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cananny - I was put on full bedrest on Monday until I could get in to my first appointment with the maternal fetal medicine doctor today. I had a scare on Monday with extreme abdominal cramps and it kept up with mild ones so they prescribed me a preterm labor medicine. I am 26 weeks today.

The boys are absolutely adorable!

seraf -didn't go over the shortness of breath with the doctor today, but if it doesn't improve, I'll mention it at my next appointment in a week and a half. Hopefully with increasing my activity, that will ease up. It seems to have started after a few days on bedrest.

as for the rest of the details -we did a full anatomy scan, but being slightly on my back was making me lightheaded so much that we had to keep stopping. They said both boys were doing good and they are close to the same size. They want to continue with the medicine until 28 weeks, but I can go off bedrest and am able to go back to work.
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Knitting - That first one, where she is holding his elbow and they are leaning into each other is TOO MUCH.  How cute.  I'm sorry the first six weeks were rough (I can imagine!) but so happy you are enjoying it a bit more now. How is your first daughter?  Enjoying being a big sister?  Was your DH able to take off some time?

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bigfoot: We have been doing evening primrose since 35 weeks, as recommended by our midwives. I also drink raspberry leaf and nettles every day. Steep it while it's hot, but it will work cold or warm or hot or iced. If you have the dried herbs you can put 1/2 cup into a quart jar and steep it overnight for the best effect.


cannany and knitting tigers: SUCH CUTE BABY PHOTOS!!! Thank you for sharing. :)


esenbee: Glad the boys are looking healthy :)


AFM: At 40weeks+5days I'm SO READY for my baby darlin to arrive. And SO sick of people asking me where the baby is! This final stretch of pregnancy is proving to be the most challenging for me, with the most discomfort and the most emotional ups and downs. Sometimes I just start crying because she isn't here yet or because one too many people asked me that day about her whereabouts, or telling me to tell her to hurry up, or telling me to hurry up....BELIEVE ME, if I could have chosen to have her already I would have! Everyone has their guesses, too, and I just keep watching those days pass...Some folks have predicted today, how ironic if she did arrive on Father's Day. Ha! I just hope she comes soon and I am trying to remain grateful that she is staying in as long as she needs so she can be as healthy as possible. We are going to have a plump, healthy little baby! My heart just aches sometimes I want to hold her in my arms and to my heart so badly.

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Easttowest:  Take your pain meds regularly (your pain should be well controlled that it should not impede you from getting up to the bathroom or getting dressed, you will be sore, but you should be able to move around.  If moving is excruciating, then talk to your doc/MW).  Get up and move around (gently) as soon as you can.  Hold a pillow over your incision to cough.  Do lots of deep breathing to keep junk out of your lungs.  Be EXTREMELY patient with your milk supply, since a cold c-section (no onset of labour) can delay your milk coming in by a day or so (pushing it to day 5).  Lots of skin to skin, keeping hydrated and keeping on top of your post-op pain will help tremendously, since separation, dehydration and pain can all impede milk supply.  That being said, LOTS of women have c-sections and breastfeed with no issues, so it doesn't mean you will have issues (but it's good to be aware of it, which can help take the pressure off if your milk doesn't come in on day 3).  


Standing down from my nursing soap box.  The very best of luck to you, I hope you and DP have an amazing birth and that everything is smooth and beautiful!  Can't wait to see pictures of your LO!  :D

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Just popping on for a quick update on my story.  easttowest you may NOT want to read this as I am basically everything that can go wrong with a c-section story and since MOST are fine it might just unsettle you so feel free to pop back on later. . 


so i went into labor Monday afternoon, woke up from my nap with contractions 4-5 minutes apart that did not stop.  Called my babysitter to come over until my mom could get there, called DH to leave work and then took myself to the hospital.  By the time I got there they were stronger and closer together.  I quickly dilated to about 7 cm, got an epi after a few hours of non-stop contractions, and I do mean non stop, they were about 2 min apart and 2 minutes long.  My contractions got stronger but I never dilated more.  My cervix did not drop, my babies head was still high and my dr strongly suggested a c-section for multiple reasons.  I waited another hour, at which point my epi stopped working.  No more dilation at all.  I decided to go with a c-section, something was just telling me it was the right choice.   So in I went.  After about 15 minutes I could tell something was wrong.  The whole thing took close to 90 minutes but finally DD was out and I had them put her on my chest before they whisked her away.  She was totally fine.  Apparently when they opened my uterus for the repeat c-section, they found it had thinned to the point of transparency so they could not open me from there, they had to cut higher through some thick scar tissue.  To close me up, took over 90 minutes as well as they had to repair my uterus first.  At some point they thought I had to have a hysterectomy but they managed to avoid that though I can still never have kids again. If I had continued on with labor I would have had a uterine rupture and that could have been VERY bad for both me and DD.  So glad I did not dilate and try to push!   After two hours in recovery I finally got to see DD.   Then after having some leg pain, they sent me for a doppler and found I had blood clots in my legs.  The next morning I woke up with congestion and they sent me for a CT scan and found I also had a pulmonary embolism (clot in my lungs)  I had to pump and dump for 24 hours bc they dye for the tests is contraindicated in breast feeding.   After that I developed a massive headache and they were worried about clots in my brain but thank GOD that went away.   so finally I got to go home!  Now I have to do daily shots to prevent more clots from forming and avoid a lot of foods etc. . all in all an awful scary process, I was really worried I was not going to make it on more than one occasion.   anyway. . hoping everything goes well from here on in, still scary to be dealing with all the clots and stuff but glad I am having treatments and alive!   Hope I took one for the team and everyone else has smooth sailings!!   

