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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

Dress:  I have always found how to dress puzzling.  I study it and copy as best I can, but I still fail frequently.  Thank goodness for tenure, as jeans seems to pass for almost anything now.  For my kids I have spent as much as a week of drop offs studying boy's pants, for instance, to figure out what kind of pants to buy DS (note, not jeans).

Ok this probably doesn't fit your budget. BUT....anything you buy at Hanna Andersson should get the job done. My own kids (admittedly they share clothes as they are the same gender) both packed their suitcases and commented how their pants from target each have a hole in the knee (all 3 pair) and yet the ones they've been wearing forever (or maybe 14 months?) from Hanna look brand new.  It does kill me to buy a pair of pants that's almost as much as I spend on myself. But I can easily order their fall clothes in one setting. Better yet: when we got to cleveland and drive past Michigan City we stop at the outlet mall. Originally just to run off some steam and now to stock up on Hanna leggings. Worth the hour spent there. easily.

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A friend posted this on facebook --21 Tips to Keep your S**t together when you're depressed. maybe someone can use it.


Also: vitamix is now selling reconditioned blenders. They just emailed me to let me know. (why do they email people who already own them? duh, I already HAVE one).  They appear to be at a nice discount.

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DD went through a pair of Hannah Anderson pants -- hand me down, but brand new (as is most of the stuff we get from that source) -- just as fast as the rest of the stuff.  She's really hard on clothes.  That being said, I mostly have to buy clothes for DS, since my RP supplies almost all of DD's clothes through hand me downs.  Her daughter goes through sizes fast (she's 11 and 5'6"), wears them gently, and has tons of clothes.  So DD's not an issue anymore style-wise.  DS is the one I now have to pay attention to.


Just got back from PT.  To review, I sleep wrong, sit wrong, stand wrong, walk wrong, and run wrong.  Still no word on breathing or blinking.

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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

 So DD's not an issue anymore style-wise.  DS is the one I now have to pay attention to.


Right. Which is why I linked to boy's pants. orngbiggrin.gif I wish my own girls would wear the boys sweatpants there. they are darn cute.





I'm pretty sure I don't do most things right. Ah well. such is life. Hopefully PT is getting running back into the picture for you.

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Geo, I can tell by your post that it was typed with the wrong hand / wrist / keyboard configuration orngtongue.gif



ugh DD clothes  I am terrified what the future holds there.  Right now we are at the "Punky Brewster 2.0" look everyday for school.  The more blingy, tacky, layered, color clashing, the better eyesroll.gif

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You need yoga to tell you that you breathe wrong. Though many physios will tell you. My husband needed to learn to swallow after a physio said he had an "infantile swallow" (tongue low in mouth for breastfeeding vs against palate). The good news was that fixing his swallow cured the TMJ and jaw seized up post tooth extraction.

kerc, thanks for the link. It is making a difficult day of living with a creative depressed person more manageable.

Computer in the shop awaiting further diagnosis and a quote. We are "back to homeschool" after Spring Break today. I need to find some routine again. Tomorrow is an in class day an preschool day and I will get to run, plus time in my office to get teaching work done without kid distractions.
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geo - I do all that stuff wrong too. And breathing. Typing too. Probably blinking. It's okay.


kerc - my girls loved the few Hanna Anderson clothes they had. dd2 still has one that was originally a dress and she now uses as a nightshirt because it is so soft and she just stretched it to fit lol.gif


sparkle - hug.gif


jo - your pictures are amazing. What an amazing thing you just did with your kids!


Just a drive by before I fall into bed. Saw my doctor today and she confirmed celiac and wants to test for a bunch of other stuff. She said just about everything I am struggling with could probably be attributed to celiac or prolonged intense stress symptoms but she wants to check it all out. I have a cold and just made a pot of soup that tastes so good I wish I had made three times as much - leftover lemon garlic roast chicken, leeks, carrots, broccoli, spinach and tahini. I am already at the point where I am not even missing, let alone craving, grains or potatoes in any form. I had a bit of a slip yesterday right after a horrible moment with h but it wasn't much and it tasted awful. I think the trick is to just stay ahead of myself with prepared meals and snacks. I made some muffins with ground almonds, eggs, cinnamon, blueberries and a bit of honey tonight so I will have more grab-and-run options from the freezer on days when I work. I wondered how they would taste and they are yummy. I have never liked the gluten free flours but I love almonds so this might work when I really need something like this around.


I bought new shoes today. Had a twinge when asking for walking shoes instead of running shoes but I might as well be realistic. Until I get more of this health stuff under control, there is no way I can run more than very short distances - but I can walk as long as I want.


best news - ds seems to be fully recovered, the meds are out of his system and he is back to loving school and being a straight A student, cheerful and thinking about what comes after high school. It is so good to have him back luxlove.gif

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Shanti, that is awesome news about ds. Also good for you to know that celiac is a thing. Hopefully that makes it a ton easier to just stay away from the grain in the first place. And I hope that over time you'll see a major improvement in your asthma, too. For whatever it's worth, I'm mostly walking these days too.


