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Escher-- About the protein, I am vegetarian (and mostly vegan--I do eat farm-fresh eggs, though). Tofu is a good source of protein but not something that one should have regularly. Tofu and other processed soy foods (like fake meats made from tofu) are so processed that if you eat them too often, they can actually block your body from absorbing minerals from foods. So be wary of that! Tempeh is a type of soy that is not processed that much, and so is a much healthier alternative to tofu. Edamame, as well. Other important sources of protein are nuts (cashews and almonds are super good for you), quinoa, hemp seeds (I get a granola mix with hemp seeds and pumpkin seeds to get that extra protein), peanut butter is good when one wants a sweet treat.

Actually--a favorite healthy snack lately while I'm trying not to have sugary junk food is: you take a whole wheat tortilla and spread peanut butter in it (i've even used smart balance's coconut peanut butter, mmm), then put granola in it, cut up a banana and layer that next, then add raisins, coconut, whatever, and a little bit of honey. You can microwave it for 30 seconds to get it a little melty, too. Super delicious.

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Esenbee - HOLY MOLY!! Congratulations!!! So glad to have more people to share this crazy ride with.

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E2W - what cute face shots! Well, you are right that all of those 3D ultrasounds are a little creepy but it must be nice to see that cute little face.


Escher - I make the quiches at home and will message you the recipes in case you want to make some. Too bad you aren't nearby, as I have about 5 dozen eggs right now. Our chickens have kicked into high gear and DW is still having a hard time eating them. 


SplashingPuddle - how exciting to be so close!!


Granite - LOL @ the mother-in-law's psychic visit. My father-in-law dreamed we were having twin boys before we announced our pregnancy, so don't doubt her too much.


AFU - DW passed the GD 3 hour test with flying colors! All 4 of the blood tests were in the normal range. To celebrate, we are eating nanaimo bars (speaking of healthy eating).

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Quick post to say hugs to San Diego

And whoa Esenbee... Was this the first u/s ? Are you guys floored?

We really are raining baby boys over here !!! Crazy smile.gif

Post more later it's feeding time ( wait its always feeding time with triplets lol)
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Congrats, esenbee!! You will have your hands full of the boy(s) you wanted smile.gif


I agree with Coco about eating too many soy products. DP and DD are vegetarian (and I was until pregnant with DD) and we try and limit soy to once or twice a week. We do tempeh and try and buy organic soy products whenever possible as well.


Yay for passing the GD test, bigfoot! I hope I do as well.

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Drive by to say that the twins are here! Theron River and Jane Sofia were born Saturday morning after 12 hours of intense labor (throughout which I avoided a section and was able to push them both out vaginally!). T was 6 lb 4 oz and J was 5.11. We are exhausted but in love! Pics soon.

Hugs and good thoughts to everyone else here.
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congrats essenbe. . did you have any idea?? 


knitting tigers. . congrats again!   


anyone have any rec'd for breast pumps. . my insurance covers one so I am going to get a new one since my old one has lived through a few lifetime as i took it from my sister before. . I will mostly be BFing straight from the tap if all goes well again but want to have it for backup. .. they have a lot of choices  (I think this should link there if you happen to be bored )  http://www.aetna.com/individuals-families-health-insurance/healthier-living/womens-health/breastfeeding.html?Ann=T  or just send me your favorites and I will see if they have it. . 



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cordelia, this is really interesting for me as i also have aetna (but haven't thought this far ahead). thanks for that link! 

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Originally Posted by mrsandmrs View Post

cordelia, this is really interesting for me as i also have aetna (but haven't thought this far ahead). thanks for that link! 


I know I am pathetically excited. . they said it was covered 100% just to do it within 60 days of birth (apparently either way).  I think when you have twins they might even have to offer you hospital grade rentals if you prefer but I don't know about that, that is just rumor, not from anything they told me on the phone.  

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Congratulations, Knitting!!  I am sure you two (three? five?) are over the moon.  Can't wait for pictures, but enjoy the time it's just you for now.  :)  I am thoroughly impressed that you got the vaginal birth you wanted; so happy for you.

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Quick drop in--Congrats to knitting! I love their names!

Esenbee--OMG! What great news! smile.gif

And Cordelia--I've had an ameda purely yours and a medela whatever the one they sell at target is. The Medela is better, but for a week there I had a hospital grade ameda, and if they cover the cost of that I would absolutely say to go for it. It's bulkier, but it works MUCH faster.
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I've had a weird couple of weeks but I wanted to drop in and say Hi, Everyone! wave.gif


Carmen - So sorry to hear you got sick on your trip. Noro is the worst! 


Cordelia - Glad you had a nice trip away with DP. Also, I was posting on another thread about product recommendations including breast pumps, and another mom shared the following links: try here and here.


