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Originally Posted by prettyisa View Post

Carmen--are you getting enough water? I also have heard that potassium (which to me just means bananas) helps with cramping, but when I have issues it's usually because I'd dehydrated. Also, Eden Organics is getting a lot of press lately because their owner is taking a public stand against insurance covering birth control.

I'm loving all the recipes! I never know what to do with lentils, so it's great to get some new ideas!

AFM--things are exhausting. Edie has decided to wake up every night at 3:30 again--for a while she was sleeping until 6 but now she's teething again and we're up again. What makes it worse is that I've developed post-nursing insomnia--does anyone else have this problem? After she's done she goes to sleep perfectly fine, and I lie awake for at least an hour. It's killing me. Any suggestions?

I think I'm getting enough but I can always try more. Thanks for the tip. I forgot about potassium....will try a banana a day and see how that goes.


Have you tried skullcap tincture for insomnia? Works wonders....

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escher, re: gender-neutral maternity clothes - what about yoga pants? It seems hard to find mens' yoga pants with the wide, flat waist, but I think Verve Hanuman makes a couple styles that might work...


Carmen, poor little DD! I'm glad she's okay. Do you have carpet or a rug on your bedroom floor?

As for the leg cramps; my Magic Wand gets a lot more use massaging ankles and knees these days, than it ever did as a "toy"! ;) They are a bit pricey, but worth it. Or you could try any other vibrator that's plug-in (battery-operated won't be strong enough) and has a tennis-ball-shaped head...

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Isa: I'm sorry you're having some insomnia. I don't have any advice, but I hope you find something that works. Thanks for pointing out the Eden birth control issue. I had somehow missed that, but googling just now I see it is all over the news. I unfortunately can't find any other brand of organic unsalted canned beans that are in BPA-free cans, but I'll try to buy more of our prepared beans frozen (we like the Stahlbush brand for that). Obviously the real solution is just to cook my own beans.....

Carmen: From the bit of research I've done, it seems like almost all organic canned beans contain BPA in their can linings. Eden is a notable exception. I hear Trader Joe's has BPA-free cans for their beans, but I don't know since I don't shop there often. Amy's has BPA-free cans of refried beans. My wife is 5'11", but if Motherhood Maternity or Old Navy worked for you I think there is hope they would work for her too. I would prefer a thrift store, but we haven't yet had luck finding tall maternity clothes there.

Glasses: Men's yoga pants are a good suggestion. Thanks!

Sphinxy: Yum! Thanks for the recipe!

Seraf: Those lentil dishes look great. Thank you!
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I have also been oblivious about Eden Organics.  We buy their beans in summer, but use dried beans in the winter when we have a wood stove going anyways.


For insomnia, I am finding hypnobabies scripts helpful -in additional to the ones about birthing, they also have ones for sleep.


My due date has come and gone =(  

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I was thinking Muir Glen was also BPA free cans, but then I googled it and it is only tomato products. There are actually a handful of companies who have switched but only specific products, apparently. I am happy to see Trader Joe's have some of their products in BPA-free cans. Hurray.


I am re-learning how to crochet, wish me luck! We are ready to start some baby projects. DW is knitting a sweater and I am trying to make some booties. We also met our new OB and are excited about the switch. We will just plan to birth at the better hospital that is 30 minutes away but has a level 3 NICU. We were rather shocked to learn that not only can we see the midwives for many of our appointments but we may even have a midwife assisted birth in conjunction with an OB at the hospital, which is pretty exciting. And we don't have to deliver in the OR!! We seriously didn't think the practice we were going to before would even notice we left, but apparently they do as they called us early this morning and left a message. Interesting that their approach to keeping patients is similar to their approach to medical care - wait until after a problem has developed. Hah.

