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sandiego -so sorry that nothing was found on the ultrasound.  wishing you strength in going through this.


to all those who spoke on time flying by -this pregnancy seem so distant compared to the pregnancy with DD.  Life is so busy now, working, cooking, cleaning, running a household, parenting, etc.  This has been the quickest 19 weeks!


AFM -2 weeks ago DD came down with a sinus infection on a Monday.  By that Friday, I had gotten it.  I had been medicating myself with over the counter meds, Robitessin DM, Mucinex DM, round the clock.  Nothing helped and I felt MISERABLE.  After a week, I called my family doctor, who basically said to try sudafed and !Zyrtec D!  I went to the Kroger's The Little Clinic, but they do accept pregnant women as patients in their current policy.  I was so frustrated.  I hated pumping all that medication to my baby and it not helping one bit.  I was not getting any sleep, work was miserable, DSp was coming home early and losing hours and $$ every night to cook dinner.  I emailed my midwife and she said you need to COME IN!  I was so relieved.  Even though that morning I was on the tail end of it ( I got a lot of junk out that morning) I went in anyway.  She perscribed me an antibiotic, thank goodness!  I am glad I went in anyways because it all moved to my chest area.  I am slowly getting better!


Have another appointment tomorrow for our big ultrasound!  Can't wait to find out the sex!


That's all for now..

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thanks so much everyone, really appreciate it...we'll be ok and keep on...we're going to do deeper testing with the best specialists in the city once this passes, as we're now classified as recurrent miscarriage...we have great doctors who are going to help us with our next plan, we are not giving up.

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granite--yes, sad that we won't see her face for a while. this friday is the last ultrasound! but then june is just around the corner....joy.gifi'm literally bursting with love for this little one!

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A drive by post to let everyone know that we are finally going home (to the island!!) tomorrow. Our boys were discharged yesterday and we survived our first full day. Here they are!

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Drive-by from me as well to say I am so sorry, SanDiego.  I have been following you and your partner's story for a while, and I have my fingers crossed that it will be your time very soon.  If nothing else, I am sure it is good to know and to move forward, especially now that you will get some extra input from the doctors.  Good luck.


And holy moly, what cute babies, lise!  Glad you are all going home.  Enjoy.


We are going to see the little one tonight, nursery is all done, and baby shower is next weekend.  So I'm sure I'll be back with some better updates soon.  :)

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Cute photos, bigfoot smile.gif


baby.fatty: Yikes, sounds like you had a bit of an ordeal yourself! Good to hear everything is going well!


granite: That's awesome your union is going to go to bat for you. I wonder if your employee will actually bend over backwards to accommodate you because they'll be afraid of screwing up! 


cordelia: I would be a freaking basket case if I'd had 2 episodes of bleeding. It sounds like you're doing amazingly well given the circumstances! I'm not prone to worrying in general either but parenting and pregnancy have changed that somewhat! Glad you are getting lots of self care in.


escher: Is your DP vegan? If not, yogurt is good. Quinoa with yogurt is even better! I did smoothies every morning with pure hemp protein powder (no soy or other crap in it). Almond butter on apple slices, unsalted almonds - I had a handful of these every day.


esenbee, enjoy your ultrasound!


lise: adorable photo :)



Afm: Midwife appointment this afternoon went well. I'm measuring "fine" and heart rate was 140. I made my next 2 appointments which was weird because I'll be 30 and 33 weeks for them! That seems so impossible to me! I've decided to do the GD test this pregnancy (declined it with DD). I was surprised to hear that they only do the 3 hour test and don't bother with the first one because of all the false positives. I'm not sure when I'll do it - likely the week after next. I have a final exam and presentation next week for the training I've been doing since Feb. - it will be so nice to  be past that! DD is sick again and I'm sick again. Not fun.

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Originally Posted by escher View Post

AFM: My wife definitely feels better when we feed her protein very regularly, but it is hard right now to find foods with substantial protein content that she is willing to eat, and it is hard to actually make sure she eats them every two hours or so. Any favorite protein-rich vegetarian foods?


Tell me about it! The food aversions have been the hardest part of eating protein rich foods. Eggs and tofu often still make DW gag. It's rough. Some ovo-lacto veg protein foods we do: cottage cheese (I can't convince DW cottage cheese on toast is edible but I love it), cheese sticks, baked tofu, edamame, crustless mini quiches, greek yogurt, Toby's tofu pate (if you can't get this stuff I have a couple recipes for tofu spreads if you are interested - one is pesto and one is thai peanut), Tofurky slices with cheese, hard boiled eggs, deviled eggs, a spoonful of nut butter, apples with cheese or nut butters, kefir, smoothies made with greek yogurt and protein powder (hemp from Trader Joe's is a good deal) and sometimes even nut butter.

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Sorry, Escher, I forgot the protein question. My fist pregnancy I had a thing for spicy food and I couldn't eat food that I smelled cooking. Ethiopian food and bean burritos were my faves. With my last two pregnancies I kept a tub of trail mix (walnuts, pecans, peanuts, Os, raisins, cranberries and chocolate chips. I put nut butters in my smoothies and on bread and apples and oats. I easily went through a dozen eggs and a pound of peanut butter by myself in a week. Salsa made eggs and burritos more palatable. Humus and bean dip go down easy and don't stink. Falafel and veggie burgers are tasty and can be eaten in a couple of bites.
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Cue creepy looking 3D ultrasound pictures of the baby boy.




