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Weekly Chat, April 1-7

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Hi ladies!

Thought I'd start a new chat thread.  What's your week looking like?  I think most everyone is 2nd trimester now, so I'm hoping we're all noticing a nice upsurge in energy and feeling well in the weeks to come! 


AFM, I have an appointment with our backup MD office today for a prenatal checkup. DH and DS will be able to join me for today's appointment and hear the HB, so that should be fun.  Unfortunately, we're getting MORE SNOW today, and I'm just ever so tired of wintery weather (even though I love winter).  We're making maple syrup now that the sap is running, and finished bottling about 1.5 gallons yesterday before we went to my aunt's for Easter dinner.  While it's probably too cold for the sap to run today, we're hoping for another big run later this week, and harvesting as much sap as possible.  We made about 3 gallons of syrup total last year, but split with another family, so we ran out of our own syrup around November.  We'd like to have enough for year-round use this year, but can't control the sap run!  It takes about 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup...there's a lot of water to evaporate! 


I have a couple of work shifts scheduled this week, and we're closing on a refinance for our house on Friday.  We got our tax return, and it's disappeared into bills, MW payment, and such.  Money is always a stressor for me (more than for DH), and so I'm motivated to pick up as much work as I feel I can handle to get some stuff paid off and saved a bit for after the baby arrives.  I need to do a couple of steps to get my IBCLC practice off the ground, so am going to try to take care of that this week as well. While there's not a ton of demand in this small community, I'm the only IBCLC in private practice in my county, really, within 3 hours! So, I know that once I really advertise myself I can pick up some extra income here and there from consults.  


Feeling pretty well, STARVING, and feeling flutters here and there (15 weeks today). Thank goodness for second trimester! 

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The blues just don't let up.  I remember baby fever and trying to conceive and the excitement and it seems like a lifetime ago, another person. I guess pregnancy hormones have re-mapped my entire brain.   Nowadays, I just obsess about the downsides of being isolated and at home much of time time with an infant, how more children bind me further to a country I loathe, and how I won't be able to enjoy being at home with children this time around because based on prior experience, I can't stomach the feelings of financial vulnerability that comes from being a SAHM and off the job market, in the event of divorce.  Yet putting a child into a nursery before he or she is pre-school aged will go against all my instincts and feel awful.  Lesser of the evils, I suppose.  


Anyone else feeling cold feet about a new baby since the reality and symptoms of pregnancy set in?   I want so badly to shake it off and feel excited about a new life, yet..... the more I try to force myself to feel that way, the further away it slips from my grasp.  I'm just bummed out and feel alienated in my occupied body.

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Haurelia; it must be great being able to make your own maple syrup! I'm quite jealous.

Serafina; I'm having a lot of the same thoughts as you. My thoughts have been quite negatively lately due to feeling blah all the time, but I'm also doubting my ability to be able to handle a baby and a 4 year old. I also worry about being able to breastfeed, how limiting it'll make my life and take away any freedom I had. And of course there's money which we really don't have much of at all.


On a positive note, my younger sister is getting married on the 13th, and my older sister and her son are coming over from America on Thursday, and will be here for the wedding. We only see them once every few years because they are so far away. And because they'll be here, we're going to have loads of stuff to do which will take my mind of feeling miserable. I'm looking forward to nice walks and visits to castles.

Tomorrow we are having our homeschooling friends over and we're going to make fermented foods, so I'm really looking forward to that. And the next day my daughter is at her granny's so I'll get an afternoon of peace.

By the way, anyone else here watch Game Of Thrones? We are really looking forward to watching the new series tonight, it'll be epic! And of course the finale for The Walking Dead.

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haurelia - I too am jealous of you making maple syrup, but not your snow. We have more snow here than we've had in a few decades and I am ready for it to GO. A. WAY. Of course, the weather forecast shows us getting quite warm next week, which will be a really bad thing here - a lot of flooding will ensue if it gets that warm, that fast. But right now I'm ready to deal with the water if it means NO MORE SNOW! Our winters here are typically cold but we don't usually get a lot of snow until December/January - this year it came in early October and never went away. It feels like it's been winter forever and I'm ready for spring. I'm usually a winter lover as well, this one has just gone on a bit too long smile.gif

My fun for the weekend was getting my Tower Garden put together and ready to go, and buying a bunch of heirloom/organic seeds to get started. I can't wait to see green shoots coming up - it will sure make it feel like spring really will arrive some day!

