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April 2013 Chit Chat - Page 2

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Ash, which symptoms did he have? A follow up scan sounds pretty reasonable.

Jaimee, are you in the ad with earphones on your stomach? I can't tell on the phone.
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He had swollen lymph nodes in his abdomen, with pain. They were found on a CT scan to rule out appendicitis. Then at his follow up with his PCP he had swollen abdominal nodes and swollen nodes in his neck.
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That's so cool, Jaimee!!
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Jaimee, I didn't see anything?
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When you click the link the digi version of the magazine should pop up... the article I'm in is on page 82.  You can click on the box that says "cover 1" and then select page 82 to skip to it.  Sara, no I'm not a model in an ad!  LOL!  The article is about cloth diapering and the author interviewed me after she found my youtube series. 

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Amanda, your turn for the spotlight!

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Okay. I found that page. I was looking for a picture. =p
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Hey all - quick update. The Ecovillage is very supportive, and we have been staying in the spare room of one neighbour or another since Friday. We had a first response meeting last night and it was emotional but productive. Plans for moving forward, a concrete list of ways villagers can help (food, childcare, laundry etc) and a lot of emotional presence, active listening etc.

This whole experience is not fun, but we are in the best place around if something like this had to happen.
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Kirsten, I'm sorry this is happening for you right now. Glad you have somewhere to stay and that the village is helping you, though! I hope there is a resolution really soon!
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Jamiee~ How  cool on being in the magazine. 

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Ash, I hope a new scan will put your mind at ease.  You deserve some worry-free time.


Jaimee, that is so great!  Can I hire you to do some videos for me????


Kirsten, glad you are getting some support, but am still so sorry about the situation!


Hey, I am in a magazine, too! 



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Kirsten, I am glad that at least the ecovillage is a supportive place! Love that everyone is working together to help find a solution. Hopefully you will be able to find a place to live soon - I am glad you are not homeless! *hugs*

Jaimee, that is so neat! You know, being the guru you are smile.gif

Ash, I hope you find out what is going on with your son, since your Mamma gut is still telling you something is wrong.
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Thanks everyone!  innocent.gif


That's so cool, Anthia!!


Kirsten, I'm glad you're getting the support you need!

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So hubby and I went to Missoula (same town my middle sister lives in) for a concert the other day and I got to spend alot of time with her. The most we've spent together in years. I live 3 hours from her and 5 hours from my oldest sister and mom. After getting back, Billy and I were discussing how we liked the culture in Missoula and that he liked the managers at the Missoula Famous Dave's(he manages the one here). Now I can't stop thinking about how much I miss my family and being close to them and want to live in Missoula. But Billy isn't one to stick out his neck and ask for a transfer. Any ideas how I could convince him to ask? I really want this for the kids too, so it's not just my interest I'm thinking about. I want them to know their aunts and grandma.

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Eli is so grumpy today and is running a temp... Ugh... Super clingy and whiny... Been a long day hoping to call it a night soon.


Anyhow, Eli is very sociable lol, he says hi and bye bye to every person he encounters... He loves walking and exploring. And talking... Oi he talks up a storm, gets frustrated though when you don't understand and gives you the stink eye:). His newest word is itchy ... :)learnt from me because I was complaining about my head being itchy lol... He can be funny...and sweet...and wants to be helpful (brings diapers, and pots, and cloths to clean up spills). I love seeing the little person he is becoming.
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I've been following along. Hugs, condolences, congrats, etc to all. winky.gif

What is everyone's take on plastic microwaveable (BPA-free) containers? Are they still a no-no? I purchased food containers to bring to work but I'm still not sure I feel comfortable using BPA-free plastic... If I weren't to heat them up, maybe it wouldn't freak me out as much? Or does plastic still leach into food when touching no matter what kind it is? I'm just so afraid of the "unknowns" as far as toxins go. Stainless steel containers are expensive and not as user-friendly (or as cute!). I did splurge on one SS soup container, though...

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I don't microwave any plastic, ever.  Glass containers are the best way to go.  Check out goodwill- you can find a glass container here or there sometimes.  TJ Maxx and Marshalls have cheap sets too.

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Joanie, what about glass?  My dh takes pyrex dishes to work all the time with soup and other left overs that he heats up.  We purchased sets at Costco and outlet stores pretty inexpensively.

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I agree with the glass dishes - when I was still working, I would also take a glass container.  I could not bring myself to take a plastic container to work.  I also couldn't bring myself to buy Eli a plastic sippy cup either, even though it is BPA free.  He has a SS cup, and a SS bottle.

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Another glass person here.
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