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esenbee - i think with the bathroom discussion, it would be most useful to explain that people use the bathroom that feels best (safest, most comfortable, etc) to them. later on down the road, your trans spouse may feel like using the men's room, or your DD might see people she reads as the "wrong" gender in the ladies' room. knowing that they are using the bathroom that feels best to them would help her make sense of that. 


escher, how's that pregnancy going? i forget if you have an US scheduled, and how soon?

sphinxy, that sounds like one crazy summer. 2013 is shaping up to be really intense, eh? your DW's research opportunities sound so exciting! 




two coworkers have told me this morning "wow, you have really popped!" and asked to feel my belly. this whole process is hilarious. 

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Bigfoot, what kind of cookbook?

Isa, awesome walking.

Escher, our couch is pretty low.

S&B, I don't know how to explain that one. My oldest usually uses the women's room still. Now that he has short hair, he should probably switch. Yay for lots of movement.
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Hi everyone....greetings from Japan!

I have been sick with a noro virus thingy for a few days but am feeling a bit better today so am getting back on a bullet train to Tokyo. Had some IV fluids and a quick u/s to make sure baby is ok and slept for 2 days. Not fun but baby is healthy so I'm feeling ok. Baby is kicking up a storm and SUPER active...which is great fun. I have to admit that I wish I was home....I'm having fun but between being sick and being just about 6 months pregnant this wasn't great timing for a trip alone so far from home. Trying to make the best of it!

SanDiego, I'm sorry your u/s was troubling. 6w4d can be early but I would be cautious as well. I truly hope that everything is fine, please keep us updated.
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knitting. . that sucks about the tax refund. . I hope you still find a cheap one on CL and I can't believe you are cooking those babies so long!  It's wonderful though I imagine you are quite ready to have them out


seraf. . that is cool about that heads.  I knew of course that the bones moved but didn't know that it could be to such a different extent for different babies.  That gives me so much hope.  Last time just sucked so much I would love to have DD slip on out!  


SD.  like everyone else said, I would keep hope alive, numbers going up is still good and that is so early for an U/S. . 


esenbee. . yay for movement. . and yes, I am all about the squat!  as far as bathrooms. . my DH is trans but very outwardly perceived as male so bathrooms are not an issue plus DS is too young to wonder about anything yet but I agree that just saying that DSP goes where they feel safe.  I guess part of the answer prob also depends on your partners self identification. I think kids get a lot more than we give them credit for so trying to say something that is as close to your truth as possible, that you feel comfortable having her talk to other people about, like her friends, their parents etc.  


escher.  hope the ride on toy works. . I have a climber too and have turned around for 10 seconds and turned back to see him on the counter, having created his own "staircase"  heart attack city! 


bigfoot. . that is amazing about the book deal though I see why it could be overwhelming at the same time! 


isa. . have fun at the spa!  and I hope to see birthday pictures


carmen. . sorry you are having such a hard trip but glad you are feeling a little better. . 

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Originally Posted by mrsandmrs View Post


these climbing babies stories are giving me fits. tonight at dinner our DS was like "you know, those babies are going to wreck everything. they are going to break so much shit in the house." i was like, oh, thanks you asshole. 

 LMFAO! This literally made me spit my drink out! Love it. Maybe b/c our oldest is going on 18, and your son sounds SO much like him! I just love how blunt your DS was about it! Sad thing is, he is probably right, ha ha And congrats on the twin boys btw! I was totaly off and I apologfize for that, but I am so excited for you ladies! ((Hugs))

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thanks for the comments/feedback ladies....we have our next u/s this Wed, and we'll see what the story is...dw is already convinced this is not viable....either way, we'll keep on trying, though we're hoping for a good outcome this week! & I hope to remain on this board, thanks all, will keep you posted 

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Hi Everyone,

SanDiego: This has to be a hard waiting time for you right now. I'm sorry you're going through this. I'm glad that you only have a couple of days now until your next ultrasound. fingersx.gif

Carmen: I'm sorry that you were sick so far from home. I'm glad that you are feeling better now. When do you fly home?

