student surveys, I'll fill it out for sure.

Liz - good luck finishing with the house. About the meds, which protocol are you doing? Has that been decided yet? From what I read on the website you posted a while ago, the short and antagonist ones seem like the easiest especially if travelling internationally for the retrievel and transfer.
Oh and yes my DP and I are great at the moment, seems like we always work best as a couple when under some pressure.

I like the idea of making videos. Never even crossed my mind. I keep a written protocol only. Maybe I should do that too, just some short clips on the Iphone cut together. It would be a great thing to have a short (PG of course) movie available for a kid documenting his or her genesis and perhaps a second not-so PG for us parents up to birth. I used to videoblog while working in Egypt during the revolution two years ago and I really enjoyed it as a project. Right now, this semester I am teaching a graduate seminar on comparative politics and international relations. I work at the Social Science Department.
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KWPX2 I went to do the survey but can't as not in the US greensad.gif


Friederike I think we're going for the short one - it meas we only need to go once to Denmark which is always a good thing. It's great your DP & doc get on well. I'm lucky as everyone loves my DP so never worried on that front. Yeah we're just doing a short PG one as think it would be nice for the kid to see 'where it comes from'. This video will be on the cutting floor but it was hilarious, esp as DP & I never argue and she was having a massive go at me for videoing instead of helping take the vials out - one to remember, that's for sure! You were in Egypt during revolution? that must have been something else. A bit exciting, a bit scary & a unique experience. Bloody hell, that sounds in-depth & complicated! Makes my corporate law stuff sound pretty tame in comparison. wink1.gif

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Re: Survey....Thanks to those who have tried/taken the survey. Yes, I agree it seems a bit imperfect. I thank you on her behalf for participating. I do not think the student is LGBTQ and so I was pleased she included more than straight couples in her questions. I guess she didn't think she might get international response. Some of you have offered constructive criticism which I will pass along to DW to pass along to the student. I believe it will be well received. So thanks again "board friends" for being so wonderful and such a positive and supportive group!

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Friederike - We will be doing only 1 IVI. We had one vial left and figured we would try it on DW just for the heck of it. That sounds like a great insem experience!! Love that your doc hooked you up and that DP was game. I love that both of you were involved in the insem - very cool!  dust.gif
Lizbian - Have fun at the concert! FX for the correct timing of your cycle in June - planning/scheduling that stuff can be so hard while working. 
Fille - Hopefully lots of 2014 babies for us here!! 
KWPX2 - Lots of luck to you this month! I agree with your RE - give yourself a chance - you are ovulating and doing so well with the meds!! ETA - Survey completed :)
Welcome back Lovestreet! Will you be on clomid for the home ICIs? I really want to start that up this summer but not sure how that will work because of monitoring. 
AFU - First at home ICI completed as of last night at 9pm. Everything went oddly smooth and since we only had one vial that will be our single insem this round. DW is pretty excited and keeps texting me with updates on CM, twinges, o pain etc.. Our options were to insem 12 hours after OPK or 24 or 30. We decided on 12 because of her cervix was open, tons of EWCM and we wanted her horizontal after the insem for as long as possible. If she didn't have to work today we probably would have inseminated this morning at 24 hours. I think we have a good shot but if we can afford it, any future insems will consist of 2 vials spread over two days.  I was shocked at how easy the sperm went into the syringe. I thought I would have a lot left over that I couldn't get at. 83 million swimmers - highest count so far. Thanks everyone! Good luck to all in the TWW and upcoming insems! 

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Darcy What exciting news! It sounds like you got your timing right with all the EWCM and cervical signs. How do you feel being on the other side of the sperm? We will keep our FX for sure! Wouldn't beginner's luck (her first try) be just the trick for you two! Very best wishes!

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KWPX2- Thanks! I actually feel a lot more calm being on the other side of the sperm lol. DW is pretty excited and yes it would be so great if her first try worked!
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Sounds great Darcy. Fingers crossed for you both. Do you know already when you'll start testing? Any exciting symptoms so far?
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