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wow! relaxation works wonders!
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Congratz PrimalJoy!!!!!!
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Congrats primal joy!!! That is fantastic! Also you are proof that relaxing and going with the flow works... I so need to do that!
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Hello again ladies. Im trying again this month. Same routine, intimate every night. Going on a 30 cycle for this month. I am on cd8, ovulation predictor says my next o should be in 8 days. I will definately be trying. Wish me luck. Good luck to all you ladies. Oh yea...my cervix never came down for af, and still isnt down, its almost like its not there. Is that normal?
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Congratulations primal. Gorgeous BFP. Well done mama :-) I'm so pleased for you.
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PrimalJoy—Congratulations!!  Way to relax!


Oxford—10 DPO is still so early—FX you get your positive in 4 days (unless you test earlier than that!)


Scjp—I think the temp jump is pretty normal, at least I think it is for me.  (It *could* be the beginning of  a triphasic pattern, but it’s too soon to tell, and that doesn’t always equal pregnancy—but here is hoping!)


I am going to take a page from you, PrimalJoy, and try to just step back from all of this for a couple days and see what happens!


Baby dust to all!

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I didn't get a chance to read any since I last posted, but wanted to pop on to say:
I GOT A BFP!!!!!
Apparently the tests I have been using take a couple minutes and the control line appears first then the pos develops up to three minutes later!!!!
When I still didn't get any spotting today I tested when I got home and thought I saw a faint line after a couple minutes...it got darker over the next few minutes. So I dug out yesterday's (so I thought) negative test and IT'S positive too! Ha!

Good luck to all the ladies still waiting!
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Woohoo--congrats, BerryMac!  So much good news!

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Yay congrats ladies that got BFP smile.gif I hope this is my month also smile.gif I'm so excited that hubby is willing to try for a baby smile.gif I'm just now that we are really gonna start trying for a baby it might not happen quick like with my son we just said get let's have a baby and we did it and bam preg lol so I'm hopin it's easy this cuz I have never really tried to concieve I'm so ready to test. But I'm only 5 dpo greensad.gif
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Awww Congrats on everyone that has gotten a BFP!!!!!! I'm still waiting on AF before I test......I can do this, i can do this, i can do this....AF is due on 4/10

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My af is due April 14 so I still have a while greensad.gif I so wanna just know if I'm preg or not lol I hate thinking bout it so much and getting hopes up greensad.gif but hopefully this is it
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Any news, Mama Blue?

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Primaljoy and berrymac - BFP! That is sweet! I never tire of seeing those. All the best for you ladies. love.gif

Larski - I'm thinking happy, positive thoughts for you and your little bean.

AFM - 15dpo. BFN today, as expected. I'm totally okay with it. No more progesterone for now. C'mon AF, let's get a new cycle started! I shared great food, yummy wine and chocolate with PapaBlue and a couple of dear friends tonight, and I'm ready for a lazy Sunday.
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Berrymac- congratulations!!! That is awesome news. Such a strong BFP! Have you told DH yet?
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Mamablue- I like your style! Enjoy all the wine and choccies. I am lining up a nice bottle of wine in case all these cramps come to nothing and AF shows her unwelcome face after all!
Enjoy and keep your relaxation, it worked for primal !!
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Congratulation Berrymac onyour BFP!!! & tons of baby dust gor the rest of us!!!!
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Tatertott- how are you getting on?
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extremely moody and crampy! but seeing everyone's BFPs must mean baby dust is in the air :-)
how about you? 'Pms' symptoms and better?

sitting on my hands til Friday- hope it's baby cramps or I'm in for a real treat next weekend

*note to self-buy stock in wine and Ept's*
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I have been getting lots of cm I know tmi lol but I ovulated the 1st so is it normal? 6 dpo
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Originally Posted by scjp1109 View Post

I have been getting lots of cm I know tmi lol but I ovulated the 1st so is it normal? 6 dpo

That could be something good. Time will soon tell. I hope this is your month.
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