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Escher - the best overall health herb, in my opinion, is moringa. In one serving it has 125% of your daily calcium, 60% magnesium, 22% of vitamin c, all your vitamin a and 71% of iron - amongst other things. it lowers blood pressure, Improves immune function, protects the stomach lining, and boosts energy. There are also studies being done to show that it helps treat cancer symptoms, ulcers, diabetes, and a whole host of other ailments. It truly is a super herb.


I also really like bee pollen. Check out this link here http://foodmatters.tv/articles-1/10-amazing-health-benefits-of-bee-pollen to read more about it. It is a super food! You can combine your daily serving, 1 tablespoon, with anything. I like to put mine in my cereal or on top of yogurt. It has a bit of a bitter taste but is easily hidden by most other foods.

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CocoBird-I'm sorry you have been falling. That does sound unnerving.  I definitely recommend a chiropractor for the rib pain.  Mine has only been very mild, but I had it for a couple days to where it hurt to breathe and I went to the chiropractor and it felt better.  It also helps when I sleep with a pillow under my belly.  My chiro does the Webster Technique which is just for pregnant folks.  I don't know if it's all because of that, but I have had relatively few pains during this pregnancy so far.  I also do prenatal massage and yoga.  Your shower looked great!  I think the special project your friends did was really sweet.  You should totally start a thread on queer maternity wear!  I would but I don't think I would have much to contribute.  I am one of the rare people who likes maternity clothes.  I have a Facebook page on What to Wear to Your Queer Wedding, and I was thinking maybe there should be one for What to Wear for Your Queer Pregnancy. 


Soto-I'm glad you are getting some assistance with your depression.  It is no joke during pregnancy.  It's hard enough being pregnant without having to deal with depression also.  I hope DW is feeling better and that you get some good news on the job.


seraf-Happy Birthday to S2!  It doesn't seem like a whole year has passed.  It probably feels longer to you though.


wishin'-I'm sorry DW is so uncomfortable!  I can only imagine at this point.  I am 6 weeks behind her and gradually getting more uncomfortable and grumpy.  Things will change for all of you soon.  Hang in there!  Hugs to DW.


Miss Whiny-pants--I know what you mean about not complaining but I think it's ok to put on the whiny pants now and then.  You can put on your big girl pants when you are ready.  I'm sorry your training is causing you stress.


planet--Congratulations on getting everything official!  It sounds like a pain but now it's one less thing to worry about. Plus, I believe someone said on here recently that your expenses will be tax deductible. 


escher--Congratulations on the heartbeat!  What joy!  I think the Materniti21 test sounds cool.  Much less invasive than some other options.  My health plan doesn't offer it and I didn't pursue it because the other tests looked good.  We did the blood tests in 1st and 2nd trimester and nuchal scan.  I was 37 when I got pregnant so it seemed like a good idea.  All the results came back great and it was a load off our minds.  If the results had been not good, we would have considered additional testing, but neither one of us was comfortable with the miscarriage risk from CVS or amnio. 


sphinxy--How is the second trimester treating you?  I'm glad your test results have been good so far and I hope your anatomy scan is a-ok!  What kind of testing would you consider after that?  I didn't think there was much they do after 20 weeks. 


bigfoof and mrs-- I'm glad everything is moving along smoothly.  Sorry the cookbook didn't work out but I hope you get to write it another time.  Making room and organizing feel so good.  We're having a garage sale tomorrow to get rid of our excess stuff--finally!  Then we can organize the baby room. 


poiyt--Hello and welcome back!


SplashingPuddle-I hope everything is good with you and babe, in the womb or outside as the case may be.


granite-I hope your sleep is getting better.  Taking a class for a while sounds awesome.  Enjoy! 


Cananny and Lisedea--I'm so glad all your boys are doing well and growing big and strong. 


Hello to anyone I missed!  I hope you're all doing well.  It's so nice to have so many people in the group.


