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Big hugs Larski, a loss is a loss no matter how early. I hope that isn't the case for you this time.

Hi there chuord!! How are you?
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Many hugs Larski. My heart hurts to know you are in a dark place right now.

I'm not one to rock the boat with doctors, but this seems like a good time to insist on being seen - today.
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Well I'm 9dpo and when I went to bed last night I woke up I middle of night with worst heart burn it reminded me of when I was pregnant with my son a cpl years ago where I wanted to cry and I have never had it except when pregnant then today I have been peeing like crazy and I have become light headed and dizzy alot today which ain't normal . So I'm not sure what's up
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Tons of hugs to Larski
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Larski I agree with mama blue... Get in to see your doc, maybe they can help...

Dahlia - I'm well thank you! Lol aside from my second set of antibiotics this month (sinusitis) I have been feeling a bit 'off' but since I didn't get good timing this month I'm assuming its the meds... You? How's the symptoms goingūüėĄ?
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I'm back for the TWW. I posted on March then saw a link for the April TWW, so here I am once again. Well, April was the 8th month since we've been TTC. I believe my ovulation occurred around April 3rd/4th, my birthday week wink1.gif. I really hope this is it. Blew my candles out, had a little b-day BD, and made my wish for a BFP!! I tried doing the OPK but I would get positives twice, days apart and it was aggravating and confusing. So, DH and I just decided to do BD every other day during the fertile time. It's nine days till AF is due so I'm really praying that it will happen this month! I don't feel any different, but it is early. Keeping my FX for all you ladies.
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Oxford, 777Star, and fawnanddoe.. I'm sorry AF came. I've been married for 6 years and have never been on birth control, just (pull out method) :/ my husband and I always were on and off about when to start TTC. There were times that we would have unprotected sex, but I never got pregnant. We decided in 2012 that we really wanted a baby so we started trying mid year. I finally went to a new doctor in March 2013 and she asked us to wait until September to see her if I haven't gotten pregnant by then. I was little annoyed but I'm 26 years old trying for #1 so i need to wait after a year of consistent trying. But month after month getting BFN is tiring. It'll all work out and I'm keeping you guys in my thoughts everyday! I know the frustration of seeing AF. Best of luck and lots of hugs!
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Well, the spotting turned to AF. I'm so sad, thought this was really our month. Well, here's to next month! Best wishes to those of you who are still waiting!
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Big hugs illaria!!! The only up is you'll be entering into a new cycle with a whole bunch of wonderful cycle buddies - there's been a lot of AF the last few days.
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Thanks, chuord and good point!
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I'm good, Chuord, 14 weeks and 2 days now! Definitely getting a belly haha. I'm sorry that your timing didn't line up this month!!! I think of you (and all you ladies ttc) often! In a weird way, I miss the December/January TWW :) Good luck next cycle!!!

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Hi, everyone.  It is so nice to have a safe place to vent--thank you for that.  


I did end up rocking the boat and getting into the doctor's office.  I only talked to a nurse, but I was able to get tested and should have the results by tomorrow.  I am pretty sure that I will have started AF-whatever by then (HPT showing up negative now; breast tenderness gone), but it really made me feel better to talk to a medical professional about my situation.  Hopefully we will be able to get to the bottom of this soon.  In the meantime, I think I will dip my toe into the scenic route thread, even though we really are only near the beginning...


Illaria, sorry AF got ya, but chuord is right about the cycle buddies! 

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Wow dahlia! Second trimester already? So your energy levels will be picking up etc... It seems so recent!
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Lovely to hear your news dahlia. I hope the symptoms are being kind to you and it's a smooooth nine months :-)

Illaria- sorry the witch found you too. I will be your cycle buddy next month :-)

For me- massive warning of tmi. AF has got me with a vengeance. My period is the heaviest it has ever been, I even had to get up in the night as the highest absorbency tampon didn't last 4 hours. It has now got me thinking if something was weird this month. I had those massive temp dips post O and terrible cramps, now a really heavy period. Anyone ever had this? Could it be a hormone issue? Or is AF just a wicked witch that bites sometimes?!

Anyone got any news? Testing? Symptoms?
We are so overdue For some more BFPs!!
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I am 10 dpo could I test today and get BFP ??
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Originally Posted by scjp1109 View Post

I am 10 dpo could I test today and get BFP ??

You never know.. i got my BFP at 8DPO....


Good Luck..

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ughhhh I can't take this. longest two weeks of my life! tested yesterday for the 48853rd time and got a bfn.AF due tomorrow and I can't tell if she's coming or not because my head has created all these 'symptoms'
I know I implanted late last time but the wait isn't any easier.ive never felt so much pressure on myself before!
regardless of the turnout, dinner date with hubby Saturday, by then we should know whether it AF or a little bean joining us for dinner

keeping positive for the ladies still in the game!
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Still got everything crossed for you tatertott!!
Hopefully in Saturday night you will be toasting the new baby with lemonade!
Keep us posted, I'm rooting for you :-)
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Yeah I'm feeling much better in most ways smile.gif time is flying now!!
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Oh, and big hugs to anyone who got AF!!
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