Esenbee: I like M&M's suggestion to explain that people use the bathroom that feels best to them. It's exciting that you're feeling so much movement!

AFM: Any favorite nausea suggestions/remedies/cures/foods/etc. you want to suggest? We're still searching for something that works for my wife.....
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Thanks to everyone for kind words about my book deal freak out. 


Sphinxy - that research stuff sounds awesome. I feel like it is so different to be on the verge of parenthood as an adult. I guess I had a lot going on at 19 too, but it is tough to be pulled in so many directions.


S&B - it is so exciting to feel movement from the outside! Your DP must be stoked. Our lilttle ones' kicks keep getting stronger!


Seraf - I did a blog series awhile back on lunches in mason jars, and some of my recipes and photographs were posted in articles on CNN online, Huffpo, and a the Kitchn. So it would be a cookbook on jar meals on the go, which should be fun.


Carmen - so sorry you got sick! I am glad the baby is doing well. How scary!


Escher - I think 1/2 dose of Unisom at bedtime was the biggest help for nausea for DW. We also tried just about everything you can think of, most of which did very little. Peppermint or lemon essential oils to smell were sometimes a very temporary help.


AFU - creeping up on 20 weeks, OMG. Did neither of us post about our big ultrasound here? I know we posted on the FB group that we are having TWO BOYS! We are officially outnumbered. We also got lots of good news about placentas (they are on opposite sides of the uterus and neither placenta is near the cervix) and size (they are both big and the exact same - 83rd percentile). Hurray! Even the teenager has now felt them kicking from the outside. We have also made an appointment to have a consultation with the OB who is backed by a team of midwives, so we would know for sure that we would get the same doctor when the birth happens. We will see how that goes. The only bad thing to report: DW "failed" the 1 hour gestational diabetes screen (score was 160). She is really upset about taking the 3 hour test. Blargh. And I am in official contract negotiations on the book deal, expecting a final contract with my co-author added soon. Scary but exciting.

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Escher, I wore seabands and liked sour candy.

Bigfoot, are there many bloggers doing the mason jar meals thing? I remember reading blogs about them a while back and I'm wondering if I saw yours.

Cordelia, I don't think many babies slip out. I know after the problems I had with #1, I was careful to always use good posture, never slouching, to assure #2 had a better chance of being well positioned. I relaxed that philosophy with #3 and had a much harder labor. The couple of midwives I shared his birth story with have said he was likely a face presentation.

Whose iron is too low for a home birth? Floradix is the most popular supplement I hear about. Out of left field, it took me 4 babies to realize that my long term mild anemia was caused by a dairy allergy. I found out about it because the boys had blood in their poop, blood that's not visible now that they eat solids. Discontinuing dairy allowed all our iron levels to return to normal. Food for thought if this is an ongoing issue.

I'm working again and Sara is going to orientation Wednesday. Good times all around.
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seraf- I think it has gotten pretty trendy recently, so probably a lot of people have blogged about it. I will message you a link. 

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seraf. .you do know I was joking about slipping out right?  After a three day induction and three hours of pushing which ended up in a c-section, I would consider almost anything under 90 minutes of pushing "slipping out"   I feel like I did everything in my power the first pregnancy to ensure a good birth, daily exercise and yoga, massage, chiropractic, birth classes, breathing etc so am now at the point that I prepare the best I can and accept fate as part of it! 

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Yah! Today it happened. My hemoglobin is high enough for a home birth. I am so happy since I had my daughter at home, and I was quite worried about birthing in a hospital. Now that I can relax a bit, I am hoping that relaxation will need to labour starting =) 

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Cordelia, yeah, I knew you didn't mean, like, fall out. I have no idea why babies sometimes don't come out on their own but I do know every labor is different. How's this for a story? Sara's mom had a c-section with her first (I can't remember why) but with her second she went in for her scheduled c-section and the doc checked her and she was something crazy like 7 cm. She still wanted the C but the doc wanted to wait an hour. An hour later she was complete. I don't know how long pushing took, but I know the birth was vaginal. Whatever problem was there with the first was not with the second.