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prettyisa- Just wanted to share some information about sleep stuff that I have learned over the years. There are herbs that I have found particularly helpful, such as passionflower, skullcap, and linden. I do not know how safe these are during pregnancy/breastfeeding, so I have been avoiding them due to my lack of knowledge there. I will say, that if people suggest valerian to you, I would be wary of that. Valerian can be very effective, but you can become dependent on it and it can cause or worsen insomnia. I have been focusing on other ways to help me get sleep. There are foods that promote your body to make natural melatonin: bananas and oatmeal are good. Rice and chickpeas also.
Carbohydrates can help with sleep because it stimulates release of insulin which helps make way for you to produce l-tryptophan by clearing out other amino acids that compete with it.

Also, tart cherry juice: 8 oz about 90 minutes before sleep is supposed to do the trick, it's also good for pain. Some people say drink it twice a day. Just learned of this one recently. http://missolive.hubpages.com/hub/Benefits-of-Tart-Cherry-Juice-Hype-or-Fact

Kale and leafy greens have a lot of calcium, and if you are low in calcium that could affect your sleep.

Tryptophan is in seaweed, spirulina, spinach, cashews...tryptophan takes about an hour to reach your brain from foods, so these would be good to have an hour or so before bedtime.

Foods to avoid: Obviously avoiding caffeine can make a difference. Avoid heavy meals less than three hours prior to bed. Spicy foods. Tomatoes.

Chamomile is a safe herb during pregnancy as well. For me it helps more with being calm than with sleep, but for some it can really help with sleep. High protein meals without carbohydrates can also impeded sleep.
It also may help to make sure you don't have electronics on near your bed while you are sleeping, and not to have technology be the last thing you do before you try to sleep. Everyone is different, but I've found that even though i get sleepy when watching shows before bed, I get better sleep if instead I read before bed. Some say don't watch TV or use computer an hour before bedtime...I don't necessarily follow that, but some have found that to be helpful, and that is often suggested by doctors.. Also, sleeping and waking at roughly the same time of day every day is good to help your body get the rhythm of sleep. I'm sure you know some of this already, but I'm just passing on what I can think of right now, as I really do have a lifetime of experience trying to get good sleep with major sleep problems (insomnia, mania, trauma, etc.).

Hope some of this is helpful!

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SplashingPuddle--hope you get to see baby soon!

escher--non-girly maternity clothes: overalls? It is hard to find, I have been dressing more femme lately, but still within my comfort zone. When my wife was pregant she wore baggy pants and band t-shirts. I'm more into wearing maternity jeans or slacks (found some cargo pregnancy pants at second-hand stores that are pretty gender neutral) and maternity stretchy striped t-shirts with a big hoodie.

carmen--as for achy legs, I'd suggest stretching every day. Maybe prenatal yoga? And as for calcium/magnesium, I have taken both as supplements before without noticing much of a difference, but since I started getting leg cramps during pregnancy, I started using "Natural Calm" magnesium supplement. It works wonders. For sleep as well as leg cramps as well as keeping me regular. I don't like to promote specific products, but this one seriously is better than than the pills I have taken. It is a powder that goes into a small cup of hot water. It is easier for your body to absorb and assimilate.

Sotahana--I am not on here often enough to be all caught up with everyone, but I read your last post about depression. Glad that you have someone working with you who is cooperative and listens! I have bipolar disorder and am med-free for 3 years now. I would be happy to talk to you about living med-free if you find you need support with that when you do try to come off of your anti-depressant. I run a med-free support group on facebook as well.

Afm--we had our last ultrasound, and baby is healthy. We are having weekly dopplers with the midwives now to continue to monitor her heart-rate, but they don't seem worried about it. Baby has some sort of heart flap that makes a sort of occasional heart hiccup but apparently it is not a problem 99% of the time and they usually grow out of it. I fell the other day, totally randomly. That was kind of scary. I don't know what happened--I was vacuuming, I side-stepped, and I totally fell over sideways. I hit my ribs on the hearth and my head on the dang fire pokers! Last night I started having some pain in my lower-abdomen, but I talked to the midwives and they said it sounded like I pulled a muscle. Baby is still moving around and I'm not having any concerning symptoms. But that is the third time I fell!! Anyone else have random falls during pregnancy? I guess I need to be more careful, but each time I fell it was a total surprise. Once I was getting the mail, and another time I was stepping down the step into the laundry room. Anything I can do to help avoid falling? It is weird. I never fell randomly like that before. Well, not since I got sober! (five years ago today, actually) :)

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Splashing, Coco and Carmen--thanks for the suggestions! I'll look into them.