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Holy sh*t, cordelia! I see why you suggested e2w skip your post... Yikes! I'm so glad you and DD are okay, relatively speaking. Good luck for a speedy recovery!

Slightly worrying phone call from my midwife this a.m... Last week's u/s showed an almost-previa placenta & possible problems with baby's kidneys greensad.gif
Appt. later this afternoon, will find out more then...
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Cordelia--I'm glad to hear that you and your DD are both ok. That sounds like a terrifying situation. I'm also sorry about not being able to have any more kids--I can't remember if you were planning to stop at 2, but it's got to be a lot to come to terms with even if you expected this to be your last pregnancy. Heal well!
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Granite I hope everything is okay! Placenta prévia is scary but very manageable! And hope kidneys are good too.

Isa we were def planning on stopping at two but it still feels sad somehow but mostly I just feel lucky to be here with my family. Very lucky!

On a totally different note a friend of mine us doing a pretty cool performance about an interracial queer couple making a baby. You can see all the episodes online so if you are interested here is the website.

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I'm sorry your birth was so intense, cordelia hug2.gif That must have been very scary. I'm glad you and baby are ok now and I hope the clots were just a temporary thing.


granite, keep us updated..thinking about you!

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Hey all!

Cordelia and granite: I'm thinking of you guys!

Question: what is the Facebook group and is it for anyone on the forum or do I have to be specifically invited?
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Cordelia: Glad you both survived, glad baby is doing well, and I truly hope you have a quick and easy full recovery! <3 And thanks for sharing that link! Sounds cool.


Granite: I hope you find out good news, hope the baby is okay and that the almost previa-placenta is not going to cause any problems. <3 Let us know what you find out!


Afm: 40 weeks and 6 days today. Had an appointment and found out that I am dilated 3 cm. Midwife swept my membranes. It was easy breezy, not like I had been told by some friends. Just a little uncomfortable, but not really more than having my cervix checked anyway. Hoping that stimulates labor very soon!


Also, Cordelia's link reminded me of a cute movie my wife and I watched that I'd like to recommend! It's on Hulu.  http://www.hulu.com/watch/408964 It's a fake documentary about two women who decide to have babies using a new science of making "sperm" from a woman's dna. They've actually done this with mice in real life. Anyway, so they are able to have a baby that has both of them as biological mothers, with no biological fathers. It's cute and funny. Worth a watch :)

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Thanks for the suggestions of fun stuff to watch, Coco and cordelia! Will enjoy them and an evening of knitting later this week.


Coco, I'm so excited and hopeful for you... You're almost there! I've always known that I came a full 2 weeks after my due date, but never appreciated how tedious that must have been for my mom until now... C'mon, baby!


Erin, I'll PM you re: the FB group (though maybe someone else already has!)... As far as I can tell, it's open to all, but the general agreement is to keep it secret.


Cordelia, I totally understand that it's still sad to know you're done with carrying babies, even if you had no plans to... That's hard, and unexpected. hug2.gif


Esenbee, I'm glad you're done with bedrest... But wowza, what a scare!  What's the preterm labour medecine? I hope it hasn't got any side effects... That sounds like the last thing you need right now... Also, I've been wondering: What has been your DD's reaction to learning she'll have not one but two little brothers?


AMAZING pics, Knitting! Thanks for sharing. I can't get over how big they've grown so quickly!


Okay, easttowest, you're up next, I think! FX for an excellent surgery, and that all goes well for you, DW, and DS.


Pokey and outdoorsy, how are you feeling? Any signs yet?


Soto, are you back from New Mexico...? How was the baby shower?


AFM: Thank you for your kindness earlier! The midwife who called me this morning isn't actually my regular one, and in fact I'll probably never meet her in person... And while I'm sure she meant well, I gotta say I'm glad we're unlikely to come face to face, because she scared the hell outta me with that phone call!!! As evidenced by my worried post here eyesroll.gif.


This afternoon, we had a routine appt with the midwife who is my primary caregiver, and everything is *fine*. Both of the issues that I was told about this morning are ones for which I'm only borderline at risk: My placenta is currently 1.8 cm from the cervix, and it needs to be 2 cm in order to be considered clear enough for a low-risk birth! Similarly, the baby's kidney's are dilated to exactly 5mm, and a measurement of 5mm or over qualifies as "mild bilateral pelvicaliectasis"... So we've currently got that diagnosis, but it's likely to clear up on its own. All any of this means is that we're going to have another u/s at 28-30 weeks... And I'm thinking of Coco, and all the u/s that resulted from her earlier complication, and her saying how nice it is to get to see the baby again before s/he arrives! A great mindset.