We're also planning a new incubator so I can order a whole bunch of chicks to raise this year. We haven't had chicks for 3 years and I'm excited! They're SO FREAKING CUTE smile.gif
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nettlesoup - I was thinking about starting Game of Thrones but wasn't sure.  I guess you give it a thumbs up?  What's Walking Dead?


LivingSky -  I am TOTALLY with you on this mountain of snow I've been under for half a year.  ENOUGH!

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I'm also freaking out about becoming a mom of two. I'm glad I'm not alone.
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Butting in about Game of Thrones. Love it!! I highly recommend the books if you have time and love to read. They are quite long. But they have done the books justice in the series, for the most part. I can't wait to watch the finale of walking dead. Also can't wait to catch up on Doctor Who so I can watch the new episode smile.gif I'm a bit of a tv nerd.
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I'm going to second MamaMash! How did I spend my Sunday? Watching 6 episodes of Doctor Who including the new episode followed by the new episode of Game of Thrones. I also definitely recommend reading the books if you have the time. The show is good, but there's so much more in the books. I don't watch Walking Dead though. I'm not that into zombies.

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Yay coati someone else loves Doctor Who!! And has read the Game of Thrones books. Love it!
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Oooh, nettlesoup, I adore Game of Thrones (although, we don't have TV, so just watch on Netflix...we're about halfway through season 2, so no spoilers PLEASE!).  I have also read and very much enjoyed the Song of Ice and Fire saga, and agree with MamaMash that the series is doing justice to the books. 

Also a fan of The Walking Dead, although in the vein with the whole Netflix thing...NO SPOILERS!  We're always so behind the times with TV, it's kind of annoying. ;) 


Serafina, I'm dealing with some blues and anxiety too.  We have a lot of plates in the air right now financially/logistically, and some health things going on that may impact my birthing plans.  I sort of want a do-over with living my life before this pregnancy in terms of getting super fit and healthy, working more and saving more money, and getting some things sorted out.  The hormones of this pregnancy are making me way more anxious than usual (and I'm kind of a worrier in "real life").  


And LivingSky, the snow is no longer welcome here either.  We've been buried since November, and it's just getting so hard to get out and get DS out when the yards are hard, crusty, dirty, dog-poopy, ice fields. I'm so over walking on the treadmill in our basement, cleaning off the car, being perpetually cold, slipping, and getting bundled up.  BTW, I hope you can post some pics of your Tower Garden...I'd love to see it. 


AFM, we got to hear a nice strong HB today, but I had a pretty crappy, anxiety-provoking appointment overall...long story, not the least of which was waiting in the exam room for 45 minutes past my appointment time (with our 4 year old in tow, no less).   Cuss.gif

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Love the Game of Thrones books! The TV series is pretty good, I believe the writer is involved in it, which shows.


Feeling sick today - had to come home from work at noon and sleep for 4 hours. Feeling slightly better (headache is gone, throat and ears still killing me), but probably better to get out of bed for a bit so that I can hope to sleep tonight.

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Nesting already? Sheesh. Then again, I got Carpel Tunnel and had severe pain and no feeling in my hands from 24w to delivery with my last pregnancy, so maybe I'm just doing it now in case I'm incapable of doing it later on again? Good God, I hope I don't get it again. My job (Vet Tech at an emergency clinic) depends on my hands/fingers.
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I definitely recommend Game Of Thrones, both the books and series are amazing and well worth it. The only problem is it gives me so many cravings because of the feast descriptions. I haven't been enjoying Doctor Who lately, but I watched the new one and it was really good! Like it used to be when I loved it. And they've made the intro all retro just how it used to be when I was young! That made me very happy.

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I'm also feeling scared about having this baby. I'm the only one earning money and we pay out more than I get in, once on maternity leave its gonna b scary. I'm worried I'll just get left at home with baby all the time. My dad is terminally ill and I'm worried he won't live to see his grandchild. My soon to b ex husband is still playing the victim with me and his gf is giving me attitude on Facebook even though she drives round in the car I paid for, in the house with all the stuff I bought! Everything is stressing me out and sometimes I wonder if I've made a mistake as I'm not a naturally maternal person😔
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Och, that's really rubbish, Serena, no wonder you're stressed! I feel the same about not being all that maternal, but hopefully it'll be fine.

