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April Showers of Bajingo Juice - TTC #1 in our 30s April 2013

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Conceiving  #in  Our  30's April 2013 banana.gif

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It's April! Let the Showers of Bajingo juice bring lots of BFPs this month!


Got exciting news this morning - I got a call for a Chemistry teacher interview. I would to be a chemistry teacher at a math and science center which is sort of a magnet school for kids who are pumped about math and science. My interview is on Thursday morning April 4 at 9:30 a.m. It is in a town about 30 minutes away. Much better than the 1 hour drive that I was being offered with the other job. I am so excited!

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TeamViddy, yes, my smart phone has been a great distraction.  This morning I woke up to a picture of my newly born niece on it.  I am so happy to be an auntie!  I hope that next week I will get the confirmation that I will be a mommie-to-be as well.  April is turning out to be a good month so far!

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The Chemistry job sounds pretty cool. Motivated students in a STEM field, YES!!! 

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Thanks for starting the new thread, Lilac! The new job sounds great.


I have a very good feeling about springtime babies for us. It is the season for new growth, right? It feels as though we are on the cusp of lots of change.


I am hopeful for myself, too. I ovulated late again this cycle, around CD 27. I've heard the long follicular phase can be a problem, but in my googling I've also come across posts from women who conceived healthy babies after ovulating late, so we'll see. DH was on spring break last week and O coincided with a getaway to Joshua Tree, a lovely desert near LA. We stayed in a little cabin and there was a full moon, so it certainly would make for a nice "how you were conceived memory!" Anyway, time will tell--only 6 DPO right now. So, so stressed with work and deadlines right now, and feeling a little bummed I will have to work an extra long day tomorrow, which is my 33rd birthday.

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Bailey that would be an awesome memory to share with a little one. I hope in the next week you will get some really happy news that the vacation was a ttc success.

afm, yesterday I was having some stabbing, crampy feelings and today 6dpo my temp went back up after being at the low end of my post o temps.
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I am such a sucker. So Kimble had sent me some cheapie pregnancy tests when she got pregnant last fall so they were just sitting in my bathroom cupboard. Of course today is only 6 dpo but my temp had jumped back up.  I had a trigger shot of hcg with the Ivf, and I had used the pregnancy tests to test out the trigger shot to make sure it was gone so I know what a positive test looks like on these strips.  I shouldn't have tested this morning, but I did.  Nothing yet. I think I have 10 internet cheapies left so I think I will just use one a morning until there is a bfp.  They expire 12/2013 anyway.


I keep getting random stabbings in the left side of my uterus. My boobs hurt, but I am on progesterone supplementation so that is messing with things a big. Just waiting.  One of my friends from work who knows I went through IVF (only 3 people at work know - my principal, the vice principal and the vice principal's wife who is also a teacher). She called today saying "You have any news." I mean come on, she teaches biology!  She makes the kids do a "journey of the sperm and the egg" paper every year.  Just putting embryos back inside the uterus does not make them implant immediately. Mine were 4 cells when they went back in on day 2 after fertilization. I told her by next Wednesday April 10 I should know because that is when my hcg beta blood test is.


In other news I finished my niece's princess turrett.  It looks sweet!  http://www.carlasinspirations.blogspot.com/2013/04/princess-turret-reveal.html

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Hi everyone!

I guess I am back. For some reason, TTC forums were stressing me out so I took a break for a couple months. Just had a lot going on and couldn't bring myself to log in. Anyways...

Welcome to the newbies, hope your stay is short!

Lilac- how exciting!!! Hope those babies stick!!!

Viddy- sorry husband isn't being supportive like you need him to be. Please tell me more about the at-home sperm analysis, though.

AFM - 7th cycle actively trying and I just feel hopeful this month. We DTD 4 or 5 times during fertile times, clear temp shift, and now at 11DPO I have either the worst pms (break outs, backache, boobs hurt constantly,
cranky, and a text from my friend that said "miss you" made me cry last night) ever or will be getting a BFP.

