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Doula in SE OK

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Yes, we are out in the boonies and most here don't even know what a doula is  but this is an area that is poor, not a lot of opportunities, most people on welfare, a lot of drug problems, and most women don't see a dr for until late in their pregnancies. I am hoping to be able to provide not only information but education and hopefully, see more healthy, happy babies come into the world in this area.

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Welcome to Mothering! I had a doula for my first birth and she made things so much easier for me. We moved and didn't find a doula for my second birth, but I wish we had. I am a huge fan of doulas!


We have a Finding your Tribe forum for your area where you might also want to post. You can check it out here: http://www.mothering.com/community/f/95/texas-oklahoma-new-mexico

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