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CDC reports sharp rise in ADHD diagnosis

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From HuffPost Parents: ADHD In Children: CDC Data Shows Sharp Rise In Diagnosis


From the Article:



Based on the Times' analysis, 11 percent of school-age children in the U.S. have been diagnosed with ADHD, according to their parents. Among highschoolers, the numbers were even higher: 10 percent of 14 to 17 year old girls had been diagnosed with the disorder, and nearly 20 percent of boys.


I found this part particularly interesting:



But with the surge in diagnoses has come an increase in the number of children taking drugs for the disorder. Previous CDC estimates suggest that 66 percent of children with a current diagnosis were taking medication. Recent research has raised questions about the efficacy of treatment: A February study in the Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry found that pre-school age children treated with medication did not appear to have less severe symptoms than their counterparts who were not taking medication...



What do you think about the rise in diagnoses?  Do you think that ADHD is more prevalent, or just better recognized? 


You can read the full article here: From HuffPost Parents: ADHD In Children: CDC Data Shows Sharp Rise In Diagnosis

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I can't read the article. I keep getting bounced right back.
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Heh.  Circular link is circular.


Should be fixed now.  Thanks for letting me know.

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It works, now. Thanks!

My quick answer is 'more is not always better'. I am concerned that children are being given labels and possibly medications that will influence their futures, and possibly more out of convenience for the adults in their lives than for wanting to help the children.
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While I'm normally very gung-ho in favor of diagnosis, and fairly pro-meds to a lesser extent, I think something's wrong if 11% of kids are being diagnosed. And a whopping 1 in 5 highschool-aged males?!


I noticed this statistic comes from a survey of parents. Is it possible some of the parents said their kid was diagnosed with ADHD based on comments by their teachers (or whatever) rather than because their child was actually diagnosed by a qualified professional?


On the other hand, there are things that exacerbate ADHD symptoms (even sometimes causing them in people who wouldn't otherwise have them), and I think everyone these days has more problems with those....


AND I feel like society is getting increasingly ADHD-unfriendly. It's not enough to just not have ADHD any more. You need to be on the total opposite end of the spectrum. Even many adults without ADHD want to take Adderal so they can get by in life. Like all mental illnesses, ADHD diagnosis is based on impairment. Everybody loses things occasional, arrives late occasionally, or daydreams.... You're only diagnosed with ADHD if those are frequent life-crippling problems. In a culture wherein stepping through the door frame literally two seconds after a bell goes off will have negative ramifications for you for the next couple days (or longer) even though you were early 99 times out of 100, I guess it makes sense that the threshold for "impairment" is pretty low.

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All good points.  I wonder too about the difference between diagnosis and occurrence.  Like more diagnosis, or more occurrence....

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