I think everyone has touched on the good sources of protein; I make DW scrambled eggs every single morning.  (And even though I am not pregnant, I bring a hard-cooked egg to work everyday, as it is the perfect portable snack that even comes with its own container.)  Greek yogurt, quinoa, lentils and other legumes.  (A quinoa/Greek yogurt/fruit/nut parfait is delicious and packs a protein punch.)  And it's important to remember that every plant-based food will have some protein, so as long as someone is eating a balanced diet, she should get enough protein.  Some plants (like legumes) are better than others, and of course, animal product may be the best form of protein, but vegetarians and vegans can get plenty.  I personally try to limit soy, but we also eat meat and fish; if we were vegetarians I might rely on it more.

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Easttowest: That's a cute fetus that you have! I agree that plant-based foods have plenty of protein in general, but during both my pregnancy (with our son) and my wife's current pregnancy, eating more protein than normal made/makes a huge difference in reducing nausea. Thanks for the suggestions!

Seraf: I wonder if my wife would eat Ethiopian food. She does like bean burritos. She thinks hummus totally stinks, though--she won't even let our son eat it because she feels like she can't fully get rid of the smell when he is done eating. Falafel is a good suggestion too. Thanks!

Bigfoot: Thanks for all these ideas. I'll have to see if she is willing to eat cottage cheese. Do you make your mini crustless quiches or buy them? My wife is unfortunately not willing to eat greek yogurt or tofu at the moment. I should offer kefir again and see if that works. Thanks!

Carmen: I'm glad that everything is going well. It's amazing that your next appointment will be at 30 weeks! I'm sorry that you and your DD are sick. I hope you both feel better soon!

Lisedea: Your babies are adorable. Hooray for going home!

Esenbee: I'm sorry that you've been sick. I hope you continue to get all better! Are you having the boy you were hoping for?

Our first midwife appointment is one week from today. I'm still feeling nervous about planning a homebirth after our last experience. I need to work on figuring out what information to ask for to help me feel more secure with this plan.
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East, cute. I do love the little face pictures they do now.

Escher, I couldn't eat tofu, yogurt or sesame (the main difference between hummus and falafel) during my first trimester of my first pregnancy. They all smelled so bad to me. Granola and milk is pretty protein-y and very comfort food-y. During my last pregnancy, I actually mixed powdered milk into my regular milk. Lol, peanut m&ms? I have tons of red lentil recipes if she likes those. They're my favorite fast food.
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For me, it's all almonds, all the time... No, I really do try to mix it up, but almonds are my top pick. I buy them in giant bags at the local wholesale, and then keep a baggie of them on me at all times. I barely like them anymore, it's just easy and bland protein. I also grind them up (got a spare coffee grinder from the thrift shop) and use them in place of part of the flour in my baking, which works well for lots of other nuts too. I'm usually a huge eater of legumes, but am only just now barely able to tolerate them again; the problem isn't so much the beans themselves as the smell of them cooking (and they need to be cooked, as we buy them dried, also in giant bags from the wholesale... I know, it would make more sense to simply buy a few cans of ready-to-eat legumes, for just while I've got this temporary aversion! But I haven't done it yet.).

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Alright, just checking in after the ultrasound. ... we are having the boy we hoped for PLUS another boy! !! Yep, TWINS!
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joy.gif omg esenbee, it is too funny that our due dates are exactly 2 weeks apart and we're both having two boys. what the hell! joy.gif

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Esenbee, Yay!!! Double fun!

Still on the topic of protein, I forgot about how much I loved lentil sprouts on tomato/mayo sandwhiches.
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I ate greek yogurt for protein, but really my first trimester was much lacking in nutrition. I felt too nauseous. 


4 days to my due date now.  I went into labour with my daughter on this day (39w3d) today - so I am hopeful.

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Congrats, esenbee!  It's a boy party around these parts (though I do not mean to leave out those having girls; I know there are a few, and you're invited to the party, too).  


Good luck, Splashing!  So exciting.

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Originally Posted by esenbee2 View Post

Alright, just checking in after the ultrasound. ... we are having the boy we hoped for PLUS another boy! !! Yep, TWINS!

HOLY CRAP!!! Congrats!!! Amazing, just amazing!!!


(and for the record, my DP is insisting that I'm pregnant with a girl based on her mother's visit to a psychic (!!!), but I'm thinking there's a boy in there cuz I simply have always thought I'd have a couple sons... Of course, we may both be right, if the baby ends up anywhere near as genderqueer as zir NGP, LOL...)

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Congratulations s&b!  That's crazy!  I assume this was your first ultrasound if you didn't know you were having twins.  What a surprise!  Refresh my memory, did you take any medications to get pregnant?  I hope they were totally healthy too.  It is a big ol' boy party around here!  Two sets of twins, two sets of triplets plus all the singletons.  The tide will probably turn at some point and we'll have a big batch of girls.


SplashingPuddle--Sending lovely labor vibes your way!  Take it easy till the show gets on the road.


easttowest-Cute pictures!  I especially like the one where he has his finger in his mouth.

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Crashing to congratulate S&B!
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