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Hey folks,


Okay, first things first - I'm not a Mom. I'm a 20-yo guy who's writing an essay and a free book I'm going to post on Amazon that's designed to help parents who're interested in Unschooling figure out how to change their lifestyles to make that possible.


To that end, I'm looking to interview some unschooling parents who've made the switch from PS to unschooling as well as from homeschooling to unschooling. It would be a text interview, and I'd basically ask you why you made the switch, what changes you made in the structure of your life, and what that was like. I'd ask you a few questions, pull from them in my writing, and then after the book is released I'd send you a link.

Oh, and if you know other parents who'd be interested, please send 'em a link! You can also respond privately to me at


Thanks! =)