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Now here's a great grassroots effort on the part of dads! How wonderful would it be to see natural family living fathers start something like this and seed it throughout the country.


A small group of men in Nipomo is determined to make a difference in their families and their community. They recently completed a formal parenting program and plan to stick together to support what they’ve learned...

According to a recent report in The Wall Street Journal, Abriendo Puertas has reached about 25,000 families in 31 states since it began in 2008.

“I’m not usually involved in meetings, but I like these,” Nipomo group member Jabier Andrade said. “The more fathers come to these meetings, the more the kids benefit. They are the future.”

Aldo Preciado agreed: “We work long hours, but we come here afterwards.”


Read the full article at and tell us if you have anything like this going on in your area and what you think of the idea. thumb.gif