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mel~Can you add Cherry Creek Sneak 10 Miler on April 28 for me? blowkiss.gif Hmm, I should probably work a little harder on training for that. rolleyes.gif

I feel like my DS is odd...he has never been a naked kid, and doesn't show a whole lot of interest in his built in toy. I'm sure that will change as we approach the teenage years, though...

DS was feeling better this morning and not running a fever, so I got home and picked him up to go to school. In the 3 minutes it took to go from home to school, he started feeling crappy again, so we picked up his homework packet and turned around and came home. Sigh. This, of course, resulted in a panicked phone call to the nanny because I had my interview this afternoon, but luckily she was able to come over. DS ended up sleeping the whole four hours I slept with me, and is now laying on the couch watching Sesame Street with a fever back up over 100. I'm supposed to go skiing tomorrow with a friend, but I'm not super optimistic about those odds right now.

The interview, at least, went really well, I thought. I told them straight up that I was coming off of three night shifts and had a sick kiddo at home, so hopefully they would excuse any lapses. redface.gif The questions were tough, but the panel seemed pleased with the answers that I pulled out of my butt. It probably helps that one of the panel members is the coordinator of my new grad program, and another was one of the nurse managers who was at our ceremony last week. The manager put in a plug for me with the rest of the panel that she really enjoyed my project! So, keep your fingers crossed for me! I should hear sometime next week.
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Gaye - Hope ds feels better!


Nic - I was just reading Consumer Reports and they rated the Ninja as highly as the Vitamix.  I think the only thing they said it didn't do that the VM did was to heat food up.  Just in case you're looking to save a couple 100 bucks.  Good call on the races.

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Nic, sounds like a good choice about the marathon. And the vitamix and Passover juice fast. The New York Times (I think?) had an article about vegan Passover and a recipe from Mayim Bialik.

tjsmama, fingers crossed for you. I hope tj is feeling better soon, too!

My 6 1/2 year old MacBook is dying or dead and I've spent half the day trying to restore it. All of my important stuff is backed up, but I need a working computer and a new one isn't in the budget right now. My even older Mac laptop is still functional for basic work but doesn't have wireless, and our modem is in my husband's home office (my home work space is in our bedroom). Fingers crossed that the big guns of erasing and re-installing everything works...

That's about all I can manage after working from my iPad all day. I miss a real keyboard!
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Originally Posted by MelW View Post

That's about all I can manage after working from my iPad all day. I miss a real keyboard!

you can bluetooth a keyboard to an ipad.

just saying.




I'm beyond tired. and my family hasn't yet loaded the dishwasher.

nor do I have my stuff together for tomorrow.

so no other personals.

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Nic--the Goofy Challenge sounds awesome. I would like to do that one day, but it will have to wait until the kids are 4 or 5 years older. Among other things, if I'm going to DW it means we'll all be going and J need to be old enough to remember it.

tjsmama--hope the interview went well and everyone feels better in the morning.

I should be heading to the gym to bike or working on the PowerPoint part of my presentation or even better, cutting my paper down because it is too long, as always. It wasn't even finished until last night, but somehow I managed to write too much. Go figure.
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Dongo here!

But I am in Africa. Just try wiping the smile off my face.

I just ate crocodile, ostrich, and something not-so-mysteriously named "ox b@ll $." And passionfruit sorbet.

Tomorrow, Maasai village and game drive.
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I would not, could not eat an oxball. yikes2.gif

Have fun - that trip sounds incredible!!


Sooo... this Goofy Challenge, huh? It sounds awesome! Nic, Paige... who else is doing that?


Gaye, sorry about your sick DS, and the ski trip, too. What's the interview for?


MelW: that is a drag with your laptop. I hope the reinstall fixes things.

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Fly-by to announce the most disastrous day of 'Pit' yesterday. Day started bleh and then a big dark cloud moved in (to my head) that I couldnt shake. Debated skipping class, but persevered: cried on my bike to class, cried in an empty hallway crouched on the floor until I could pull myself together enough to go to class, then sat with 2 wads of tissue in my hands staring at the floor for the first 20 minutes of class until I could make an exit without starting to cry again. There are 10 people in the class in a circle. I was the elephant in the room (and not just b/c Ive gained 400 lbs in the past 3 weeks). Email from Prof. later about her "concern". I was determined to quit the program last night, and trying to figure out how to do it without closing every last door.

Today is better. Not Better, but better than above. I dont feel like quitting as much, or at least I think I can muddle through the next 6 weeks/2 projects, but I am sincerely afraid of committing to teaching next year. On 'good' days Im excited/scared, on bad days, there is no way. Im feeling like I should hedge my bets and just compete the M.A. but maybe not with teaching experience. Stupid, I know, but this is a new frontier and I just dont know how much I can take on.

