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Was feeling so good the last week and then today, puked in the shower. Lovely. Thankfully it was just the few triscuits I'd eaten after getting up, but still, not cool. And so random! Sigh.

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Ugh I hate shower puking.  In the beginning it was happening quite a bit, I think because I was getting overheated in the shower and then showering right after eating.


My cooperating teacher let me off at 2:00 today instead of 3:20 like usual.  I have a doctors appointment at 3:40 but I needed to take Dd home before that, her generosity has let me have a few minutes of computer time.

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i just had my first midwife appointment & got to hear my baby's heartbeat for the first time orngbiggrin.gif  she has a good heartbeat & was jumping around a bunch.  i'm also in good health except not eating enough--chasing 3 kids & going to school leaves little time for the luxury of eating. 


i got a 98% on a paper for my russian lit class--take that pregnancy brain! winky.gif


i hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

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Well I just got back from my appointment and it went great, although I didn't get the boring appointment I expected. My pap came back abnormal and I had to do the vinegar colpalscopy test. The doctor only saw mild changes though so he wasn't worried. And on the bright side the only room open was the sono room and my doctor was being 'lazy' and didn't want to go to the other room to get a Doppler so I got to have a sono as a reward for my colpal lol.

Baby looked great, he didn't tell me the heart rate and only measured the head (babies head measured 13w2d instead of 12w2d lol). Baby was just laying there chilling out. My next appointment is May 14th (6 weeks from now) and I will get to find out the gender then.

Oh and I have gained 2lbs. My ob said that is completely within the normal range, he said it's normal to gain 1-5lbs within the first 12 weeks and he would like me to gain anywhere from 0-3lbs by my next appointment.

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Hi All-

I have been refraining from posting much, just peeking now and again, as I have been nervous I didn't get to keep this baby... But we heard the heartbeat at 11 weeks, and I'm 12 weeks today... so it looks like I (and this baby) am here to stay! joy.gif I tend to read more than post, however.

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Was feeling so good the last week and then today, puked in the shower. Lovely. Thankfully it was just the few triscuits I'd eaten after getting up, but still, not cool. And so random! Sigh.

This happened to me today - not the shower... I had gone on a "run" first thing this morning (I am a runner when I am not pregnant - now I'm a "runner") but came home and drank a glass of water... Just remarked how much better I was feeling... Then my husband opened the lid on the big pan of kale he was cooking.  I had no time, and lost it in the kitchen sink.  Ugg.


What I am looking forward to in the second trimester:  I am enjoying spreading the news.  It is surprising and exciting for most people - they either knew we struggled, or assumed we just wanted one.  I am also really looking forward to having energy and remembering how much I love most vegetables...

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Hooray for good appointments for you ladies who had doctor's visits! I loved hearing the heartbeat :) Such a sweet relief!


Those of you who are still feeling icky, I hope you feel better soon!! Take it easy!


I'm so excited to keep spreading our news, get a cute bump, go on vacation in June, feel the baby move and wiggle, and find out the sex! Yay for the second trimester!

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Oh em- (((hugs))) sounds like you had a good day though.


congrats Jenger! How exciting :)



All these good appointments, I sure hope mine follows suit. I get to see my midwife for the first time tomorrow! If all looks good we'll really bean jouncing to all. I found out that I was accepted into graduate school. I applied before 'SURPRISE' haha, I think I may only take one course a semester for the next couple years but progress is progress, right?

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I don't know about you ladies but I got to that first hump (the relief of hearing the heart beat) and almost immediately became anxious for the next reassurance.  I am so impatient to feel this little bean start moving.  With DS I felt him move at 15wks so I'm crossing my fingers that I feel movement earlier with this one. I had a dream last night that I could actually see and feel (on the outside) the baby basically running laps in  there.


