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My heart goes out to all you mamas waiting!  I only went to 40+6 and never felt "overdue", but I think if I'd gone to 42 weeks I would have felt differently (lotsa hugs, Sunshinelove!!)

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Originally Posted by sunshinelove View Post

I'm still here, too *sigh*. There's been so much "practice" labor, i have lost track. I'm now 42 weeks along and trying to stay positive. My intuition is strong, so i know it will tell me if something is wrong. I just want to be done and finally meet this little guy. Lots of love and ELVs to those who are still waiting...

Also, this article is wonderful for "overdue" mamas: http://angusbirthcompanion.moonfruit.com/ten-month-mamas/4520942714


Sunshinelove, it HAS to happen soon! I'm glad you trust in your intuition, though. Good for you. I don't think I'd be so antsy if I didn't know my homebirth window closes at 42 weeks... Even though I still have 9 days before that happens, it doesn't seem very long!

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Thanks, scruffy and chocolatechip! I appreciate your support. Chocolatechip, i can understand feeling a bit anxious. Your time will come soon, i can feel it!

I watched Black Swan tonight, it was very good, a nicely made psychological drama. I highly recommend it.
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I loved Black Swan. It actually reminded me of my favorite anime, "Perfect Blue," which is also a fabulous psycho thriller.


Hang in there, sunshinelove! At 42+ weeks, you have to be getting close, right?

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LOL, things are definitely quieting down around here! It makes a difference for me with my mom in town - more to keep me occupied. smile.gif Have some potentially interesting contractions going on today. Had what may be a nesting flurry - cleaned the laundry area, swept the stairs to the basement (and part of the basement floor), washed the shower curtain and bath rug, cut the shower curtain down to a length that actually makes sense with our shower, sewed baby wipes, did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, made cookie dough to make cookies easy to bake when the baby comes... Now I feel like I need to slow myself down just in case labor is really around the corner!


Extra rainy day in Seattle today, too (following some nicer ones), and I hear pressure changes bring babies, so fingers are crossed. smile.gif


Sunshinelove, any news?!?

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Dang, chocolatechip, that definitely sounds like a huge nesting flurry!! I would be exhausted after doing half of what you did lol. I hope this means your time is very near smile.gif

Thanks for thinking about me, you guys! I appreciate the love smile.gif. I am here baking this baby who is taking his sweet time with making an entrance. Any day now!
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thinking of you sunshinelove.......hope your baby comes soon! :)

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Its never going to happen, i've resigned myself to that reality. lol.gif. I keep feeling like "it will be today!!" and then its not. :sigh: my intuition is still telling me everything is alright so i'm not concerned. Give me all the "go into labor" vibes you've got, you guys smile.gif
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Sunshine - I'm sending you all the go-into-labour vibes I can muster!!!!!!!!  I was thinking of you yesterday when I was checking out the Belly Thread and saw your last post (you know, back when you thought it would be your last updated prego picture...? winky.gif Over a week ago....)  I guess your baby is just taking its time, perhaps giving the uterus a nice house-cleaning before departing.

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Sending some SERIOUS going-into-labor vibes, Sunshine! You're my hero - I thought I was going to go crazy being 9 days over. Here's hoping your little one decides that NOW is the time.

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