Coco--I didn't fall, but I got a lot more clumsy when I was pregnant. Your joints loosen up, and you gravity is off, so balance is more difficult. Congrats on the good scan, huge congrats on 5 years sober and be careful!!

Bigfoot--that's great news! Good luck with the crocheting! Youtube can answer many questions!

Splashing--sending you labor vibes! Come on out, little one!
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Just want to throw it out there, I work for a herbal company, and have been blending herbs for years now, so if anyone is curious about which herbs are good for what I can certainly help, and would probably be able to send some your way as a little sample :) I love helping where I can :)


I dont really know how to throw myself into these big discussions so Im just going to go ahead and introduce myself (again, Ive done it before). Im lindsay. Mom of 4 soon to be 5. I am the NGP this go around and am finding it a little harder than I ever imagined. I am so excited to finally be having a baby with the love of my life though (previous children were from previous relationship but have been blended for years now). As I said I work for a herbal company and will soon be going back to school to pursue my masters. I love to knit, and have been feverishly knitting for this new babe while I have the time!


Our kids are 6,5,4, and 3 years old and our ziggy is due in november :)


So hi all Ill try to interject myself in the conversations to come

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Pretty isa, I struggled with intense post nursing insomnia around 6-12 weeks postpartum. It was miserable, I can't even begin to describe the anxiety it gave me. I felt so destroyed! I did a lot of the sleep hygiene and food things folks mentioned here. I needed something more powerful though, and my ND recommended a supplement called Kavinace, which is a blend of b vitamins and amino acids. This supplement is awesome and saved my life! It's expensive, but I found it worth it. Now I am doing much better and don't need it all the time. But I am comforted by having it by my bed at night. The other thing that helped was acupuncture, which I am a huge fan of. I hope you get some good rest soon!

Hello everyone! I've been following all the exciting pregnancy posts and celebrating every milestone, but haven't posted in awhile to say so. you have all my support and I can't wait to meet those babies.

Bigfoot, I am really interested in your mason jar recipes! (um, that was you, right...?smile.gif

Seraf, I always love your videos and can't believe how big those guys are getting!

AFU, Wylie is 7 months old! He is rolling, sitting up, laughing hysterically, and sampling table foods (though he doesn't seem too impressed by many foods so far). He is a happy guy. Also, he's big! Almost 20 lbs. My partner legally adopted him after months of paperwork and bills we couldn't really afford, we had our hearing last week and it was a success! We had a cool judge who said amazingly thoughtful things, and we are relieved to be done with it!!!
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Hi, poiyt! Great to see you here... I'm really into knitting too: Message me if you're on Ravelry and want to share project pages... Maybe you and your family will be coming down to this year's Fibrations event?


Sorry to hear about your fall, Coco... Scary, indeed! Glad to hear the baby's alright. Like prettyisa said, it's likely just due to changing sense of balance. I'm often working atop 12' ladders and scaffolding for my job, and am already finding I need to reconsider my usual ease at those heights, as I'm not quite as steady as I used to be.


I've been avoiding my usual herbal cures for insomnia, prettyisa, because of pregnancy, but I usually drink a tea mix of chamomile, lavender, valerian root (powdered), hops, and passionflower. Watch out for too much passionflower, though, as it can be very powerful. It's actually my favourite to take when I have bad menstrual cramps... Doesn't relieve them (try red raspberry leaf for that), just knocks me unconscious so I don't feel them! My other insomnia cure is very difficult sudoku puzzles: I love them, and find the really hard ones soothing to my restless mind late at night.


Hurrah for the new OB, bigfoot! Quite a change, and sounds like the best choice. Good luck with the crafting, too... And congrats on mrs2 passing the GD test: That's so great! As for our parents predicting the sexes of our babies... Hmmmm... I'm still not wavering on my male prediction, even though you evidence suggests I should...