AFM--I haven't posted lately because when I think about it, I get overwhelmed and can't do it and then I get further behind.  I'm reading along and thinking of you all.  I'm 33 weeks now and I can't believe how close I am!  I feel much bigger and I have 7 or so more weeks to grow.  The baby was 55th percentile for size at the last ultrasound so that's good.  Not too big, not too small.  I didn't gain any weight at my last appointment which surprised me, but my dr was fine with it.  It's hard to eat very much so I probably lost some of my own weight while the baby grew.  I had my appt last Friday and the baby's heartrate was slightly fast, 170-180.  The dr was concerned so she sent me for a NST.  The baby was super active and moving all over the place, kicking the sensor.  When he was moving his HR went up.  When he rested for a minute, it would go down, but he hardly rested at all.  They said it seemed fine because they could see how much he was moving, and they asked me to come back on Monday.  Monday he was totally chill and he barely moved at all so we were given the a-ok.  On Friday my blood pressure seemed low, 95 over 55, but my doctor said it was fine.  I may have been a little dehydrated and/or hungry.  I tried to drink some water and eat some cashews between my appt and the NST but I don't know if it made a difference or if this had anything to do with why his HR was so high.  My amniotic fluid was fine and the baby is still head down.  I go back in a couple weeks for Group B Strep test and to make sure he's head down still.  Any tips for proactive Group B Strep preparation? 

This weekend we are having a garage sale to make some space and then we are going to put together the rest of the baby furniture and work on organizing the room.  We had our shower a couple weeks ago and we had a really nice time.  I will post some pictures when I get home.  A few of our friends couldn't make it because they were out of town, but the group we had was great.  We've been really busy with all the preparations.  DW made a calendar of everything we need to do and all our weekends are booked.  I'm looking forward to maternity leave.  I just need to pin down the date and finish training my backup folks.  I haven't missed any work during my pregnancy because I wasn't feeling well so I think I deserve to leave a few days early.  I'm getting gradually more uncomfortable and grumpy.  I sleep pretty well but I still wake up tired and feel foggy often during the day.  I feel like my brain is moving more slowly. 

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pokey--i'm sure prenatal yoga and massage do make a difference! I'm trying to do more prenatal yoga (via youtube) lately. Your queer wedding page sounds cool, I struggled with figuring out what to wear to my own, but we ended up having an absolutely magical wedding. There should totally be a page/thread for What to Wear for Your Queer Pregnancy. :) Maybe I will take some fashion pics and start a thread here, haha. I am just ahead of you pregnancy-wise! 34 weeks :) I do the Group B strep test next week. Talked to the midwife about it today, sounds like no big deal. They have us swab ourselves at the birth center.

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On GBS- you can google lots of herbal treatments. If what you want is to pass the test, douche beforehand with Hibiclens diluted in warm water. Do your research before you take the test- if you're fine with the antibiotics in labor, no worries. If you know that you'll decline them, I highly recommend either refusing the test, or doing the Hibiclens thing ahead of time. Once you have a positive GBS on your chart, the hospital will get very cranky if you decline the abx, and may make it harder for you to leave, want to do extra testing, etc.

FWIW, I'm not saying you should or shouldn't take the ABX if you're positive, just that if you know you'll declIne anyway, it will behoove you to not have a positive result anywhere. Good luck!
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pokey, knitting tigers, UGH. Now that I have read more about the Group B Strep Test, I am not so sure about it! confused.gif Of course I want to do the safest thing for the baby, but what that is is not clear. I feel the same way about vaccines!! Here is a blogpost I found about the strep test: http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/to-strep-b-or-not-to-strep-b-that-is/ and some info here: http://www.givingbirthnaturally.com/group-b-streptococcus.html But I really want to find the most legitimate information. It sounds like something I might want to just refuse. While reading about this, I found some information about the synthetic Vitamin K shot that they give to all newborns that does not sound so great either...gaaaah! And then that gets into the whole vaccine debate...I'm super overwhelmed.

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That second article that I posted is very informative, and they provide a works cited, showing that their information comes from legitimate scientific sources.

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Coco, part of it depends on your care providers. My midwives didn't care if I refused the GBS test, they were willing to watch for symptoms. The OBs I saw said it was hospital policy to give IV antibiotics to any baby who didn't have a negative and mom hadn't had antibiotics in labor. So I tested. On Vit K, our baby who had a vacuum extraction and cord cut before he made it out of the birth canal got it but the other 3 skipped it. We had no issues with their PKUs or S's tongue tie clipping without it.
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Just a thought...