We are "back to school" too and it is sucking right now. I am on edge and irritated by everything, and the kids are inefficient and not really into getting the work done. I want to get it out of the way and get to the beach, and instead I am stuck in the apartment with the kids. The heat is coming on, dh has been keeping me up late which messes up my sleep and ability to get stuff done early, and then it's too hot to exercise outdoors. And if I go out in the evening, the kids don't go to bed (because dh keeps everyone up), and then they don't get up until late, etc. Dd is basically on track to finish up on time, but ds has been so pokey with projects that he is still not on track to finish before mid-June. And absolutely nothing makes him work faster. And he is still stuck in elementary school mode, where school- and homework all happens before 6PM. This is a hard transition for him. Dh wants to be helpful but stresses the kids out.


Bright side, while it does look like we will have to travel through Morocco on our way back again at the end of summer, I have dh's understanding that we'll need to stay in town and have access to Internet in order not to fall way behind on school over the travel period. So, we should be hooked up with a room in an IL's house (a house with plumbing) where kids and I can continue at least some of our lessons in relative peace. This is all still in theory, of course.


RR: We will go for a bike ride this afternoon followed by some time at the beach.

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Originally Posted by Shantimama View Post
best news - ds seems to be fully recovered, the meds are out of his system and he is back to loving school and being a straight A student, cheerful and thinking about what comes after high school. It is so good to have him back luxlove.gif


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Shanti - I am so happy for your son! What a trial he (and you) have been through. My favorite muffin recipe is one mashed banana, 2 eggs, 2 tbsp coconut flour, 1 tbsp almond flour, cinnamon, vanilla, 1/8 tsp baking soda and 1/4 tsp baking powder. Sometimes I throw in raisins or blueberries. My kids like them with semi-sweet chocolate chips. I mix it all together, and bake for 18 minutes at 350. Yum.

jooj - hope your plans for going back via Morocco work out. And that your kids pull themselves out of the doldrums and back into schoolwork land!

Today is Election Day and I am so ready for this referrendum vote to be done. The NO side is really playing nasty politics and I am going to hurt someone if I read another editorial about the overpaid teachers and their 180 day a year jobs! Argh!!!!

I ran on Sunday because it was too perfect not to, but paid yesterday with a very sore knee. Why does it feel like every library book to be reshelved is on the bottom shelf, requiring me to squat down. Ouch!
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Originally Posted by calicocj View Post

Lisa - is your colleague in music at ASU or ethnology/anthro?  I worked for 3 years in the Anthro department there...
He's at NAU in music as an ethnomusicologist.
And then there is the added joy of running into the provost or a trustee while I'm going across campus in workout clothes for my yoga class
Yep. I finished my run and came through the hotel lobby straight to breakfast, where I stood surrounded by other musicologists who either pretended not to recognize me or who really didn't. I didn't really feel embarrassed about it though, as it was 7 am and hey, I'd run and they hadn't and I'd be dressed appropriately by the time the papers started. :P DH, otoh, said he wouldn't do it because everyone would see him in running clothes. There are things I might be embarrassed about, but running isn't one of them.
Originally Posted by kerc View Post

I'm child-less for the entire week. For the first time since 2002. And I'm so incredibly sad and missing my family.
Hope you can enjoy it too (says the woman who talked to her kids via Skype on Friday and burst into tears after they hung up, as if I hadn't seen them sleeping 12 hours earlier....).
Academic dress:  yeah. I'm making notes on what to/not to do. Somehow we aren't teaching our children/young adults that strange body piercings/hairstyles/tattoos essentially do the same thing that flamboyant clothing does: draw attention away from you as a professional.
Originally Posted by mommajb View Post

on academic dress: My comment after looking at dh's colleagues is that clean, neat clothes that fit well go a long way. Simple is almost always better. If you want to be taken seriously, be serious. (unless you are a comic, then you should be funny)
yeahthat.gif It also tells me that this person is more concerned about making it clear that the are an *individual* in ways that might be counterproductive to a job, and/or that this person feels insecure about their career path. That said, I realize it's easy for younger generations to see that yes, older generations are also all composed of individuals as opposed to some sort of mass-produced 40- and 50-something corporate-seeming zombies. At any rate, one presumably presents at a conference to meet people and show your research and further your career. Get over yourself and dress the part.

Geo--I hear what you're saying. I have a hard to knowing what to wear that looks stylish and professional. Professional if in a slightly outdated style I do well. Currently-stylish professional, not so much.
Originally Posted by Shantimama View Post

best news - ds seems to be fully recovered, the meds are out of his system and he is back to loving school and being a straight A student, cheerful and thinking about what comes after high school. It is so good to have him back luxlove.gif

JayGee--hope the election goes well. The lies from the other side are so infuriating. The fact that reporters would report them without fact checking as if they were facts were a main reason I canceled my subscription to the Denver Post.

ETA: a winter storm canceled school today. Go figure. Unfortunately, it also looks like enough snow that I'm going to run most of tomorrow's 14 inside. Bleh.
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We lost. The referrendum failed. Next year, no music, no PE, no computer class. My fees will double to $600 for 3 kids in school. Class sizes will increase past 30. The instructional aides will all be laid off. No more extracurricular sports for jr. High. No more clubs. How could the voters of this town do this to the next generation??? I am so disappointed and sad, especially for my own children and their peers.

