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Well I'm only like 2dpo so I'm not any help yet lol. I am getting twonges like flutters in my sides lol but that's it and my boobs are sore but it's prob from ovualtion idk lol
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Oxford - everything sounds great! I hope all your icky feelings are due to the fact that your are pregnant. That would be awesome.


My iPad does not play well with Mothering's forums, so pease excuse any weird typos and strange grammar. They're difficult to correct.


AFm my RE appt went very well. The best part is that the hubs was able to join me. The doctor is very nice, very knowledgable, and very laid back. He acknowledged my experience with IF with my first two kids, an said You know how this goes, what would you like me to do for you? Haha. He did a ultrasoun that revealed that my endometrial lining was 17mm thick. That's crazy thick even for 11dpo. He suspects it looks thick because of polyps. I've had a polyp before back in 2001, so that doesn't surprise me. Ill be doing a SHG on the 15th to see what's up. Then, if, necessary, a hystroscopy will be scheduled soon after. He said (and I agree) that we can follow the post-probably-polyps cycle with a femara cycle with possibly a trigger and IUi. I also have the option of a couple natural cycles post-polyp if I feel like it. I was so relieved that I don't have to start with injectables and not even IUI if I don't want to. That makes me feel like I have lots of options. What a relief. I left this appt feeling like a weight had been lifted. DH was happy, too. With DD2, the clinic we used was not a comfortable place, and I felt very rushed into treatments.I think we were both afraid that the new RE was going to be like that last one that tried to fast track everybody towards IVF. 

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Hi all!! It's 9 dpo for me and yesterday and today I've been cramping. Nothing horrible just feels like someone is rolling a ball on me it's weird. DH is still puking at work at 1am every night. My bb's are sore today and I've peed a million times today. Hopefully it's a bfp and not Af coming....only a couple more days till I can test!!!! Fingers crossed!!
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Hi Oxford! I am still lurking. CD 11 and probably won't O for another week. I stopped taking my temp because of how DH was acting. So I won't know for certain when O happens but if it follows the last couple of months it will be CD 20. I am still pretty bummed about that whole DH thing so we will see how it goes. Can anyone give me some pointers on tracking O without temping?
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Oxford - I agree with mama blue... It is still sounding positive! Fx!
Mama blue - I'm so glad your appt went well and you both still feel like you are in control, that's as important as fixing any problems... Fx you get the 'cobwebs' fixed ASAP - and it's painless!
Fx for all those waiting to I or test...
I still have no idea, may opk later today just to check... If I have then it's too late and we missed it... Then onto next month..
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Hi mamablue- I'm so pleased that your appointment went well. Your doctor sounds very empowering, it's so good to have options. Keep us posted in your treatment, I am following your threads and cheering you on

Liv- has DH said nothing further? That must be really difficult. Apart from temping, the only other method I use is CM, it seems quite reliable, especially with a little encouragement from guafenisin. Do you think he would be happy if you were magically pregnant, without the trying but of TTC? Could you talk to him about stopping trying but not using protection? It seems most of us ladies do the trying bit anyway with all this checking and measuring! I have my fingers crossed that you can reach an ageeement together that works for you both. Hugs!

Chuord - has DH recovered from his illness? I hope O has been delayed and you still hit it. What are your temps doing?

Scjp- did you get the temp rise? Your BD sounds to have hit the window, so fingers crossed for your BFP.

Leslie- I love that DH is having your pregnancy symptoms, that's good equality! Lets hope this is a BFP and he continues to share the strain. I dread to think how he'll feel during the birth! :-/

Over here, my temp rose slightly again today. I was so hot I. The night I was dying to temp! Hopefully my PMS symptoms are pregnancy and not PMS, one week until it all becomes clear. Keep your fingers crossed ;-)
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Oxford -- I really don't check my temp I just go with te cm so idk
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Nice to share a TWW with you scjp!
I'm so impatient this month!!!
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Oxford- DH and I haven't talked anymore. I really think he would be happy if pregnancy just happened. Every once in a while, if I say something about being tired or sick to my stomach he will grin and say, "are you pregnant?". We do not use any form of protection, so I keep telling myself he can't be completely opposed to the idea. We'll just have to see. I keep praying it will just happen.
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I'm very impatient too bein my first month trying with my son I conceived first moth of trying and not really following anything except when my fertile days were suppose to so hopefully it's this easy again lol
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Ladies, I have a question? This morning I tried to checked my Cervix and i cant even reach it????? Is that normal?

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Oh my word. I've been laid on the sofa with severe cramps at 8dpo. Ouch. I hope this is pregnancy, or else I am due a tornado style AF.
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Oh my word. I've been laid on the sofa with severe cramps at 8dpo. Ouch. I hope this is pregnancy, or else I am due a tornado style AF.
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Sorry Leslie I don't check cervix. No idea :-(
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Okay I know I'm only 3 dpo but my boobs are sore today. I have never been in a TWW really cuz with my first me and hubby didn't think of really trying with our first so in new to this but would my boobs be hurting maybe cuz it's in between ovualtion and period? Also my back has been really sore compared to usual it's hard for me to get up sometimes it aches. Some advice please and thanks
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Scjp - try not to read too much into early symptoms (hard I know) but so many ladies in here get the same symptoms for a normal or pg cycle... It's hard to tell the slight differences lol, fx.
Oxford - wow intense! Fx it's not a brutal AF!
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Originally Posted by leslie81 View Post

Ladies, I have a question? This morning I tried to checked my Cervix and i cant even reach it????? Is that normal?

Hey Leslie, are you nearing ovulation? Cervixes move throughout our cycles. They typically get high, soft and open around O time. 

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Tater tot- anymore news??

Berrymac- have you tested again?

Livn- good news that he's not totally against it. In praying that you find a way that works for both of you. Wanting a baby is such a primal need. Keep us updated. Do you know where you are in your cycle without temping?
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Good morning ladies I hope all of you are doing well kmfx for all of us smile.gif
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Good Morning mamas!! Still lurking and cheering you on :) Oxford That sounds promising, again!! I had pretty significant cramping from 7-12 DPO. Fx this is it for you!! Chourd SO hoping you catch that egg!! Livnkades I used OPKs and checked CM for the first 7 months TTC. Each cycle we only got 1-2 BDs in during what I calculated was my fertile window, most months with a + OPK. I found it to be pretty accurate, but obviously not successful. And I did like temping, it gave so much more information and I was better able to predict 3-4 days before O to plan BDing. I just saw in a magazine ad yesterday that ClearBlue now makes an OPK that predicts your 4 most fertile days, not just 2. I wonder if that might something to try. I totally get feeling consumed by thoughts of a baby and a DH not really on board. Big hug.gif to you!! I hope you are able to figure out a plan that you both feel good about.


AFM I had a quick scan on Tuesday and there's just one perfect little munchkin in there, which finally puts all the twin speculation to rest. No pics to bring home but so sweet to see my little person and the heartbeat.

Sending you all warm wishesblowkiss.gif, loads of baby dust dust.gifand a ton of good vibes goodvibes.gif

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