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Help solve a problem for me.  We can't figure out which real estate broker to use.  Which one would you pick?


Realtor A:

More experienced with stellar reputation and only lists properties to sell (no longer works as buyer's agent)

She is with Sotheby's, which has offices in New York City (as well as international)

Wants to price our home about $200K less than Realtor B, but she said she'd be willing to list it at $100K less than Realtor B

Charges a 5% commission


Realtor B:

Less experienced, but motivated to get our listing

Works a lot as a buyer's agent, so has a good sense for what buyer's are looking for

Works for a boutique firm in our town with no offices in New York City, but does the most transactions in our town

Feels confident in her price since the supply is tight and most homes are going to competitive bidding wars

Charges a 5% commission, but will take 4.5%


So go for lower listing price, higher commission, but better experience?

Or higher listing price, lower commission, but less experience?

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That's a tough one...  We decided year after year to go with the one that has more experience (which usually also equates to more contacts and the ability to work with other agents well).  But we also haven't sold our house yet, so....  The commission is a big deal, but you might be able to ask the other realtor to lower her rate since the other one is willing.  Nothing to lose!  And as for the asking price, you get to decide that, so go with whatever you think is right regardless of realtor. 


So maybe more experience, possibly lower the commission and decide your own asking price.

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I would go with plan B. I'd take a motivated realtor over an experienced one any day... Plus they're going to sell your house and for more and take less commission, so that's more $$$ for you.


And if it always ends up being a bust, you can hire plan A. =)

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Something seems off about a 200k price difference. You need to figure out the fair market value for your house. Improperly priced houses are a huge no in my experience. Have you gotten any other recommendations for pricing?

Or maybe we are living on different planets here... I'm thinking a difference between say $400,000 and $600,000, which is huge. I guess if it's between $2.5 M and $2.7 M, that makes more sense. In that case, I'd definitely go with the more experienced realtor.
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Originally Posted by birdhappy85 View Post

I'm 99.9% sure I'm not hungry when I'm eating at night. I just enjoy the act of eating far too much.

Seriously! Why does food have to taste so good?

Numbers of all forms scare me, so I hate counting calories for that purpose only. I hate the measuring it involves, the counting itself, and keeping track. My brain is full enough already without all of that. Between work, family, and now baby sitting on my days off... I just can't think about it. The only time I lost a significant amount of weight was right before I got pregnant with DD1. I would go to the store everyday and buy the food I planned to consume that day. It forced me to think about and consider every food I would need to eat that day, snacks included. And there was hardly any other food in the house to tempt me at night. I am horrible about the nighttime munches. It is my Achilles heel. But when I planned it out that way, I included a nighttime snack that was healthy. But, again, the kids, work, etc, etc... I don't have time to go to the store everyday anymore. I meal plan when I grocery shop, but I am bad at planning out snacks and fillers for a whole week at a time.
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Yeah I would go with realtor B, but have you done your own research on your market?  I am coming from a Portland perspective where houses only last an average of 40-50 days on the market and usually sell at 101-103% of the asking price.  Have you checked out comps?  That would give you a better idea.  Have you had a recent appraisal?  Maybe you could shell out the cash for your own appraisal so you have an idea of what it is really worth.

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Yeah, I don't know if the market where you are is similar to the market in Maryland, but if it is, asking price is very important.  It's not about which realtor is going to list it higher, it's about getting the right price.  And in our experience, this is the time to get your house on the market and be aggressive.  Buyers start to dwindle as the heat rises.  Most homes are sold in the spring.  So going with a high price and thinking you can just keep lowering it until it sells may not even work as you may not have any buyers looking once you get the house into the range it should have been in all along.  You can ask both to print out comps and show them to you so you can see what they are basing their pricing on and ultimately it's up to you what you start with.

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Thanks guys for your help with this.  Such a hard decision! 


Amanda, it's NY metro area, so the housing costs are higher than other parts of the US.  Connecticut might as well be it's own world, though!