Splashing, yay for a healthy iron!! Yay for a home birth!
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Carmen--how are you feeling? Better, I hope!

Escher--lots of mild protein. If she eats eggs and greek yogurt, those helped me, but my nausea was pretty mild to begin with. I hope you find something that helps!

Bigfoot--your blog is awesome! I'm going to go through and look at all of the recipes--we've been getting into a total lunch rut lately, and could use some new ideas. One question, though--where do you find jars with lids like that? All of my mason jars have canning lids, which don't seem like they'd work as well for transportation...

Splashing--Hurray! Glad to hear the good news about your homebirth! smile.gif

AFM--birthday party was a little stressful to set up, but a huge success. We had lots of help and it was really fun to have a big party and see everyone. I didn't take too many pictures, so I'm waiting for my mom and stepmom to send the millions they took--hopefully some are decent. But here you get the idea.

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Isa, dying of cute!
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Isa - OMG, adorable birthday girl! How fun. Are you asking about the white plastic jar lids? Ball calls them "storage caps" and the ones I have bought are BPA free, although the Amazon listing doesn't seem to say that. I don't know if you have Fred Meyer in your area. Most stores that have a good selection of canning supplies have them, and they are great for freezing stuff in jars. http://www.amazon.com/Ball-Wide-Mouth-Plastic-Storage-8-Count/dp/B000SSN3L2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1366123840&sr=8-1&keywords=ball+wide+mouth+bpa+free+lids

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Originally Posted by escher View Post

AFM: Any favorite nausea suggestions/remedies/cures/foods/etc. you want to suggest? We're still searching for something that works for my wife.....


I also used seabands, cocculine (homeopathic for motion sickness) and sometimes even just sipping water regularly helped. Mostly just time spent riding it out.



Afm: I arrived back home yesterday morning and managed to stay awake until 7pm! Then I crashed hard and slept for 13 hours (minus the many bathroom wake ups). It's really nice to be home :) Now I have to prepare for a surprise birthday party for my DP on Saturday....I'm a glutton for punishment lol I'm feeling mostly better but still have some unwanted episodes of bathroom trips and nausea. My next midwife appointment is next Wednesday. Can't believe I'm 24 weeks tomorrow! I'm starting to get achy hips in the morning and achy legs during the night. I've also had a couple of bouts of heartburn...it started early when I was pregnant with DD but so far I've been lucky with this pregnancy!

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Hi Everyone,

Bigfoot: What's your blog? It sounds like it has great ideas!

Isa: That looks like a fun party. I'm impressed with the fancy high chair!

Splashing: Hooray for being able to birth at home!

Seraf: Look at those sweet giggly boys.

Carmen: I'm glad you're back home. Good luck with the party!

Thanks, everyone, for the nausea suggestions!
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seraf.  now that is the type of story that gives me hope.  I think doctors and other people really try to panic people who had c-sections about their next births so it's always good and grounding to remember how different labors can be for the same birth parent 


isa. . such wonderful pictures, glad it turned out so well


Carmen. . glad you are home safe and sound.  


knitting tigers. . how are you feeling?  you are going to set a record for cooking those twins.  


AFU.  no real news, DH and I are going away for the weekend to try to spend a little time together before #2 arrives.  Two nights will be the longest I have ever been away from DS but I am excited to sleep and reconnect as a couple.  Though you will notice I put sleep first! 

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Cordelia: Ah, sleep.... I hope you have a great trip!

People with two or more more kids: How does it work? How it is possible to love a second child as much as your first? How do you possibly have enough time for everyone?
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