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Tiger, stay inside babies! Are you done working?

Isa I'm sorry about your losses. I would just give milk on cereal like you're doing. Whenever you drink milk. I don't know about the transition from bottles to cups at daycare. I don't think mixing it with anything will make it more digestible. Of course, I could be wrong. We just pulled S back off dairy for a red rump.

Pokey, YAY!

East, if your partner is nursing it will probably be hard to plan them so close together. With exclusive nursing its rare to get AF back before 6 months, I think. I want to say 8 - 14 in my house and then still irregular for a while.

Sphinxy, try to let it roll off your back, family disagreements get so much worse once the kid arrives.

No matter what S wears, people call him a girl. I guess his hair is kind of long, but it's not even touching his collar.

Also, who invented toddler clothes? I think my boys are naturalists.why don't they make, like, spray on clothes in natural fibers?
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Originally Posted by Sphinxy View Post

knitting - wait... Ocean... Are you the one who drew waves on the TSBC tanks? If so, I got one of yours for one of my insems!

Aaahhhh!!!!!! The Ocean tanks live on!! Yes, that was me! Omg, I'm so excited right now. We did most of our insems at the RE this time around, so we never saw the tanks. The wave tanks are from my six tries in summer/fall 2007!!! Depending on which version you got (spray paint stencil vs drawing), I may or may not have a matching tattoo.

You seriously just made my night.
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I'm smiling here thinking about Ocean tanks - that is so cool. We insem at our clinic so don't get to see tanks of any kind. It bring me much joy to think of the web of tanks moving from our houses and clinics and back again :) Cool idea knitting.


pokey - SO fantastic! Phew!!! That must feel great!


seraf - s is super cute. I love his curls :)


escher - in Ontario all midwives have hospital privileges. All of them are trained and certified by one college of midwives so they all follow the same policies and standards of care. AND - they are all free. Paid for by our health care system. So we don't have home MWs and hospital MWs. they are all both. and homebirth is supported by our Drs, health care system - and paid for too.


Midwives have set protocols for when to transfer care (to OB). But even if you get transfered to an OB (say have a c-section, scheduled or emergency) they will stay with you as your support throughout the birth, and take over the care of the baby and mother right away (unless there is futher need for transfer of care). So - in my wife's case the baby was born c-section but our DDs care was with our midwives immediately. The OB performed the section but both our midwives were in the room for the birth supporting us. Once my wife was in recovering, she was in the care of our midwives. We never saw the OB again (though we had an option to) after the operation. MWs did all the newborn checks and helped us latch and cared for us from then on.


The con is that there are rules that midwives have to obey that you might not want to (breech birth must be in hospital and csection I believe. Multiples must be in hospital, but with MW care. Vbacs have to be in a hospital but with MW care, etc...


I hope you get all the information you need and that the waiting list clears so that you have all your options open :) if not, come live with us ;) I think we should all have access to free awesome care. and long parental paid leave too.


carmen - yippee for a great scan!!! how was DD? was she with you?


isa - I'm lactose intolerant but sage seems to tolerate it well. We don't give her milk because she BFs enough, but she does have yogurt, etc. Is e almost a year now? :) I can't believe how fast this has gone by.



lise - thinking of you all! how are things going? :) they are beautiful babies :)

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easttowest - I am definitely 100% committed to being vegan. There is no way around that. The thought of animal flesh just makes me want to hurl! I can only hope I am in the 30% that will pass. Thanks for the luck!


knitting - Yay for 36 weeks!! DP will be back very soon! I wish wish wish I had a midwife and not an OB, even though my OB is really great. All of the these tests are so mundane and sometimes unnecessary. That nutrition class does sound awful, and a lecture is the last thing I need on how I should eat more protein, uh! I've been monitoring my blood sugars fasting in the mornings, and they have been all normal. I will talk to my doc after I get my results back from the 3-hr, since I am taking it tomorrow. I am curious about the results, and I really hope that she will try and do diet modifications instead of meds. I have faith in her...hope just not too much. Thank you for the advice! And I love the tank drawing idea!


fillefantome - Thank you for really explaining the test for me! I did not understand the reasoning behind drinking that much sugar, but your explanation really helped! I know I need to have the test to see how my body is responding, but the idea of insulin is overwhelming for me, especially since I work so hard on being healthy. I just hope my doc feels the same.


Thanks pokey, prettyisa, escher for the well wishes!

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Erin, that's understandable! I am totally sure you will be fine; even if you do end up with GD, it is highly unlikely you would need insulin injections, as others have said. Wishing you a peaceful remainder of your pregnancy.