Sending you healthy-natura-labour-inducing-waves, Splashing! C'mon, baby! Let's get this show going!


Congrats on the healthy babies and vaginal births, Knitting! It must be crazy over at your place... How's the new big sister adapting?


I hear you, Sphinxy, on wanting to feel movements... Glad to know your SB test result was good.


I said it before, and I'm saying it again: ZOMG, esenbee!!! I can't believe you just found out about your twins!!! And no meds, wow... Do multiples run in your family? So excited for you!


Soto, I'm glad you had such a great u/s... It sounds like it was just what you needed. I still check your blog every once in a while, and am eagerly waiting for you to go public with your pregnancy. No pressure, though! Just looking forward to it.


Regarding beans! My usual routine is to cook a massive crockpot full of whatever dried bean strikes my fancy, eat some right away, and then pack the rest up in jars and pop in the freezer for future use. We usually have at least two kinds in there at once. It's almost as convenient as having canned beans on hand, but without the trash (or worries over BPA/dogma). I'm loving all these lentil recipes, thanks for sharing.


AFM: I wore my heavy duty overalls to work yesterday for what may be the last time, at least unless I can figure out how to leave the sides unbuttoned a little more discreetly... My belly isn't huge or anything yet, but still pushing out the front in such an uncomfortable way! Today I wore maternity jeans, a tshirt that's now too tight, and a hoodie to cover it all up. I really am stoked about my changing pregnant body, and grateful as hell! Just not looking forward to being obviously pregnant while working at construction sites. Luckily, I won't have to deal with it for awhile, if I can stay stealth through the upcoming month... I'm taking next week off to take a trip down to Portland (hi, all you american PNWers! I'll be driving past you!), then have two weeks back on the job before I return to the trades college to do my 3rd level of electrician school for 10 weeks. It'll be like a math and physics immersion summer day camp, and I can wear dresses every day if I want... Soooooo looking forward to it.

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Originally Posted by planet View Post

AFU, Wylie is 7 months old! He is rolling, sitting up, laughing hysterically, and sampling table foods (though he doesn't seem too impressed by many foods so far). He is a happy guy. Also, he's big! Almost 20 lbs. My partner legally adopted him after months of paperwork and bills we couldn't really afford, we had our hearing last week and it was a success! We had a cool judge who said amazingly thoughtful things, and we are relieved to be done with it!!!


Yay, planet! I'm so happy for you all! (And so f*ing sorry that you have to go through the adoption b.s. in the first place, argggggg!)

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Anyone got any housekeeping to do on the first page post? Please let me know!


I've added poiyt in November; please let me know if you'd like to list your new baby's specific EDD.

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Granite - you should contact us if you end up having time to stop in Olympia for tea/coffee or a meal or something!

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Coco - congrats on the final ultrasound! That fall sounded painful - feel better!


Isa - thanks! It is amazing how many things youtube helps with... fixing your sink. Crocheting booties. The ladies in the videos are real characters, too.


Poiyt- welcome back! Ziggy is such an adorable name. Is it the official name or just a nickname? 


Planet - I can't believe how fast Wylie is growing up! And congrats on the adoption! I mean, it is BS we have to do that at all but worthy of a little celebration!


Granite - you are moving right into the glorious second trimester! How awesome to be back in school for a bit. I can't wait to hear about your food cart adventures in PDX. Seriously, send a FB msg if you want a pit stop in the middle. That is such a gorgeous drive down 101. I wish I was taking a road trip. 


AFU - I have started really trying to get rid of stuff and organize it better. Our tiny house gets kind of chaotic, and I would really like to make it run better before the twins arrive. I have recruited a friend to help me paint next week. The projects are kicking into high gear. I turned down the cookbook contract offer, as the contract had some issues and the deadline was just too short and I am very focused on getting ready for the babies now. I didn't want to have a ton of baby stuff in the house at this point, but it is starting to happen and it feels great. We scored an amazing deal on a mountain of prefolds from a diaper service that went out of business. This is really happening!