Jaimee and J, the market here is a lot like the one in pdx.  Bidding wars on first day of market, etc., etc.  The problem is that there are no comps for my house.  There has never been a LEED Platinum home for sale in our area.  It's also on a street that goes for more than the average price per square foot because it is across from a park, walk to town, walk to Whole Foods and Farmers Market, and walk to train.  Very hard to price and appraise!


I think we'll go with the higher list price.  The more experienced realtor is from another generation and may not get the green aspect of the home.  Both realtors want to pitch the house to NBC Open House, so I'll let you know if I get interviewed on TV!  If the younger realtor can't sell it, maybe we'll come crawling back to the more experienced one!

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Katie, your turn for the spotlight!

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This dog may or may not be mine as of the 6th. =) Name suggestions???
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Awww! So cute!

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So I've been having my cycles regularly since December. I'm really confused about what my body is doing. I haven't had a period in well over a month. It seems I've ovulated twice and not gotten a period. Last week, my cervix was high and closed, as if I was pregnant. Now it's lower, open and softer and long stringy CM. Any ideas?

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Becky, are you temping or just going by CF and CP?  If you're not temping there is no way to really know if you O'd or not. You may have geared up to ovulate more than once, but not yet succeeded and the fertile CF you're describing now is another attempt.  Have you taken an HPT?   I would bet that you're having an irregular cycle due to delayed ovulation, but test if you're worried.

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No HPT until Monday. SOO broke right now. lol And we need a new thermometer. The other one got chewed by, guess who? Levi. I wish my body would just decide to have a period and just do it every month! This is ridiculous. How the heck does one do NFP with THIS going on?

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Do you have any medical care resources, Becky?  Would a thermometer be covered by Medicaid?  I'd recommend consulting a gyn about birth control if NFP isn't a real option.  I'd figure out some sort of additional protection because a baby is FAR more expensive than birth control.

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Originally Posted by jbk21 View Post

Do you have any medical care resources, Becky?  Would a thermometer be covered by Medicaid?  I'd recommend consulting a gyn about birth control if NFP isn't a real option.  I'd figure out some sort of additional protection because a baby is FAR more expensive than birth control.

I just didn't want to put hormones in my body anymore, especially when I started getting my period again. And condoms *sigh* we may as well abstain because we can't feel a thing with them. I'm looking into more options.

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Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of hormones, either. But I'm even less of a fan of a 5th kid! So I have a Mirena, which has been awesome. Love it. The Paraguard doesn't even have hormones. I chose the Mirena this time because the Paraguard caused heavy bleeding for me. But it's different for everyone.


If you're not using anything right now, I'd recommend at least doing something temporarily. I had a diaphragm (like it's 1970!) after dd1. It was meh. But ok. Also, I use the vaginal contraceptive film, which is like 80 something percent effective when used correctly. VCF is cheap and easy and certainly better than nothing. It's an idea for like *right now* until you can figure out something better. Honestly, I'd be doubling up temporarily on something and the ol' pull and pray. Or abstaining from intercourse. But I am super serious about no babies. 

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Seriously, your DH wanted a vas, so I'd look into something and abstain in the meantime.  Not feeling anything during sex with condoms is better than having a baby that is not planned for and that you are not able to provide for.

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Becky - while I understand your hesitation to take hormones (I feel the same way), I can't help feeling very concerned about your situation. You are seriously playing with fire here. When you can't even afford to buy a pregnancy test you need to make one hundred percent sure you are not risking having another baby. You are obviously not prepared for a fourth child. This is serious. Sorry if this comes off rude but you're kinda freaking me out here.
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Wait, Becky didn't you say you got pregnant *on* bc before?? So you are like super fertile? Do you have healthcare? What's your situation with that? I would really recommend getting an IUD ASAP and abstaining until then. I can help you research the insurance side.

Here's the thing... IMO, NFP is for when it wouldn't be totally awful to get pregnant. Like, you'd prefer not to, but it's not the end of the world if you do. Sometimes, it is the end of the world, though. And you have to do something more.
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