Seraf, her mother was nursing when she got pregnant with her sister 3 months later. So if there is a genetic component, we might be good. I can't imagine going through this again with an infant, though, and we are seriously considering my eggs next time, which is a whole different kettle of fish. I love S's curls! I was in the doctors office once with a mom and her son with hair down to his shoulders, and someone asked the woman how old she was. She just said HE is three, as if she had said the same thing many, many times before. What a bummer, I love longer hair on all babies.

This Ocean tank story is kind of amazing.
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East, yeah, I know it's possible. I believe you have to nurse on demand around the clock to use it as birth control and some women break through even that. Even if it's possible, I would strongly advise against intentionally getting pregnant during your baby's first year. If you want my list of pros and cons, I'll happily type it up. I'll just tell you that as much as we adore our boys, we would not repeat this closeness if we could do it again.

Erin, I walked and walked between sugar sticks. Exercise helps push the sugar into your cells. Good luck.
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How cool that the ocean tanks live on!

Isa: We started cow's milk with yogurt, since it seemed like it is easier for some babies (people in general) to digest. But it seems like other people jump right in with milk and have a good experience with that.

Seraf: Shay's hair is so cute! He has great curls. I would be interested in seeing your pro and con list for close spacing if you ever have time to type it up.

Onemommyonemama: Your midwife situation sounds fantastic. Especially the care you got around the c-section--wow! More proof that we all should more to Canada.

AFM: I'm trying to stop pumping at work and I'm having trouble doing it. I can easily get by with pumping just once, but when I try to not pump at all I am uncomfortably full, and yesterday I ended up with a specific sore spot that made me nervous. When I'm home with our little guy he nurses a fair bit during the day, so I think my daytime supply stays strong just from weekends and vacations. So maybe I should just accept that I still need to pump once a day. But he is 17 months old, and frankly I'm getting to a point where I don't want to have regular conversations with people at work about how I am still pumping. Arg.
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Seraf—I think people just see what they want to see when they look at babies. Unless there’s a big bow on her head or she’s wearing all pink people still think Edie’s a boy sometimes. Doesn’t bother me—I think it’s funny when they apologize profusely!

Funny about the ocean tanks! I love that idea, too!

OMOM—yep! She’ll be a year on the 18th. I can’t believe it, either. I remember being on baby watch for you and getting so excited/terrified that I was next on the list! I don’t have any plans to stop her morning and evening nursing until we start really getting into TTC again, but I’d love to be able to stop pumping at work. It’s a little ridiculous, since I only really get one bottle’s worth anyway (they give her formula for the rest) but I feel bad switching her to formula at daycare and not even trying to give her breastmilk. I think I’d be happier if she were just onto food and cow’s milk during the day. Is that a bad decision? I find the whole weaning/moving to new foods thing a lot more nerve-wracking than I expected. Every time we need to make an incremental change I get terrified that we’re doing something wrong…

East—I got mine back on Edie’s 3 month birthday, and it’s been regular as clockwork ever since, despite the fact that I was exclusively nursing for at least the first 7 months or so. I think it does have a lot to do with genetics—my dad’s mom had him and his brother 13 months apart or something, so I think that kind of fertility runs in the family. Too bad the easy-getting-pregnant part seemed to pass me by… There’s also a Jewish tradition not to cut a baby’s hair until its third birthday, so in an area with lots of little Jewish babies there might be more long-locked boys running around.
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I just spent a lot of time looking for a picture of the ocean tank to upload, and couldn't find one. In lieu of that, here's a picture from last weekend that displays both my (insanely huge) bump, and the tattoo version of the ocean waves:

And, here's a fun pic of the infamous Ocean at the ocean:

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Escher, my list was specifically about 2 under 1 from the same uterus but seperate pregnancies. Lol. I have a huge range of spacing experiences, so I could make a master list sometime. About pumping, maybe you could pump enough to relieve pressure Monday and Tuesday and skip Wednesday/Thursday/Friday?

Isa, I think it's all about the hair. Short haired kid in a dress= boy. Long haired kid in military fatigues= girl. They make toddler formula, but I wouldn't really worry about that until you wean her.
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Tiger, cross post. Awesome bump.
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Long live the Ocean tank!!!  That's hilarious!  I picked mine up so I don't know if they use the same tanks. I don't remember seeing anything that interesting.  We sometimes picked up on dry ice and we decorated our cooler with rainbow stickers. 

Keep those babies in there. These are babies on lockdown.  This picture always cracks me up because it looks like babies under a giant magnet.   sticky.gifsticky.gif

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tigers - This is so fun! I can't remember which of our insems it was, but yes, we definitely had one with the drawing on it sitting at the foot of our bed for a week! I can't remember where or when, but at some point when I was lurking on some site way back before we even started ttc, and I was trying to do more research about TSBC, I remembered reading a post from someone who was going to name her child Ocean talking about drawing on the tanks. And then we got one, but I couldn't remember who it was until now! They live on, bringing joy to new queer families all over!