Oh! And the baby didn't give the tech a very clear shot at the u/s last week, but he gave his best guess as to the sex in his report... And I elected to remain ignorant, but today the midwife gave DP a sealed envelope with that info in it, as per her request! So now DP knows, and I don't. Fun!


Here's a pic... Not that it shows much, but at least I know there really is a baby in there.


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Cordelia - I am so sorry that was your birth experience, it sounds terrifying! I am glad you all are doing well and hope you continue to heal. Didn't freak me or DW out, it's actually good to know that even in the worst case scenario, everything can turn out fine. Plus with a planned section, I think it's a whole different ball game.

Granite - I am sorry about the health stuff! My boss is also pregnant with a baby who she was told may have kidney problems. I hope everything resolves itself for you soon.

Well, this is it! We will hopefully have a baby in 12 hours! Doubt we will sleep much, but we are going to try, so I will check in in the next few days or so. smile.gif
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Sending good vibes your way, easttowest!  We hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow with the birth and meeting your baby boy.

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Good luck East! You're only a couple hours from baby!


Cordelia, I'm glad you're ok.  

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Thanks all who gave advice on evening primrose! I think it is worth a try in case we end up with an induction.


Cordelia - wow, what a story! I am so glad you and the baby are healthy in the end. I hope you and yours can just enjoy baby bliss now.


Granite - it is always scary to get any sort of bad news in pregnancy. Glad to hear both things are just borderline. I have known several people given a scare about kidney stuff and it always ended up looking normal in later ultrasounds.


Coco - 3cm sounds pretty good! Sending you good vibes for an amazing birth.


Pokey - hope you are getting that rest you wanted before your birth, which must be getting close!


E2W - hopefully you are holding your adorable baby right now. Can't wait to hear the details!


Knitting -  those babes are so gorgeous.


Cananny - those boys are really growing up. I love keeping up with you guys on Facebook. What fun.


AFU - Hi from bathroom remodel land and sleep deprivation. Trying to sleep during the day due to night shift is not going as well with all the noise. I suppose this is barely anything compared to our future with twinfants. Poor DW is very uncomfortable, but we are trucking right along. 10 more weeks to go.

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cordelia--I'm so sorry you had to go through that scary adventure.  It's great that you were able to listen to your body and know you should have the c-section.  I'm glad you are feeling better now.  I hope you continue to heal physically and emotionally and enjoy your new baby. 


coco-Sounds like you're getting a little closer.  Not much more to say but keep hanging in there. 


granite-I'm sorry the midwife scared you!  There are so many scary waits in the first 20 weeks.  I'm glad your other midwife was able to put your mind at ease.  I agree that you should try not to worry about the placenta previa too much.  I had a complete previa and it moved out of the way by 28 weeks.  Everything has been normal since then.


You hang in there too, bigfoot!  You're getting fairly close at this point.


AFM--Nothing much happening here.  I have a dr. appt. tomorrow, and I might have some more info.  I plan on going to yoga tomorrow too.  I saw my acupuncturist yesterday.  She gave me a hug when I left.  I'm so thankful for everything she did to help me get to this point.  She's out of the office next week, but she said she can give me referrals if I need to see someone to get things going.   

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Hi Everyone,

So many people are getting so close to meeting their babies!

Pokey: It sounds like you are keeping yourself impressively busy. I hope your little one arrives soon!

Bigfoot: I'm sorry you're not getting much sleep. I hope that your remodel is done quickly (and that your twinfants are excellent sleepers).

East: Your baby must be here by now. Congratulations! I hope that everything went very smoothly.

Granite: I'm sorry for the scare, but I'm glad that it sounds like your baby is growing beautifully. It's fun you'll get another peek at him/her.

Coco: I hope labor starts soon (or that it is already fully in progress)!

Cordelia: What a story! I hope that you're feeling much better now and getting lots of baby snuggles.

Hi to everyone else!

AFU: Not much to report here. It seems pretty amazing to me that we're already at 17 weeks! We'll have the anatomy scan in a few weeks, so hopefully everything will look good there. We won't find out the sex, but it will definitely be fun to see the baby moving around! fingersx.gif
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granite- the medicine is nifedipine, with the lowest, most spaced dose.  It is a type of calcium blocker (which can only help if I have developing Postpartum Cardiomalopathy (my mother has cardiomalopathy (on her third pacemaker now) and her sister, so I am always thinking about it, especially when I am out of breath).  It is a Class C drug, which I am a little uncomfortable with, but the benefits outweigh the risks, and I'm only on it for a total of 3 weeks, but I am trying to space it out more during the day and take 3 instead of 4, which also gives me more sleep instead of having to wake up in the middle of the night to take it!


as for DD, she has come around a lot since first learning that she is going to have TWO brothers and wasn't going to get the sister she wanted.  She talks about them all the time and is sooo excited!

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He's here! Nathaniel was born at 13:33 and weighed 9 lbs 4 oz at 21.5 in. DW is sleeping soundly, and babe is in my arms. Thank you for the well wishes!
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