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nettle: i really want to read & watch game of thrones....it is not available on canadian netflix (& i do not have tv) so i will have to wait until may to start watching (which is good because right now  i am swamped with finishing up all the loose ends of my studies & trying to pack...i do not need anymore distractions)...i hear the series is absolutely fantastic!  


serena: it sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now & totally understandable why you are feeling so stressed. i am sorry to hear about your dad. i think it is completely normal to worry about maternal instincts (i did before i had my DS), but i swear the moment i held him my world changed (things clicked & i realized that i could do it).  p.s. your Ex sounds like a complete ass!


serafina: i totally get your feeling of financial vulnerability & cold feet. I just spent the last 3 years immersed in grad school studies (after separating my family & moving to a different country) in order to obtain a flexible & steady career. i am going to be racked with student debt & my career will be put on hold for at least a year. on top of this, my DH is in the process of opening his own small business (which is 6 months behind the opening date)...it is supposed to open on april 19 , but i estimate the beginning of may. i worry this is not the optimal time to be pregnant & have another child...


livingsky: I AM SOOOOOOO OVER SNOW TOO! (yup all capitals). it is supposed to go up to 10 C today but drop over the next couple of days and we are supposed to get 5-10cm of SNOW (grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr). i think having maple syrup would make it more bearable (only a tad bit so).


i am in the final crunch...10 days left of school...i am amazed & astounded that i am almost done.asl.gif

i have a huge presentation due on the 12th & that is it! i am also starting to organize & pack up our apartment...

my DS & I permanently move back to the pacific northwest in 28 days (no more snow).

i am so excited but also overwhelmed at the amount of packing, cleaning & organizing i will need to doyikes2.gif

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To all of you (including me) who are doubting and questioning what you're doing: I think it's absolutely the most normal thing to do when you're going through a life changing event. The fact that you are wondering and maybe worrying about how the future will look means you take your role as caregiver and parent very seriously. I understand that that by no means implies that it will come naturally or easy to you but it shows that you are paying attention and giving thought to this little being who is going to need you soon. Trusting in yourself is sometimes the hardest thing in the world. Knowing that you will be ok, that you will be strong enough, smart enough, funny enough, whatever, to take care of yourself and the baby takes a lot of faith. The one thing you can absolutely do is be there, show up, take responsibility and act (and worrying is not an action!). You are strong, and you don't have to do it alone. You will be ok, you will act in your child's best interest and know that you can't control everything but you've done what you can.

Anyway, that's my little pep talk this morning.

Re tv shows: we just caught up on the 2nd season of Game of Thrones, don't have HBO so we'll be watching season 3 next year. Couldn't care less about The Walking Dead. DH likes it, I just got bored. Doctor Who: I used to watch it when we had cable. Been thinking about catching up on Netflix but I really don't need to spend more time in front of the tv.

The weather here has been awesome. When I first moved to NM I thought: I need to get out of here as fast as I can. But you do get used to having sun 360 days a year pretty quick. We grilled some of those steaks last night, mmmm.

Other than that: somebody please come chop my hands off so I can stop scratching! It occurred to me that a lot of those childhood diseases have itchiness associated with them. Why is that? And the rash just looks absolutely horrifying so not feeling very sexy these days...
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I had a really good day today! I've felt pretty much normal and got loads done. We also had a friend and her two kids over, and we had a day of making fermented foods, which was great! I wish I felt this good every day!

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So happy to hear that Nettlesoup! I really hope this is the turning point for you
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We told EVERYONE over Easter and it went well! I got nothing but positive reactions and we realized that there are three of us cousins due this year with an even 2 month spacing, one in May, one in July and me in September so we've decided to pretend we planned it this way. There are already plans to take the "terrible triplet cousins" camping in future years and start having the parents eat holiday dinners in shifts when the kids are small.

So after that I went public on facebook with a bit of a roundabout picture. I took a picture of where I usually sit to knit with a picture of my 9 week ultrasound tacked to the wall above the chair with the caption, "Greg helped me decorate my knitting station!" and waited for people to get it.


The only problem with the weekend is that I can no longer eat extra when I get full like one usually does at holiday dinners. When I am full, that is IT and no more food gets in. I didn't get to eat dessert of homemade apple pie!

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