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Hi y'all- drive by posting to ask a question for a friend of mine who is 17 weeks pregnant. She's been experiencing extreme pain that seems like a UTI, but she's gone to the hospital several times and they haven't seen any infection lately and the medicine they are giving her is not working. This is the fourth time she's had to be on an antibiotic for a UTI during this pregnancy. At this point she's not drinking much because the pain doubles when she actually does have fluid in her bladder. Yesterday she went to the doctor again and he catheterized her even though she told him she was certain there was no urine in her bladder. What do you know- there wasn't any urine. Then he does a vaginal ultrasound (she's never been with a man, so she says it is extremely painful for her) and he sees no sign of infection and then he tells her "maybe you just experience pain differently than other people..." WTF? They tell you to come back if it's getting worse, but then tell you its all in your head when you do?! So, she is thinking maybe it's not a UTI at all, but she is experiencing every UTI symptom- bladder that feels full to the breaking point all the time, only a few drops of pee coming out, if any, when she sits down to pee, excruciating pain at all times... I feel so badly for her. The antibiotics she's taking this time did not make the pain go away in a reasonable amount of time, so that's why she went back to the hospital. 


Do any of you have experience with this or any ideas for what may be going on or what she may be able to try? She has Kaiser insurance, but has been going to the emergency room across the street from her house for these flareups. 


Thank you so much for any ideas you may have. You ladies are so resourceful.

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Is she allowed to take the little red urinary tract pain pills during pregnancy? I think AZO is one brand name and they can be purchased OTC, usually on the same aisle as condoms and pregnancy tests and whatnot. Those could at least help her be able to drink fluids. It sounds like seeing a primary doctor or OB for the issue would be better as at the ER they are looking at just treating the immediate problem vs. the bigger issue. With a regular doctor she could push to try different antibiotics or get a referral to a urologist. Are they culturing her urine? Did she get the results yet? I have had infections that didn't show up on the immediate test but did show up in the 3-day culture.

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Most of my maternity clothes are long sleeve, and it is getting hot!coolshine.gif escher, I thought to post about this because of your post about finding non-girly maternity clothes. I went to Ross and found some plain maternity t-shirts (not too femme, not butch either) and I have some fabric markers and I am going to make a few cool maternity tees! Going to let my 10 yr old decorate one as well. I also went to Hot Topic and found that medium size men's band t-shirts fit me PERFECTLY right now, so I am rocking a Joy Division band t-shirt and a Kurt Cobain tee as well. This with my maternity cargo pants (which I found several at St Vinnie's--second hand) is totally perfect for me. Ross has pretty cheap maternity clothes, too, if you're into the plain t-shirts they are 6 bucks. I got some cheap maternity long shorts there, too. But the Hot Topic band t-shirts I find are super comfortable, fit me well--kinda dykey but not super baggy. asl.gif

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sotahana--that sounds like a more severe version of what I have experienced recently. I think that there is a nerve there that is getting bumped against, maybe between baby and bladder. Occasionally baby moves a certain way down there and I have a sharp pain. It often makes me feel I have to pee, only to have (like you said) a few drops come out. I haven't asked about this yet, was going to bring it up to midwife on Friday, but I suspect there is a nerve there that is sensitive and getting bothered. Something to maybe ask about....

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soto - could it be a tilted uterus? Does she have trouble getting pee out? Does it feel stuck? Do certain positions help? I have a tilted uterus and you can have a period in the pregnancy around 10-16 weeks (maybe more) where the urethra gets blocked by the uterus. What works - set an alarm to pee every couple hours in the night. WHen the uterus grows a bit larger, it will most out of the pelvis and the problem disappers. This is not well known because it is rare - but a simple search of "tilted uterus can't pee" will get you many many messages from moms about the same thing :) I hope this is it becuase its easy to solve. Otherwise- best luck to her. If pee is stuck going on hands and knees and putting your head on the ground and bum in the air helps. I needed to be cathed once.

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