I've noticed a few members posting recently that they are having trouble keeping up with the thread, and I count myself among them. We have a LOT of people on here right now. What do you all think about splitting the Pregnant and Parenting into their own separate threads? People who want to could of course post in both (as some of us still do with the QC thread), but I think it might help group together some of the dialogue into more manageable chunks.
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I think this has been tried before, but I just started a new thread for families who graduate from Q&Pregnant.
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Can I ask how long it took you all to feel your babies move? If you've had multiple pregnancies, I guess I'm only asking about the first, cause I think subsequent pregnancies usually feel movement quicker than firsts...
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12 weeks? Freaky early.
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I wondered a few times when I was around 16 weeks pregnant, but wasn't sure. I think I was closer to 20 weeks when I first felt her moving for sure.

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Originally Posted by Sphinxy View Post

Can I ask how long it took you all to feel your babies move? If you've had multiple pregnancies, I guess I'm only asking about the first, cause I think subsequent pregnancies usually feel movement quicker than firsts...


First pregnancy - movement for sure at 16 weeks. May have felt flutters before then but wasn't sure.

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16 weeks for both of us.

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Originally Posted by Sphinxy View Post

Can I ask how long it took you all to feel your babies move? If you've had multiple pregnancies, I guess I'm only asking about the first, cause I think subsequent pregnancies usually feel movement quicker than firsts...


Are you not feeling movement yet? 

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Hi Everyone,

Sphinxy: With our son it was around 20 weeks when I first felt movement for sure.

Coco: I like nettles too, although I haven't noticed as strong of an impact from them as you have. We did the GBS test because we didn't want to have issues if we transferred to a hospital. Our midwives feel like vitamin K shot isn't needed for everyone newborn, but they strongly recommended that we give it to our son after his very long labor.

Pokey: Wow! 33 weeks! How was your garage sale?

Poiyt: I had never heard of moringa, but it sounds wonderful! Do you take it as a tincture, or drink it as a tea, or something else? I've tried royal jelly but not bee pollen. Why do you think bee pollen is best? Thanks for sharing this information!

Mrsandmrs: It sounds like you had a great experience with MaterniT21. Hopefully we'll have similarly reassuring results!

Hi to everyone else!
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Sara felt movement at 5.5 months. However that translates to weeks. I'm thinking I was closer to 14 weeks now that I think about it.
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re: feeling movement. i felt a first flutter/vibration feeling at 12ish weeks, but then it was several more weeks before i felt them regularly. at this point, i can tell them apart distinctly, they obviously thump, roll, wiggle & kick around, and they respond to certain things pretty consistently - for example, my wife's voice, justin timberlake, nirvana, sugary beverages, and certain positions I lay in to sleep. 



afm - the second trimester is soooo awesome for me. i can't even remember what i was complaining about in that stinky first trimester. i want to have a dozen more babies. i mowed the backyard yesterday! (maybe you have to know how giant and overgrown my backyard is to understand the magnitude of this feat, but use your imagination). we had a bee swarm who decided to make themselves a new home in one of our dead hives over the weekend. it was beautiful to see. (plus, free bees!) lately the fetii have been thumping around a lot. we have a fancy ultrasound tomorrow to follow up on some stuff from our last US. i am excited to see them, know everything is going well and admire their handsome profiles again. all in all, my weekend was so relaxing and productive. i can't believe it's MONDAY. disappointed.gif

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Thanks everyone for your responses about baby movement. I'm closing in on the end of week 18 and I don't feel anything really. There were a couple times last week when I kinda thought I might be feeling something, but since it's gone away I'm either thinking it was other bodily sensations, or, in my low moments, fearing something is wrong. Two weeks from today will be my anatomy scan, so I'm trying to just remind myself that every pregnancy is different and that everything is probably OK. Some moments it is easier to remember that than others, though.

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Sphinxy--Do try not to worry. It really is not abnormal to not feel movements yet. Like I said, I was about 20 weeks when I felt movement for sure. I remember being a little worried, definitely anxious to feel baby moving around...it will happen, and then it will happen more and more, and then it will become a regular part of your life. It is wonderful. There is a broad range of when women feel first movements--from 13-25 weeks! I have read that a lot of first time moms feel movements between 18-20 weeks. So think positive thoughts, it will happen soon. smile.gif When it does, tell us about it! It's so exciting.

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