Granite - Wow, your story of telling your friend about your pregnancy is intense. I think throughout this whole process and getting to know people on QC has helped me realize that we never truly know what is going on in other people's lives, or why. It certainly gives me a lot to think about. Glad to hear things are looking good at work so far. 


Cananny - The boys are so beautiful. Glad to hear Gage is gaining weight. Sending you all my best. 


Sotohana - The first trimester is so hard, and I think for those of us with any history of anxiety or depression, it can just get amplified at this time. Big hugs for you and a reminder, in solidarity, to lean on your support networks.


SanDiego - grouphug.gif. I'm pulling for you guys so much. 

Lisedea - Congrats! They are so precious!
East2West - I usually get pretty creeped out by the 3d u/s pictures but I have to say, that one with baby's finger in their mouth is really adorable.
Esenbee - Holy crap, twins! Congratulations! We are seriously on a male-trend around here lately. Did you have any idea you might be having twins? 
Bigfoot & M&M  - Oh, what a relief to pass the 3 hour GD test, so happy for you! 
Knitting! Congratulations! Wonderful names, can't wait to hear more and see some pics. So many newborns around here!
Afm, DW will be home in a few hours, wrapping up week 2 of three weeks in a row where either DW or I travelling for work and we only get to see each other on the weekends. Sigh... I can't wait for this little adventure to be over. Entering week 17 and really wanting to join the "i'm feeling movements" club. But I'm just not there yet, oh well. Heard the heartbeat again on Tuesday night and all sounded good, passed my spina bifida blood test, and scheduled my anatomy scan for week 20. My appetite is mostly back but I do still have this weird gagging-cough for the first few minutes after getting out of bed each morning. Once I eat something it goes away.
Have a great weekend! 
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For those who asked, this was our first ultrasound, so BIG surprise! I had thought it might be more than one, just a feeling, and looked it up quite a lot to see if there were any "signs" but I kind of attributed it to just being hopeful. DSp and I talked about it a lot. Since we didn't do any fertility medication and did the insem just me and the spermies, we didn't think it was possible for us, so we are beyond shocked and super thrilled, but also quite freaking out with how much more preparing we have to do! And NAMES! We only have 140 days or so left and only had 1 boy name prepared...
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Esenbee! Wow that is so awesome! It's hard to imagine not having an ultrasound before 20 weeks, but I hear plenty of women choose to do just that with some never getting any ultrasounds. Can you imagine how much fun that would be to be surprised by twins at the birth?! I can especially see why it would make sense though for you not to feel the pressure to have an ultrasound before 17 weeks because it sounds like you used a less medicalized approach to pregnancy in general. That is just so cool. I'm really happy for your family!


Sphinxy- I hear you on missing your wife. My wife travels for work every week from Tuesday through Friday and man it is tough. Sorry you aren't feeling movements yet, but I bet you start to feel movements soon and then that they come on very strong and constantly! Also, happy for you about passing the spina bifida test. Your 20 week is soooo close! Are you going to find out the sex?


Cordelia- I'd just heard about breast pumps being covered by some insurances as well. I think that is so cool! I'm happy for you that you are going to be able to cut out that cost! Every penny helps.


Knitting!!! Congratulations! That is sooo awesome that you were able to carry them both so long AND push them both out vaginally. The other day my friend was telling me about how she gave birth to her son while on all fours, her wife caught the baby, she reached down through her legs and grabbed him, stood up and walked to her bed. I exclaimed, "you are an Amazon woman" to which she replied, "no, I'm just a woman." How powerful a statement. We women are so much stronger than we think. You are proof of that for me!


To those I missed- I'm thinking of you and hope your pregnancies are going well and that everything is happy and healthy for you these days.


AFU- Thank you so much to everyone who gave me words of encouragement with my depression. I did end up going to see the Psych NP yesterday and she was super nice and extremely thorough. She said that she thinks that from what I've described, my symptoms are normal for the first trimester. She does believe that I may be at a higher risk for PPD, so she and I are going to chat about that in a future session. She isn't going to add any additional medications for me or switch the one I'm on and she thinks that we can test out taking me off the pills all together. I said that I'd rather test that out in the second trimester, so I think that's what we'll do in a few weeks here. Again, thank you so much for all your support. It helps me a lot to know that I can reach out to this group of women who've BTDT or are doing it currently. It just helps me feel that much more sane. I love this group! In other good news, we had our second ultrasound yesterday and everything looked great! Baby was moving a ton and was soooo big! It's measuring perfectly and the heartbeat is very strong too. The midwife said that the chance of miscarriage drops dramatically from here as the size of the baby and the movement and heartbeat all indicate that its developing normally. Phew! That was a BIG relief. We got the cutest pictures and video too :)

This weekend I'm up in Seattle visiting my BFF and enjoying a relaxing weekend filled with eating and resting and eating some more! Love it! 

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Hi Everyone,

Esenbee: What an exciting surprise! Congratulations!

