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Queer, Pregnant, & Parenting - April, May & June 2013!

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Welcome queer, pregnant, and parenting folks!

This is the springtime thread, for the months of April, May & June in 2013.

If you want to be added, just post in bold with your due date. Also, if you have recently had your babe(s), please chime in with the name and birth date in bold. If your information is not correct or has changed, please also post in bold so that I can get it corrected!!

Pregnant - Due Dates

June 2013

August 2013
Carmen358, EDD 8/7/2013

September 2013
mrsandmrs & Bigfoot, EDD 9/6/2013 (twins!)
esenbee, EDD 9/20/2013 (twins!)

October 2013
Sphinxy, EDD 10/10/2013

November 2013
granite, EDD 11/5/2013
escher, EDD 11/24/2013
baby.fatty, EDD 11/30/2013
sotohana, EDD 11/25/2013

February 2014

Tourneymama, Anakin, born 6/27/13
PokeyAC, Charlie Vaughn, born 6/26/13
CocoBird, Amadora Charlotte, born 6/21/13
easttowest, Nathaniel, born 6/18/13
Cordelia15, baby girl, born 6/11/13
wishin'&hopin', baby boy, born 5/12/13
SplashingPuddle, baby girl, born 5/2/13
KnittingTigers, Theron River & Jane Sofia, born 4/27/13
lisedea, Sawyer, Elliott, & Miles, born 3/24/13
Cananny, August, Gage & Finn, born 2/24/13
KateAdele, baby girl, born 12/12
Nosreves, Elio Sol, 12/5/12 - 12/6/12
MidwifeStephPDX, Lucie Rain, born 10/25/12
Planet, Wylie Blue, born 9/9/12
DesertSunsets, Everleigh Jane, born 9/1/12
dandylez, Adair Seamus, born 6/28/12
KSDoulaMama, surro-babe, born 6/27/12
SwtRainbowBrite, Riley Sophia, born 6/25/12
PleasantlyFurious, Zoe Aurora, born 6/22/12
SmilingSara & Seraf, Soren Dare, born 5/2/12
PrettyIsa, Edith Josephine, born 4/18/12
Ad Astra, boy/girl twins, born 4/11/12
Onemommyonemama, Sage S., born 3/21/12
Qmama42, baby girl, born 1/18/12
Indigo, baby girl A, born 1/8/12
CrystalPerez, Cohen Anthony, born 12/12/11
glassesgirlnj, Annamaria Sigyn Estelle, born 11/28/11
Mami2mami, Layla Janae, born 11/22/11
DAWNMP1, Raya Sylvan, born 11/10/11
2ezforyou, Jagger Stone, born 11/2/11
Seraf & SmilingSara, Shay Brock, born 11/1/11
Escher, baby boy, born 10/24/11
Julietea, Rowan Kathryn, born 10/16/11
Starling&Diesel, Hawksley Solace, born 10/2/11
AmyPDX, Alexander Cole, born 8/7/11
AmandaHope, Lilah Nyx, born 7/24/11
Pigirl, baby boy, born 7/22/11
Mizyellow, Harrison, born 7/20/11
Painefaria, Keegan, born 5/23/11
Cejae, Emmerson & Parker, born 5/22/11
Imogenlily, Soloman Dov, born 5/3/11
2HappyMamas, baby, born 4/16/11
Bttrflygypsy, Elliot Graham, born 4/15/11
LibraryLady, Alice Meredith, born 4/8/11
Wehrli & jenmostoften, Silas Scott, born 4/4/11
Gumshoegirl007, Addison Alexis Réal, born 3/24/11
Beastie, Esther, born 3/13/11
Burg, Reed Kylie, born 2/05/11
Korey, baby girl T, born 1/30/11
Coco99, Chloe & Charlie, born 1/30/11
Abeecharmer, twin girls, born 1/10/11

Recovering from Losses, Held in Our Hearts candle.gif

[NOTE: Any EDDs over a month old without a birth announcement will be deleted]
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Thanks for the new thread, granite  smile.gif

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What a sparkly new thread! Thanks, Granite ... dust.gif

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Thank you Granite!  And, ack!!!!  May is CLOSE!

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Thanks for the shiny new thread!


knittingtigers and wishin'&hopin'--You're next!  No rush though.  We can wait.


Funny story RE how expensive our babies can be--We saw a crib yesterday at a baby store called "Million Dollar Baby."  We both cracked up.  It was only $199 though so it could be a contender.  It would make a nice little joke for years to come.

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Thanks for the new thread, Granite!

Wishin: May IS close!

Pokey: 199 isn't bad for a crib, but that's a funny name!

AFM: Ultrasound went well today. The blob was measuring about the right size and had a healthy heartbeat (which we could even see on a transabdominal ultrasound--I was surprised that was possible at 6 weeks 2 days). There is a fairly large (6cm) cyst on her right ovary, but it doesn't sound like that will be an issue with the pregnancy, just something to keep an eye on in general. We're not sure when we're going to start telling people, but we're going to order one of those "I'm going to be a big brother" shirts so we'll be ready whenever we want to start telling. So far so good!
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Oh good! I'm relieved all went well today, Escher. I've been thinking of you two all morning.
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Great news, escher!  energy.gif

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Thanks for the new thread Granite!


