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Hurrah, Coco! Hurrah, Amadora! And hurrah for the rest of your family too! Congratulations, I'm so happy for you!
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Congrats Coco! She is just perfect!

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Coco, wow, she looks huge. What a pretty newborn. I'm kind of biased because she reminds me of one of mine, did you use a bank?
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Congrats, Coco! So beautiful!!!

AFU, we just got back from the beach, where the babies turned two months!

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Agh, such cuteness between new babies and kinda new babies in the photos! I'm looking forward to more as many of you seem to be nearing the end.
AFM just hanging out at 7 weeks, being secretive. Lol
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Congrats Coco, and congrats to everyone waiting to hear DOMA struck down!!!
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coco -she is absolutely beautiful!  So happy that she is healthy! 


joy.gifYAY for the striking down of DOMA!joy.gif

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Congrats Coco! She looks so great! Definitely a strong one for sure.





Hurrah DOMA is struck down! http://www.nytimes.com/2013/06/27/us/politics/supreme-court-gay-marriage.html?_r=0


... though it sounds like the court will still allow states to define marriage, so if you want those Soc Sec, inheritance, and immigration benefits, folks, you may have to move --- or at least get married in another state. We'll see. It depends how the Obama administration writes regs in response, I think.

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Informative article, thanks outdoorsy!
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Hey, it's almost the end of June! It'd be good to start a new thread for July/August/September, as this one's getting unwieldy.

Would one of you like to be threadkeeper?

I'm thinking escher, sotohana, poiyt, or baby.fatty... As everyone else will be having babies too soon or too ill with morning sickness!

All you'd need to do is start the thread & maintain the first post on the thread with updated EDDs and births.

Any takers?
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Coco congrats she is beautiful!!!!

And yay for dOMA and prop 8 being shot down !!!!
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Congrats Coco! She's so beautiful! Granite, I'm up for that task. How do I start a new thread?
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Awesome, soto, I'll PM you the deets!


I heard a rumour via FB that our friend erin might be avoiding her appt. with those induction drugs, as things seem to be starting all on their own... C'mon, baby! You can do it! We're cheering you on!


Pokey, outdoorsy, any news from y'all? FX for you!


And to round it all off, isn't tourneymama's baby arriving this week too? I know they wanted to induce close to 39 weeks...


AFM: The onslaught of baby gifts has truly begun, and we're suddenly scrambling to create space for it all in our tiny apartment... I'm not complaining, as it's lovely that people are so thoughtful, but I didn't expect it to start until closer to baby's actual arrival!

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I think tourney posted on FB that they were going in for induction last night. Can't wait for some more adorable baby pics!
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Hey guys!

Quick drive-by post: Dr appt yesterday went well. Dilated to 1 cm and she stripped my membranes. Had crampy contractions the rest of the day. They got stronger last night before bed, so I took a bath. I was able to sleep until now when they woke me up again. I'm just timing them at this point about 9 min apart and getting stronger. My induction is scheduled for 5 pm, but I don't know if this stinker will wait. I'm so unsure of what I'm doing it's scary. DP is trying her hardest to not panic and be a good coach, but my mother is here and stepping on toes. I hope I don't regret letting her in the delivery room. Wish us luck! I'll keep you guys posted!

Good luck everyone else (I think just pokey at this point)!!!
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Sorry I forgot outdoorsy and tourneymama!! Good luck!
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Good luck, Erin!
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Fingers crossed for you, Erin! Hoping for a smooth and happy birthing!
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Good luck, erin! Have fun!!

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Fun is definitely not the word I would give it!!! Dilated to 2 for several hours. Waiting for Cytotec to do something. Contractions are intense! In the morning they will break my water and maybe start pit if I have not dilated any more.
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