Huge sigh.
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Oh, no, JayGee. I'm so sorry. greensad.gif

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Ugh, I was so hopeful for you JayGee. greensad.gif. I hope you can find a way to get your kids what they deserve. I can't get a straight answer what will happen to our school next year, just that 4 teachers have already been laid off. The housing market has been really strong around here. I'd honestly consider moving under conditions like that. greensad.gif. I know you just moved there...

My PT assures me I'll eventually get to a love-hate relationship with the roller. So far, I've just got that second half of the relationship. The IT band is almost entirely better joy.gif but this process has uncovered pinned nerves. They hurt. All the time. greensad.gif

My kids have testing today. The school says that this testing is used for gifted program admission. They don't say that it's good for anything else. So why do the kids already with services have to miss those services (and DD has to make up the work as homework) to take these tests again? I know they use the tests for other things, but blech. DD will also have a series of state tests next month.

Shanti, jumping with joy over your son's health. So wonderful to hear. What changed?

Callie, in this fancy neighborhood, Nora's outfits would have a narrow range of tolerance through 1st or 2nd grade or so, but you would have a few sideways comments from teachers, and well-meaning "advice" from parents in kindergarten.
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Shanti, so glad to hear about your ds' return to health. joy.gif


On the Celiac diagnosis: it's definitely a paradigm shift. Once integrated, though, it becomes much more 'normal'. Please let me know if I can help at all. 


On my ds: I am for some reason resisting taking the final step to get the district involved in testing. Something is holding me back -- labeling? I don't know. He has been improving as far as behavior because of the openness to suggestion and mentoring of his secular teacher, and me being very forthright about specific strategies with the religious studies teacher, who as far as I can tell, is a well meaning enough person without a creative or critical thinking skill to call his own. eyesroll.gif He cannot extrapolate strategies from one specific situation to a similar other one at ALL. 


Basic problem remains the same -- a very untidy and unproductive fit between ds' learning style and needs and the school's general educational model. I have no idea what I'm going to do about that long term.


I'm happy the warmer weather seems to be sporadic but occasionally present. Still struggling with general malaise a bit. 


RR: None yet today. Hoping to get some speed/track work in later if the weather holds.

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Callie - my littlest has the same sense of "style"! Her go to outfit is leggings with a flouncy skirt on top and a long sleeved shirt topped by a short sleeved shirt. I think she looks adorable! Dd1 is more of the "if it's not from Justice, it's not for me" school of thought. Yuck!

Off to DS's award breakfast. Hard to be excited when the referrendum has failed though. He will be really disappointed greensad.gif.
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Kerc (and others) - reviews of your particular Vitamix? Ive done some research, and see that there are short, wide ones, and tall narrower ones. The 500-series, or the 700-series? Im thinking about the 500 level - is there a better option than others, or at the Vitamix level do the variations just not matter lol.gif I think $500 is enough to spend on a blender anayway...

JG - splat.gif OMG how frustrated you must be. And SAD. Im so sorry. I couldnt help but think of your post about it as the first lines of an Op-Ed. Can you express your disappointment and the implications of what voters have just done to a wider audience somehow? To get it off your chest and as a f*** y** (only, very diplomatically worded of course lol.gif)

Shanti - joy.gif so much good news, even the diagnosis, while a drag, can only make you feel better and thus better able to manage the emotional things that need it. So very happy for you

RR: Im thinking of all the witty things I could say in place of actual exercise-as-most-people-consider-it, but no, no RR

NRR: I think Im not going to talk about some things anymore. I appreciate the support. Its just too weird, too hard to communicate, and awkward. Suffice it to say, I am my own guinea pig, and bio-chemistry is a TRIP. I am ok today. As the puzzle of my brain chemistry shifts, I am playing catch-up, figuring out what is happening after the fact. I hope to be ahead of it at some point....

P.S. Treasure Mapping starts today. The next 3 days are the most optimal to do it. I just got out a piece of poster-size white paper, drew in pencil a sketch of a design, and wrote some words in some of the squares/circles. I'll get some mags today sometime, maybe cut some stuff out tonight after the kids go to bed, etc. Just saying as a model of how piece-meal it can be....
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JayGee, I am so sorry, Mama.

RR: Got my AM miles in and just got back from park yoga. Feeling like I am coming around.

Cleaned the house like crazy today and tomorrow I plan to do my TM while the kids do school work. My TM effort was lame last year and this year I am determined to do better.
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Oh my goodness! I have steam coming out of my ears after reading the 101 comments in the newspaper about our failed referrendum. I live in the most self-centered, kid-hating, small minded town in America I think. Grrrrrrrrrrr......
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  luxlove.gif   Thank you SS   blowkiss.gif  Today has been a rock bottom kind of day for me and your package arriving could not have been better timing. Your tea and energy bar got me though a rough patch this afternoon and tonight I hope to curl up with another cup of tea and the Vegetarian Times - I can't wait! 

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