Seraf: I think my wife would probably love peanut m&ms right now, but I'm reluctant to recommend them as a regular source of protein. Do I already have your favorite red lentil recipes? Lentils are such a great food: fast, cheap, can be tasty. I've never made lentil sprouts, but they sound good.

Granite: I eat a lot of almonds too. We've been buying a lot more canned beans lately because cooking dried ones just isn't happening. There is one brand that I know of (Eden Organic, I don't know if they are available in Canada) that don't have BPA in their can lining, so we get those.

Splashing: Good luck with your last few days of waiting!

Cocobird: Lots of great suggestions. We've been veggie for years (more than 30 for me, more than 20 for my wife), so we're used to dealing with veggie protein. But pregnancy food aversions definitely make it harder!

Bigfoot: Hooray for a successful GD test! I bet that is a relief. I'm looking forward to trying your quiche recipes.

Knitting: Congratulations! Hooray for Theron River and Jane Sofia!

Cordelia: I've been happy with my Ameda Purely Yours. I've heard good things about Hygeia too. I don't like Medela because they aren't WHO compliant.

Sphinxy: I can't believe that you're 16 weeks already! It feels to me like your pregnancy is going quickly, but I know it may be different when you're actually living it.

Sotohana: I'm glad that the Psych NP was helpful. Hooray for another great ultrasound!

AFU: 10 weeks now--can it possibly be that we're (sort of, if you follow the funny pregnancy counting) a quarter of the way through this pregnancy? We need to get some maternity clothes for my wife. Any suggestions on where to get non-girly maternity clothes for someone tall?
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Sphinxy, yay for good test results.

Soto, yay for a good ultrasound.

Escher, yay for m&ms. It's only a few weeks. You do have most of my favorites. Thai red lentil chili and mesir wat are my current spicy favorites. I thought the chili was too hot for the kids, but Soren ate all my sweet potatoes out of it, so it must not have been too bad.
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Sotohana - Wow, I am amazed that you and DW do this distance every week. That IS hard! Glad you are getting good time with a friend!

Escher - Well, I'm glad it is going quickly for someone, haha! I know what you mean though, watching the tickers of the people who I saw announce their BFPs, like pokey and bigfoot & mrs&mrs always seems like they are going so fast to me, even though mine is moving at the same pace just earlier. Oh! And I have a red lentils recipe for you, too! I'm on my phone so the link might look kinda long and ugly, but here you go. When tomatoes are not in season I substitute a 15oz can of diced tomatoes for the fresh.

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Sphinxy, those look good, too. I've been posting from my phone for months now. The B button bolds highlighted text. The second button embeds a link at highlighted text. The third button allows you to post pictures from your phone or a website. Other than those, I use video tags to post videos using the YouTube link. It's easier than turning on the computer.
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Originally Posted by escher View Post

Granite: I eat a lot of almonds too. We've been buying a lot more canned beans lately because cooking dried ones just isn't happening. There is one brand that I know of (Eden Organic, I don't know if they are available in Canada) that don't have BPA in their can lining, so we get those.

AFU: 10 weeks now--can it possibly be that we're (sort of, if you follow the funny pregnancy counting) a quarter of the way through this pregnancy? We need to get some maternity clothes for my wife. Any suggestions on where to get non-girly maternity clothes for someone tall?


Yep, we have Eden Organic in most of our grocery stores. I didn't know they were the only ones that don't have BPA in lining though! I wonder if the other organic brands do....?


Congrats on 10 weeks :) How tall? I'm just over 5'9" and I do fine at motherhood maternity or old navy for basics - jeans, dress pants, button up tailored shirts, t-shirts. Or try thrift stores too.


Afm: I can not wait for this week to be over. I'm so tired and after a long day at training yesterday I had to come home and study for a couple of hours before crawling into bed and literally falling asleep in minutes. DD fell out of our bed last night for the first time in her life - we don't have our own platform (low) kind sized bed at the new house yesterday...we're using a higher queen sized. Figures she waited until she was a bit higher to roll out ;) DP wasn't in bed yet so she didn't have a buffer on each side. Poor thing was a bit shocked I think. Not hurt though.


My legs are so achy/crampy in the evenings. The same thing happened with my pregnancy with DD - it's not very fun. Any suggestions besides cal/mag? 

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Carmen--are you getting enough water? I also have heard that potassium (which to me just means bananas) helps with cramping, but when I have issues it's usually because I'd dehydrated. Also, Eden Organics is getting a lot of press lately because their owner is taking a public stand against insurance covering birth control.

I'm loving all the recipes! I never know what to do with lentils, so it's great to get some new ideas!

AFM--things are exhausting. Edie has decided to wake up every night at 3:30 again--for a while she was sleeping until 6 but now she's teething again and we're up again. What makes it worse is that I've developed post-nursing insomnia--does anyone else have this problem? After she's done she goes to sleep perfectly fine, and I lie awake for at least an hour. It's killing me. Any suggestions?
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