Meanwhile, RM, how old are you. Could the f.a.t. be hormone related, b/c I just got the "spare beach floaty" and then some in the last 2 months! And I am not eating much and exercising hard. It sucks, in no uncertain terms, and not just because of vanity, which certainly has its place, but b/c of powerlessness in the face of biology. I could have written your post; I already eat clean and exercise. There isnt anywhere to go with this but "acceptance" puke.gifrolleyes.gif

Jo - Have a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL time!!!! (I dream of going to Africa)
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hug.gif Sparkle, I hope today is better. Don't worry about figuring it all out right at this moment.

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Thanks Mel; problem is, I have to tell them by April 15 if I dont want it, and waiting this long is pretty lame, as some prospective MA students for next year make their decision based on getting a TA-ship or not. I am taking someone's slot. Yes, I suck, I suck, I suck...........
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Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post

Thanks Mel; problem is, I have to tell them by April 15 if I dont want it, and waiting this long is pretty lame, as some prospective MA students for next year make their decision based on getting a TA-ship or not. I am taking someone's slot. Yes, I suck, I suck, I suck...........

What does your treasure map tell you? Or is it that time yet?


I was actually just re-reading your description of how you do the treasure mapping. I have never done it, and you described it so well and made it sound so forward-looking, positive and fun that I am motivated to do one this year! This would be the perfect time for me, and I feel the need to create some focus in my life.


Anyway, is this Prof. someone who you can speak with? Or do you have any mentor who you would feel comfortable about being frank with? I think it must be hard, professionally, to speak openly about doubts, but sometimes it just helps to vocalize them and maybe that will help organize and defuse those anxieties. grouphug.gif Your Dingo family has your back.

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I actually got nothing from my doc appt other than a referral to gyn and the statement that maybe I had "finally reached a mature adult weight" which I heard as "get used to the spare beach floaty, you are old and there is no hope." At least I live minutes from the beach. If I wet my pants from stress incontinence I can just wander into the water and get all wet.

Sparkle, you are not taking someone else's spot. You are first choice. They would be taking what you don't want.

Why can I not just make on orthodontist decision and live with it? I literally cry every time I try. Dd3 needs phase 1 of 2 and is actually overdue. There is an office .1 of a mile from my house, on the way to my older kids school. Randomly, my two oldest children are patients there and were before we moved to this neighborhood. The old guy retired, we like the young guy but they have hired a very young woman that we see most often that nobody prefers (16 yo ds, 14 yo dd, me). They are conveniently located (on Tuesdays and Thursdays), slightly more expensive I think, easy to schedule (on their part), and inspire fear and we don't like the doctor we see. Across town there is an orthodontist my dentist recommended that makes me feel comfortable. His office is busy and difficult to schedule with. I only have a rough estimate from him (working on that) and his office is difficult to get to traffic wise. Appointments will end up taking half the day. Not a big deal at 7 but it will be when she is in phase 2, dd2 will also most likely be in braces and they will be missing lots of school. I am sure I am over thinking this but when all is said and done my five healthy children without cavities will have dental work that cost more both our cars combined. Just think if they hadn't been breastfed for years. eyesroll.gif I do not understand why we have two forms of vision insurance and no orthodontia coverage. None of the kids have vision problems.
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Sparkle--there are probably more options beyond muddling through and quitting. Perhaps you could take a semester or year off? Do you qualify for any counseling services, even short-term there? If so, the counselors probably also have advice regarding staying/leaving/something in-between. I hope today is better.
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Sparkle-I'm so sorry to hear of the struggles. I hope that you can come to a decision easily and that the cloud moves on soon.

I'm 40 and have been premenopausal for 7-8 years now. Like you said, fighting biology/hormones/what have you, is fustrating and feels so unfair. I want to be fit all my life and see that others can so why not me? The weird thing is that the less I work out, the lighter I am fat wise, which would be awesome if I didn't love running and racing so darn much.

RR: Cut back week is good because something in my 14 miler Friday irritated my ITB so I bought a new strap and running 5's this week and a 6. Couldn't be better timing.
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Originally Posted by Mel38 View Post

What does your treasure map tell you? Or is it that time yet?

I was actually just re-reading your description of how you do the treasure mapping. I have never done it, and you described it so well and made it sound so forward-looking, positive and fun

See! I did last year's map (which ends April 10) in pencil with no images and stuffed it in the back of my closet. I dont even know where it is right now, and LOOK AT ME! Im a f*****g disaster ROTFLMAO.gifdisappointed.gif One more week and I can reset my whole life! Thank G-d!

If only....