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Hey y'all, drive-by freak out post here. I accidentally forgot my last dose of progesterone and when I called the doc she said to get home ASAP and take it. So I left work early and just took it- about 15 hours after my last dose instead of the recommended 12 hours. How bad is this? Could I lose the baby?
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Sotohana, I would try not to stress. You were only 3 hours late.
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isa - I don't think that is bad at all. That seems to make sense :) Moms/Drs here change babes from formula to homo milk at 1 yr. So I can't see why that would be bad for E. And you are rounding off her solids and milk with breastmilk in the am and evenings :) which is bonus awesome.


My wife went back to work when DD1 was 1. She pumped for 2 months, and it was so hard (she is a teacher and was getting paged while trying to pump in the bathroom, the only private place she had to pump). She decided after that not to pump. And we swtiched right to homo milk . She continued to nurse DD1 morning and evenings (and eventually just mornings) for 2 more years cause that is what worked for them (and I TTC sage so they just did their thing until it didn't work for DW anymore and she weaned totally). DD1 was fine with milk.


One thing she did in those 2 months - in case E is sick or for some reason you really wanted to have more pumped milk - she would pump in the am while feeding DD. She'd pump the opposite side. She had good supply in the morning and could pump a bottle while still feeding DD enough milk - whereas alone at work she could not pump all that much. It worked well. WHen we switched to cows milk she sometimes would use the morning pump trick if we had a babysitter or if I needed to put DD1 to sleep (cause DD1 was pretty set on breastmilk before bed)>


I keep thinking of last year :) S's bday was a nice day to remember the year gone by :) man, it is fast though... :) Can you post a pic of E someday? I don't know if I've seen one in a bit :) I'll think of her on her bday!


Beautiful pics knitting! :) :)


erin - I hope the 3hr test is no problem, or if you do have GD that it is easy to manage :) Will keep my fingers crossed that the results will  be fine. When do you do the test?

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Sotohana: I can't imagine that three hours would make any difference at all. I bet you're totally fine.

Pokey: Isn't a baby under a giant magnant what the picture is supposed to be? That's what it looks like to me too.

Seraf: You have had a lot of different spacing experiences. It's funny, though, that the pro/con list you were offering to write (two under one from same uterus) is actually one of the few spacing experiences you haven't had! It's an interesting idea to just pump earlier in the week.

Knitting: Great bump! And Ocean is adorable.
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Thx Seraf and Escher. I was really stressed out, but I'm feeling a bit better now. I laid down right away and my sweet kitten curled up on my belly, which always helps me calm down.
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Isa  - sorry about your losses


Pokey. . that is such great news about your placenta moving!


Carmen. . enjoy your trip, I hope it all goes smoothly, maybe some odd miracle will bump you up to business class


Baby fatty. . the tiredness is so,well exhausting.  Mine lasted pretty much the whole first trimester.. hope yours passes more quickly. 


Erin. . I know a LOT of people who failed the 1 hr who passed the 3 hr.  I also know a few people who did have GD, one who had it with both of her pregnancies and shenever took insulin


Planet.. I am also a firm believer in babies will eat when they are ready, with the exception of course of kids who have sensory issues etc so I say keep offering and just enjoy watching the process. . oddly DS really did not get into food until I started adding spices..


Isa. . sorry for your losses.


Knitting.. woo for full twin term but wait until you are not alone for that birth! 


Easttowest.. glad there was a mix of folks at your birthing class.. ours was all hetero couples and us and since we present to the untrained eye, our teacher was saying something about diversity and said, “well this class is all hetero but usually. . “  and it just felt weird to pipe up and correct..it’s strange.   Already talking about #2 is brave!  I did get pregnant while BF but def not that soon,  I wasn’t fertile for well over a year.. I honestly can’t imagine having to go through the first trimester while having a newborn, though I can see why having kids that close could be fun.  I thought I would be more eager to start trying again but at the end, really loved having my alone time with DS before the next.. and for the sake of internet clarity, totally not saying there is anything wrong with wanting them that close, ,just thinking!


AFM. . waiting to go back for follow up US on Tuesday but no news is good news as far as I am concerned. . went for a long swim today which was so nice to feel less gravity for a bit! 

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sotohana-I wouldn't stress out about it.  I never took mine precisely 12 hours apart and my baby is just fine.  Progesterone levels can vary quite a bit during the day so it's probably no big deal. 


escher-That's funny!  I just don't understand why a baby would be in a magnet.  Is someone trying to hold it down to a metal table?  I thought maybe it was supposed to be a baby in a uterus, but it's wearing a diaper and babies don't wear diapers in utero.  Oh, fun with emoticons!

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