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Thyroid med. question

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I was borderline in the middle of the preg. and have been taking thyroid med. for the past 4 1/2 months. I was good in 6 weeks. I'm currently 40 weeks, and haven't taken the med. these last few days. Will that have a negative effect?

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What medicine were you taking? If it was a regular T4 hormone like Synthroid, or generic Levothyroxine - gives your body T4 and your body in turn stores it for a while and slowly converts it to T3 - then you probably wouldn't feel results immediately and a couple of days missed here and there isn't probably the biggest deal in the world. If it's a combo T3 and T4 hormone pill, then your body will miss the ready supply of T3 much more quickly, as far as I understand. (I'm on a generic T4 replacement medicine myself.)


At this point, I don't think it'll affect your baby, as s/he should have developed their own thyroid at the end of the first trimester, but you do have to be careful about post-partum thyroid issues, as often even women with no thyroid problems will have some develop, temporarily, after giving birth. It's very easy for your thyroid hormones to swing wildly after giving birth, obviously especially if you've already had thyroid problems.


I'm hypothyroid and after my first birth, I didn't see an endocrinologist for a check-up post-partum and just kept taking the same medication I had been on during pregnancy and as a result I believe I went severely hyperthyroid and was just a mess for months. I thought it was post-partum depression and recovery from a rough birth and so on, but now, looking back, I really think it was my thyroid totally out of whack. Please don't risk that - post-partum time is hard enough as it is!


Also, thyroid issues, if not closely monitored post-partum, can mess with breastfeeding (I was lucky not to have any issues with that, but it can definitely happen). 


Lastly, once your baby is born, you should test to see if the baby had congenital thyroid problems as well - if so, the baby will need to start taking thyroid hormone replacement as well.

So, in short, it's probably ok right now - though really, you shouldn't stop medication without talking to your doctor first about it - definitely make sure you get your thyroid checked asap after giving birth and get your baby checked asap once born as well.


Good luck!

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Thank you. I gave birth at this point, and it was smooth and well. With my first four, I had no issues. It was only with number 5, and my number was only slightly elevated. I hope not to have continued issues. My doctor told me not to take it after birth and then check at the post-partum visit, and then see if I need it further or not. If I feel horrible, I'll go to my Dr. before my visit to check it out. Btw, in Israel, all babies are checked at birth for thyroid issues. In future pregnancies, I'll need to check right away.
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Great advice, book!

Sun, I hope your levels to normal. In my experience dry skin, fatgue beyond sleep deprivation, and inability to stsy warm, along with milk supply issues may point to continued hypothyroidism.
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