and congrats on grad school echo!  That is awesome

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Wow, it's been a while since I posted.  Couple weeks ago we went on vacation which was so needed but also took a lot out of me. The day after we flew home (cross-country, why did i do that to myself?!), I threw up for the first time this pregnancy (in the shower, slammerkin - so fun, right!?). I think it was just a combination of travel exhaustion, heat exhaustion, diet changes, jet lag, you name it. Took me days to feel even close to human again, and then this past weekend we clocked an exhausting 12+ hours of driving to visit the in-laws, who while well-intentioned and harmless people, never fail to annoy the crap out of me (are you listening to classical music? very important for baby's brain development. what are you thinking about spacing between this child and #2? don't wait too long. can we please take baby off your hands for overnight baby-sitting every other weekend? or, whatever schedule works for you? please let us babysit! [insert touching of stomach without asking here]). So, needless to say, I've had a serious case of the grumpies for over a week now. I've completed 13 weeks today, and regardless of how you count it, I need something to celebrate so I am officially graduating myself from the first trimester and praying that these amazing second trimester endorphins arrive any moment now! I miss loving food and having the energy to exercise and sleeping


Despite my grumpies, I am feeling so much joy for all of you mamas hearing the heartbeat for the first time - so incredible. We had our NT scan last week (all clear!) and heard it for the second time, still going strong at 167 - it was such a relief. I can't wait until we can all start feeling our babies move around, I think it will be so reassuring. 


Good luck at your appointments everyone, and take good care of yourselves!

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Thanks Ciga! 


Oh my goodness Sphinxy, I avoid people like that even when they're family!


Good strong heartbeat.gif today! Nice and loud. I feel SO ,

much better about that awful dream I had after talking to my midwife and hearing that heartbeat.

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Whew, I've been MIA for a while. Just super busy and super tired, and not really feeling up to hanging out online.


Sphinxy, I already have my in-laws asking to babysit, too! Although thankfully they have been a little more subtle than yours ;) 


I just realized that I have officially gone (most of) the first trimester without puking once. I still have a week to go, of course, so I probably just jinxed myself. Not that I don't feel nauseous -- I feel queasy pretty much constantly, but so far none of the insane vomiting that I had last time. 


I'm starting to get little inklings that this little one is a boy. I'll be thrilled with either, but I have secretly been kinda hoping for a boy, and we have been devoting a little more attention to boy names lately. Speaking of names, we do not have ANYTHING picked out. We have a list, but I feel like we're kinda behind schedule. There's not a name that we both love yet. Oh well. We made the decision very early on to not discuss names with anyone, and keep our decision(s) a secret until the very end -- or maybe even until the little one arrives. I already have co-workers pestering me about names they love/dislike/suggest/what their sister just named her baby/etc, and I really just want to keep as much of this pregnancy as private as possible. Last time I let myself get too wrapped up in what everyone else thought or wanted. Not this time.


As far as what I'm looking forward to in the second trimester, it's got to be those few weeks where you feel baby moving around but s/he is not so big that you're being karate chopped in the liver yet :) That, and being visibly and obviously pregnant to the general public, without being so huge that strangers ask you whether you were due last month, or are having quintuplets. Right now I am most definitely showing, but I mostly just feel bloated and like I must just look like I'm gaining weight. I have already gained about 15 lbs, which scares me. I was a bit underweight before, so I am still within the range of healthy weight for my height -- I'm trying not to stress about it too much. Most of the weight seems to be going to my boobs and butt, so I'm okay with that so far, haha! 

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Hope those who haven't been feeling well perk up ASAP. Doing average here today, feeling absolutely shattered, a late night last night really hasn't helped. And today I am experiencing "growing pains" in my arms. I'm not sure what it is but it's very achey and sore. Could be overuse syndrome I guess from knitting which would really suck. 

Time to find the energy to prepare dinner! :-(

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So I read online that Hylands Childrens  Cough medicine is safe during pregnancy.  I took the adult dosage last night and  slept wonderfully, no waking myself up coughing or other family members.  Well I did start coughing again at about 2:00 but I got up and took another dose and slept great. Woohoo!  I think I will suffer through it during the day but at night I will take it as long as this cough lingers.  There's nothing worse than no sleep and then going to work with 19 7 year olds lol.  I love my students, but I need sleep to function properly.