I am a superstitious person and I believe in signs to some extent. There is a song that I have said was going to be my lullaby for my babes for at least 10 years. Hadn't heard it in over a year and I put spotify radio on one night. While we were DTD, that song started playing. Two days later, it showed up in a show I was watching. It's silly but I feel like the universe was telling me this is our month (how silly will I feel when I start my period this weekend?)...

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
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librarygirl, glad to see you back and glad that the mental break was good for you. I hope this is your month!


AFM, woke up to the weirdest metal taste in my mouth. Yeah, I think it is a pregnancy symptom. Still no positive line on a hpt but this morning it looks like a shadow is just hanging over the test portion of the hpt so hopefully tomorrow there will be a line.  Back was killing me like crazy last night. Thankfully DH was willing to massage it for a while and that helped.  Keep getting random stabbings in the left side of my uterus.  Today is 8 dpo.


DH is off to Toledo OH to go to a remote control airplane convention for the day. He really wanted me to go with him but I told him I was just too tired and my back hurt and I didn't want to keep him from his fun. We went 2 years ago together and man was it a crazy collection of all sorts of air plane stuff.DH loves it so I encourage his hobby.

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I had stabbing pains in my uterus on 8DPO, too! And major metallic taste at 11DPO. It's there a bit today but that could also be from the tums I ate for the wicked heartburn that my zantac isn't touching (also a good sign?). My coffee made me nauseous and I could fall asleep at my desk. It's amazing how all these things that make you feel so bad still make you feel so optimistic. I do keep getting small waves of what feel like AF cramps but they go away in a minute or two. They start and I think "oh crap, AF is on her way" but then they go away and apparently lots of ladies get those cramps when they are pregnant so I'm trying not to think about them too much.


I didn't test this morning. I foolishly did last night (11dpo and after too much iced tea, late in the evening, without holding it for 4 hours...of course it was BFN). I will test tomorrow at 13dpo in hopes of giving my BFF a really cool birthday present of telling her I'm knocked up. Her birthday party is tomorrow afternoon and it's a surprise party. She has no idea! And yes, BFF will know right away - I knew she was pregnant with her DS before her husband did (she wanted to tell him in person when he got home from work but wanted to tell someone right away).


Sometimes, I wish it was just easier. Or that I had started this process 10 years ago when I probably would have gotten pregnant on the first try. All those years of preventing- who knew it would take so long when I actually WANTED to be pregnant.

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Yeah, librarygirl, I really hoping that all the strange feelings I am feeling mean that I am pregnant for keeps for nine months.  Today is the last day of my spring break. The whole falling asleep while teaching, yeah that could be something else come next week.

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Fingers crossed for you Librarygirl and Lilac! Here's a extra dose of baby dust to both of you dust.gif

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Thanks JustJenny, sorry to hear that your IUI wasn't all you hoped it would be. My sister did several of those before she got pregnant and she noted that she got pregnant on the IUI where the follicle was a 22 rather than something smaller.  I hope your followup with your doctor helps point you in the right direction.


AFM, crying at a National Guard commercial. Yeah. this isn't normal.  Seeing the "citizen soldiers" save a family who was trapped under a tree in their house after a tornado or something and crying thinking about how to keep my family safe.

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Lilac- lol lol.gif. Sounds promising to me!  Thanks for the encouragement. For those following along and don't know - my iui didn't work and I am currently waiting for AF.  I'll ask what size the follicles were I don't believe he told me. He said I had 4 "large" in the right and 2 "small" in the left. We've pretty much decided to only do 2 more iui's then take a break. Most likely will get ready for ivf after that point.

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JJ - I'm so sorry. :-/ was this the first iui?

Lilac, I'm on the edge of my seat. Every bit of energy and preggo dust I have is going your way. <3
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I got a positive pregnancy test today! I am so excited. My mom was ecstatic. I can hardly believe the ivf worked. Beta test on Wed and Friday.
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CONGRATS Lilac!!!jumpers.gifjumpers.gifjumpers.gif  May your betas rise and rise!!



Thank you RosieL. Yes it was my first iui.

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OMGOMGOMG LILAC!!!!!! Yay!!! Pretend there are dancing veggies everywhere...I can't find them on my phone.

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