AFM.. spent Saturday in L&D after a big bleed out of nowhere.  They ran every test they can think of (and probed everything they could think of) but could not find anything wrong, and oddly NO trace of blood anywhere.. I seriously thought if they had not seen all the blood stains (sorry TMI)  they would not have believed me. I seriously had a moment where I thought I was going to have the baby that day.  I also had a lot of cramping and mild mild contractions but everything seems to have settled down, except perhaps my anxiety. . I def need baby girl to stay in there a lot longer so just trying to take things day by day. . 

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Escher, yay! Does anyone know you were trying IRL?

Cordelia, how frightening! Did they culture your cervix? Sara had mid pregnancy bleeding from an infection.

Granite, nice thread, thanks.
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Tiger, you are next!
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Originally Posted by KnittingTigers View Post


yes your ARE!!!!!!!!!!! 


seraf.. I think so. . i feel like they tested everything. . I know they did a swab of cervix the FNS?? to test for pre-labor enzymes and tested for UTI  but I don't know if they tested for infection too?  Maybe something to ask my ob. . thanks. . 

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Somehow this shiny new thread makes me feel less bad about being behind while we have been traveling after I had been working 50 hour weeks. Thanks, Granite!


Cordelia - how scary about the bleeding. Sounds like everything is okay, though.


Knitting Tigers - you are SO up next! Whoa, amazing.


Lise - I already gushed over your trio on FB, but I have to gush more here. They are so adorable. I suppose you can already tell them apart but in the photo you shared they look a lot alike! Love the names.


Pokey - fingers crossed for good ultrasound results!






DW and the twin belly in front of the Supreme Court!


The belly is looking pretty epic, even when sitting down and a little squished. The babies are really active, which is reassuring. Most of the time if I talk directly to her belly they respond with kicks, which is adorable. We hired a doula who also includes birthing classes in her sliding scale fee and made us feel really good about the idea of taking a doula along to a hospital birth. She also gave us some good ideas about possibly transferring care to a different OB and hospital, although we haven't made an appointment for a consultation yet. I was just so unimpressed by our last OB visit. Our big ultrasound is in a week! Things are going so fast! The teenager and I were walking to get dinner earlier, and talked about how this is our last big trip as a family of three. No matter how much we focus on the pregnancy, it is still hard to understand that this is really happening for all of us.

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Thanks for the shiny new thread! 


Hello ....


yay for heartbeat Esher .. We were 6 w3 when we saw 3 strong heartbeats.... It was crazy cool :)

knitting ... Sooo close do u have their names picked out ? Is dd excited?

cordelia.. So scary but glad things seem to be ok

bigfoot... Cute baby bump on the mrs ... How's Your son adjusting to the babies?


afm....boys are 5.5 weeks old and growing ..,August is over 7 lbs ... gage is 5lbs 11 oz and Finn is 5 lbs 5 oz

Gage has alot of issues with reflux and he's not tolerating formula well he's on a super hypo allergenic one and still puking ... He does get 80% breast milk .. Thank god for donor mama milk as I am still only getting 2-3 oz a day ! I'm worried when/if we run out if having enough breast milk :( I've tried everything and then some to get more milk .. on the plus gage is nursing at least 1-2 x day and August nurses 1 x day if I can get him calm enough ... Finn is hit or miss ....


i am soo in love with my boys ! I love being a mama !!!! It's crazy how protective I am over them even with Dp ... 


Wish us luck because my mom arrives tomorrow for 6-8 weeks ... Though nice to have xtra hands I'm nervous about how we will get along :/

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Cordelia: How scary! I'm sorry that happened. I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes very smoothly.

Seraf: Four people outside of MDC (and who are not medical professionals) know about the pregnancy, but most people have no idea we were trying.

Knitting: Wow! Up next! How exciting!

Bigfoot: What a fantastic belly. Your doula sounds great.

Cananny: I'm glad that you're loving your boys so much. I'm sorry Gage is having so much reflux.

We're trying to decide where to give birth, and I would love to hear people's thoughts or advice. We had a planned homebirth with our son that ended up being a very long labor, an ambulance transfer, and a c-section. We're contemplating working with the same midwives again, and we would love to just stay home, especially since it would mean less time away from our son. At the same time, our experience last time and the reading we have done since then has made us more nervous about risks in birth. Hospital births have some scary risks (infections from hospital germs, unnecessary interventions, etc.), but it also scares us to think about one of the unlikely big emergencies happening while we are at home. Laboring in a hospital is unappealing, and having to stay there for at least 24 hours after birth even if everyone is perfectly healthy is even less appealing. But it is nice that if we were at a hospital we would have interventions available if needed. Both options we are considering would be with midwives (CNMs with many years of experience and excellent reputations in the community), and both practices are strongly committed to natural birth. Any thoughts on this? Thanks.
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Thanks for the new thread, granite!


