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12 month old has no words?

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My son is turning 1 this week and still doesn't use any words... is this cause for concern?


He babbles and has said things like "ma ma ma" or "da da da" but doesn't actually use words. 


I've been reading articles on milestones which say he should have 3-4 words by now but he doesn't really seem interested in talking?

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I think there is a huge range for when kids start talking, and have many friends whose babies were not talking by 1 (or even 2) and they are just fine now.  The important thing is to follow your instincts about whether you think something is wrong or not, and see what your ped says at your 1 year check up.   

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mine didn't either but now at 16 months he says 10 words and even little sentances like "come on". I would not be too concerned at this point especially since boys seem to talk later.

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I think that's totally normal and I would not bat an eyelash at it.


Does he turn his head when you say his name? Is he otherwise seemingly responsive to language? Because unless it seems like he's not responding at all (and could be deaf) then I wouldn't think anything of it. But if he's saying Mama and Papa then I suppose that rules out deafness.


No worries.



ETA: A friend's son was not responding to his name and only babbling at well over 12 months....more like 18 or 20 months....and she was concerned he was autistic. Well, he's nearly 3 now and speaking in full sentences and in fact somewhat advanced in speech. He was just a late starter, but once he did he really took off.


No worries!

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My DS didn't have his first word until 17 months.  Now at 23 months, he has a fantastic vocabulary, multi-word phrases, and can communicate complex thoughts. 

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So normal. I think my ped told me that average was one or two consistent words by 15 months. DS didn't say his first word until 18months, and at almost 2.5 he is still on the later end of the spectrum but within normal.

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I know of a great book that may help. It was written by my sister's son's early intervention therapist. It includes a chart with what sounds kids should be making. It's called The Cow Says Moo. Ten Tips to Teach Toddlers to Talk. Author is Vicky McErlean.

 Good luck.

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Thank you for all the responses! :)


MyOMia, I'll have to pick that up, I just saw the preview on the web and it looks really helpful.


He actually did start talking the other day (to the dog of course! irked.gif) and pointing at the same time (the other thing I was worried about)... he now points to the ground and says "out!" to command the dogs to drop their toys. ROTFLMAO.gif

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