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Congrats echospiritwriter!  I hope to post the same in the next two weeks!  praying.gif

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Oh and I met the dr yesterday and fiance and I got to hear the heartbeat.  150bpm, I hope that it's not as fast as some of yours means that this will be a very, very chilled out babe, like his/her daddy.  :)

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Feeling a little bit jealous of y'all... I'm only 11 weeks tomorrow and won't have my first appointment until next week. I'm still waiting to confirm there's actually something in here and that I'm not imagining it!

Not jealous of the shower-vomiting... I was sick like that with my second and wouldn't wish that on anyone. Fortunately, this pregnancy seems more like my first, so I'm dealing with nausea and weight loss but no vomiting! smile.gif I hope you're all feeling much, much better soon!

And echo, congrats on getting into graduate school!!! The game plan might be a little different thanks to your little surprise, but it's still a fantastic step and a big accomplishment!!! You should celebrate!
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Sympathies to those still feeling sick! I haven't puked since the shower incident on Monday, so hopefully that was just a random hormone surge or something. Still a little nauseated if I let my stomach get empty, but good otherwise.


Sphinxy, sounds like you had quite a time with travel and family! Rest up.


Echo, congrats on grad school!


John, I hope you feel better soon.


Mosaic, man, I can't imagine waiting until 12 weeks for the first appointment. That must be so tough!


Sorry if I missed anyone else with news, lol.


AFM, today is DH's birthday so I am finally going to cook something for dinner for the first time in probably a month and a half, lol. Nothing too fancy or complicated. He asked for sloppy joes and buffalo cauliflower bites, something I made a while back that was a hit. I'm not much into cooking, but I was trying to make more of an effort the last year, to at least cook once a week and I want to get back into that. Maybe this will motivate me.


All of the immediate family members finally know our news. I had one sister left to tell and got a hold of her last night. I told my managers on Monday as well. Now to see how long before other people at work start noticing my bump!


We had our NT scan last week and the nuchal fold looked good. I also did the blood test, and they didn't say anything about additional Down Syndrome risk from those results, but I had also asked to be screened for being a carrier of cystic fibrosis, and it turns out I am. I suppose we'll get DH screened now too, to see what the risk is. Neither of us have family histories of CF as far as we know.


Next prenatal is next week, no ultrasound at that visit. I think the next one will be 20 weeks. Boo!

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wait serafina, does a fast heartbeat indicate a crazy baby? I seriously hope not. Mine was at like 163. My son was in the 140's at this point and he was a relatively mellow baby and a super high energy kid.  Maybe mine was just doing jumping jacks during the test.


mosaic- I didn't have my first appointment until 11+wks this time around.  I think it might have even been later with DS. Anyway, I was totally convinced it was all a figment of my imagination until I heard that heart beat. When my midwife pulled out the doppler, I really half expected her to tell me I wasn't pregnant at all.


I am feeling totally whipped today.  I thought I was over this cold I picked up last weekend but I just feel horrible today. I almost fell asleep at the library with DS this morning.  I also found out I have my official job interview tomorrow morning and I'm drawing a blank on how to prepare.  I did the seasonal version of this exact job for this exact non-profit last year and now that its a year-round position I have to go have an official interview with a group of my old coworkers.  I'm praying that means they'll skip the awful stereotypical interview questions they asked me when they didn't know me at all last year but we'll see.


anybody know what a normal fundal height for 13wks in a second pregnancy would be?  I am incapable of feeling where mine is but I keep  feeling these funny little movements in there that don't seem like gas but feel too high to be the baby. Like not far below my belly button. I feel like I might just be grasping here

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Ciga, I've never heard of a higher heart rate meaning a high strung baby, luckily haha. My baby's bpm was 165 last week so I'm with you! I'm sure our babies will be sweet and cuddly and calm smile.gif
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So jealous of all the appointments and healthy little heartbeats! I'm dying to hear ours!!! Our first appointment isn't until the 16th. I'll be 14 weeks and the wait has been driving me crazy! (it's been a struggle to get in at our birth center) Looking forward to that extra reassurance.

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