Wow, so many congratulations are in order for Lisedea! Your boys are beautiful. So happy for you!


Looking good, m&m and bigfoot! I hope the trip treated you well. Good luck next week!


Cordelia, I can't even imagine how much I would be freaking out. So happy for you that it looks to be nothing.


Did I miss the results of your placenta check-up, pokey? I hope things are where they should be! Fingers crossed for you. 


Cananny, just so happy for you. Sounds like you are doing a great job! I hope Gage starts feeling better soon, and good luck with your mom!


Wow, Tigers - 1 more month! Eek! How are you feeling?


Sorry if I missed anyone. Well, I made it through the first trimester - hooray! I'm ready to start feeling those amazing second trimester endorphins now! Last week was all about recovering from my vacation induced exhaustion, and by the end of the week I was feeling pretty good. Then we drove a total of 12 hours over the weekend to visit my in-laws and I got tired all over again. I also got a little bit of un-welcome pressure from my in-laws that I'm still chewing on in my head. FIL wants me to make sure I listen to classical music while pregnant to support baby's brain development, MIL wants me to commit to letting them baby sit a lot more than I'm comfortable with, and MIL has started touching my stomach without asking. I'm barely showing at 13 weeks and when she touched me the first time, above the navel, I was like "well, that's probably my actual stomach and other organs, because the baby is still down here [pointing in direction of my uterus]". We don't argue or anything but I'm not super close to them, the relationship has it's messy complications of course, and I'm trying for DW's sake and the sake of our kids having a good relationship with them, but it's really not easy. We're just very different people I guess. Also, a few different people in our lives have started to express sex and gender preferences for our baby. What the hell? Maybe it's just because I have zero hopes or expectations in that regard, but I'm finding it really annoying when other people do. 


ETA - escher, I almost missed your post. Tough call and you need to do what feels right to you. If it were me, I would probably go with the hospital, since it sounds like you would still have access there to the natural birth midwives, but it would eliminate from the equation any anxiety about "what if we need to transfer to a hospital". Good luck weighing your options!

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Hi everyone!

Just dropping quickly to say congraulations to Lisedea!  What a beautiful wee triumvirate you have there!  


And Carmen, I am so delighted to hear that your ultrasound went well.  Does S have any interesting name suggestions?  


And Escher, I thought I'd pipe in as another mama who had a planned-homebirth-turned-emergency-transfer-with-c-section:

My idea of what an ideal birth is hasn't changed.  I would still love to birth at home.  What has changed is my understanding that babies come how they need to, not how I want them to.

Both my births were 'supposed' to be homebirths, and neither one was.  Risked out with pre-e for my first (had a natural birth in hospital with midwives) and then the emergency section with my second.

If I were to be pregnant again (about as unlikely as my becoming an astronaut, so this is all theoretical) I'd till plan for a homebirth, but I'd be prepared to go to the hospital.  As in, if I felt like going to the hospital because my gut told me to, I'd go.  If my midwive told me it was time to go, I'd go.  If I simply changed my mind and wanted to be at the hospital, I'd go.

Having had a natural, vaginal birth and a c-section, I'd pick the vaginal birth as a first choice by far. 

C-sections suck.

I'd still go with the same midiwfery team that I had for both pregnancies.  

However, I'd be aware that my baby is who decides how the birth with progress.  No one else does.  

As I said, all theoretical, but I've thought about it a lot, and while I'm disillusioned about homebirth, it remaines my ideal.

Take care, hon!



Hello to everyone else!

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Cordelia, I am glad everything is alright, although I am sorry you had to go through such a scary experience.  Keep that baby in there for another two months!


Knitting, can't wait to see your babies, although you should also work on keeping them as long as possible!  :)


Cananny, glad the babies are doing well, and hope Gage does better soon.


AFU, we went to our first birthing class at the hospital yesterday.  It was very nice that there were so many "non-normative" families there, although it was definitely a bit much for me.  We have three more to go, though, and I'm looking forward to getting something out of it.  If nothing else, it was good to see a video of the entire labor process, since I have never experienced it and have no idea how it's going to go.  It was definitely a "oh crap, we have to do that" kind of thing (although I think my wife would correct me to say SHE has to do that, I don't really have to do much at all).  Even though we set up the nursery and are pretty much done with baby prep, it still hasn't quite hit me that in less than three months THERE WILL BE A BABY.  I'll get there.  We're also already talking about baby 2, because that's how we roll (we're into preparing).  Her sister is less than a year younger than her, so it feels like all this pressure to be thinking about it IMMEDIATELY, since clearly her mother got pregnant three months after birthing her (and it would take us more than three months just to figure out the logistics again).  I would love to have babies a year apart, but that is probably not in the cards for us.


Hope everyone (and your partners) are well! 

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