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Nothing to do with babies. More to do with thirty years of her rejecting my reality and substituting her own. It wasn't pretty. 


I charted for a little while long before AF returned. I was trying to avoid, not trying to conceive, but I was also hoping to see the first PPAF coming. I basically got bored and quit after a couple of weeks, though. My temperatures were low and slightly wet cervical fluid every day. I concluded I could do this for months but why bother? If I'd really wanted a baby, I would have aimed for times with EWCF. Of course, going at it like bunnies would also have the same effect. But "trying" is stressful for us so I like to target it when we can, to take the pressure off the rest of the month. The knowledge of "Tonight is THE NIGHT" makes my husband less likely to do what he needs to do. Then on nights we know aren't fertile, we can just go with the flow and not have to worry. 


I had a little bit of spotting earlier today. So now I am in the other phase of waiting, the "is this just spotting, or is it really my period?" I had spotting around the time of my period when I was pregnant with my daughter. I might just go buy a cheap test to get off the roller coaster. Or I might wait a few more days. I'm kind of in "one hour at a time" mode right now anyway. 


Alternately, I could take my temperatures for a couple of days, if I hadn't accidentally run my thermometer through the wash last week. Oops. 

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erigeron--i am rooting for you!! hope you get a big positive when you test!

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 Updated to here 


Earthmoma~Where do you want to be added on the list ?

         I've mainly hoping for luck since i've been so lazy about charting this time around. I charted  from 3 months on after having my first and got AF back at 12/13 months but didn't O during that time or the cycle after that one either. After my 2nd i didn't start charting again til he was like 8months old and that time i did O before getting AF back at 14/15 months pp.  This time i've been way lazy about charting, but no signs of AF.

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Hi all. I forgot to ask if you could add me to "waiting to ovulate". I enjoy keeping track of this thread. Thanks for sharing.
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Nope. Another BFN. I'm back in Waiting To O again.



Maybe I should replace my thermometer. I feel like I have a good handle on what's going on in my cycle, but if I don't get pregnant within a few more cycles I'm going to get my midwife to refer me and having some actual charts to show them would be good. Eh. Maybe next time. This is really maybe the first or second cycle where she wasn't nursing constantly so that's probably part of it. I've got her back to 3 times a day now and it may be even less. The last two days she didn't ask for her dinner feeding (we were with friends both days, I think she was distracted) and today she didn't ask for her lunch feeding and I was away for the dinnertime one. 

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 Welcome Momma Michael.



 erigeron~ I'm sorry AF showed up. :(



Nothing new here.H is still nursing at least 2x a night and i think that is what is keeping AF away.  

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Hi, I'm brand new to this site so hopefully I'm doing this right haha. I am a stay at home mom of three kids...7 yr old girl, 4 yr old boy, and 1 yr old girl. We are going to start TTC baby #4 in July and I have no intention of weaning my one year old. I could use some help figuring out how to regulate my cycles! Any input or advice?
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Welcome irish1momma! Have you had any cycles since your littlest was born? How much does s/he nurse?

My babe is one as well. smile.gif 4/7
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 Welcome  irish1momma ~  Where did you want to be added on the list ?   No advice on regulating cycles, since once i got them back they were pretty regulated.

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hello irish1momma! 


did your cycles already start?


my little one is almost 2, and no sign of AF yet. still going strong on night weaning, but dd seems latched on all the time during the day sometimes... 

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I'll jump in! I night weaned 14 month old DD about 3-4 weeks ago because she was sleeping terribly and turning me into a used up zombie by morning. So DH and I were hoping to conceive as a result of her night weaning. I'm a little disappointed at this point as there has been no noticeable change to CM yet...
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Yes I have had four periods now, but my cycles have ranged from 13 days to 45 days. They're nuts!
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Welcome irish1momma. You might want to check out the community resources on fertility: http://www.mothering.com/community/atype/19/Pregnancy/tag/fertility Lots of stuff there to help you get the hang of keeping track of your cycle. I read the book Taking Charge Of Your Fertility and it was helpful as well. 

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Welcome  element2012  Where did you want to be added on the list ?

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I was thinking of getting a new thermometer but the store where I worked today didn't have any BBT thermometers. (Which is weird; it's in a subdivision that's a total yuppie paradise. I'd think more people would be charting there.) I don't think the hundredth of a degree matters, and I would just use a regular thermometer, but I found that some of the digital fever thermometers won't register my BBT because it is so low. They won't "lock in" to the temperature; they keep fluctuating. I don't work somewhere else until Tuesday and the idea of making a special trip to a drugstore on my day off is just enh. I may or may not end up going. 


I'm sure you all cared so much. ROTFLMAO.gif


On the bright side I'm actually doing decently with taking my vitamins now! We'll see how long that lasts. 

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Hi socalimommy, hmmm, I think the hoping to catch the first egg group is good. I do think I've been noticing a difference in the last 36 hrs. I'm not as gosh awful dry down there, so hopefully that fertile cm is on the way!
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Updated List To Here

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Can I have your AF? All you ladies in the TWW, send AF over here! I'll gladly take her for a few months over not being fertile at all. kid.gif

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Hi there. In case you are in same boat...
Just wanted to share that after 17 months and 2 weeks of nursing around the clock and my son never away from me for more than a few hours, my menses seem to have returned! I have been reading your thread for encouragement daily.
Last week, my husband and I were just agreeing that we would not get stressed about it anymore as we were not willing to night wean just yet with lots of changes in our lives (many moves etc.) but hope for a second sooner than later. I felt happy with this decision and felt some release. Other positive actions taken could have also helped menses return as I believe stress affects it for sure. We have been away from family for years so joining these free mommy activity groups with my son have been awesome on my moral. Plus, also gained some healthy weight back which could have helped (maybe that 10 lbs made the difference for me to get menses back). Hope this helps encourages someone in my situation.
P.S. Which category should I be in "waiting on first egg" or "ovulate"?
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Originally Posted by RosieL View Post

Can I have your AF? All you ladies in the TWW, send AF over here! I'll gladly take her for a few months over not being fertile at all. kid.gif


Me, too!! 

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