Mamajb - If I dont pee myself when I sneeze, its a huge triumph. If I'd had 2 more, Id be wearing a diaper. You are doing amazing wink1.gif Yeah, and f*** those doctors who dont understand the floaty!! I dont want to turn 63 when Im 43, thank you. I want to turn 43! Sheesh. p.s. have you heard the one about the "f*** you forties"? it used to be the "f*** you fifties", but I renamed/claimed it!

That's right ladies, perimenopause: crying and comatose one day, swearing like a sailor the next. Watch out! lol.gif
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Sparkle~ hug.gif

mel~The interview was for the loan forgiveness program at work. It's kind of a combination of a scholarship and a loan. They give you money to help pay off your student loans, and the money is considered a loan because you pay it back by working for them (at a rate of $2/hour worked). I could potentially get up to $7000, which would make a nice sized dent in my loans!

I am so not looking forward to orthodontia...I mean, I'm doing it for myself, but at my regular dentist. I'm relatively sure DS is going to need some help, since one of his adult teeth is coming in practically sideways. rolleyes.gif

He is, unfortunately, still sick today, so I am not skiing. And it's a powder day, too, sigh. bag.gif Still with a fever over 101 this morning and just general malaise. I took him the ped this morning and it looks like it's just some mystery viral ailment. It could be flu, but if so, it's a pretty mild case. Not strep, not an ear infection, not a sinus infection. Just a fever and a little bit of a cough and feeling crummy. The child who had perfect attendance last year has now been absent 5 days this year and counting.
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Does standing up all day working in the lab count as exercise? I hope so, I am so wiped. On the bright side, I got to try out my shiny new tool that analyzes nanoparticle emissions in the air! Yay!! I'm a dork!!


Jo - sounds like a good trip so far!! I would love to have a blind taste test of crocodile vs. alligator! :D  Hope it is an amazing time!


hug.gif  sparkle - I am so sorry about the school stuff.  We just had a student opt to take a leave of absence due to family issues but she will still have a slot coming back for next fall.  Is there any in between you can look for? Make your decision for you and the universe will take care of the incoming students too.


hug.gif mommajb - there is nothing I hate worse than going to the doctor and getting no clear answer :(  good luck figuring out all the orthodontia stuff... I know that will soon be in my future.


Gaye - hope T is feeling better soon! and fingers crossed on the loan forgiveness program!


Yall, I am so confused now - there are two Mels!!! and now I'm not sure which of yall was on here when I was active before and/or is on the yahoo group bag.gif


It is like the class I'm currently teaching: three students named Mike W (two of which have last names one letter apart).  So they are now Mike W 1, 2, and 3   I'm all about that personal touch rolleyes.gif

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Callie - The Mel primer (and I hope I get this right): Mel38 lives in the US and her kids are school age. MelW lives in Canada and her kids are a little younger. Mel38 is the one on Facebook.

Sparkle - hug.gif and may I gently suggest that you not make any decisions about school until you are through the luteal phase of your cycle. I remember you saying mittleschmerz kept you up all night a few nights ago, and I know how susceptible you are to the LP hormones. Things might look a little different when AF arrives.

Orthodontia: Kay is in the wait-and-see phase. She goes to the orthodontist every 6 months until enough of her adult teeth are in, and then he'll make a plan. Some of her issues have sorted themselves out as teeth have come in, but she still has serious crowding issues. Luckily, Jacob's teeth are perfect.

RR: Kettlebell class last night. I have such a love/hate relationship with kettlebells. It hurts so good! Heading out for a run in about 10 minutes.

NRR: DS was selected for the principal's student of the year award for the entire school (650 kids)! He has a big awards breakfast next Wednesday. We are super proud of him. They had their "puberty" movie yesterday and I asked him if he learned anything new. He replied, "Erections!" So, not ready for this phase of development. DD1 turned 9 last week and suddenly is being all responsible and helpful. I'll take it! DD2 lost 4 teeth in a week. She looks ridiculous!

Time to run!
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Sparkle, jumping in quickly to say that I just wrote a poem about that sucky pit. Sending it to your pm...
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Back to say: I seriously would like to compile a collection of poems and essays from women going through perimenopause - even from the family members of women going through perimenopause!

Mel, have you tried the Genius bar? It's my last resort because it's a 3-hour drive each way, but we've saved our macs many times for free if you don't count the gas. We are working on 9yo, 7yo, and 2 6yo macs in this house. Oddly, the newest one just died and my restore disk is stuck in it yet the oldest one is still going. I baby it, though. As soon as I can, I'll make that drive to Houston but it may be another month... I so want an iPad so I'm not willing to replace any desktop or laptop at this point.

Sorry, flyby... spent the entire day yesterday out of town with homeschool kids watching Stomp. It was heavenly for all of us. Today out of town again for music lessons.

Sorry to leave so many out...
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