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I had my baby!!

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Our baby girl was born into her papa's hands (with the help of my beautiful midwife) this afternoon!! 


22" long


Wonderful, fast but peaceful birth.  We are all so thrilled.  I feel so happy and grateful. More details, pictures, and hopefully a name to come.







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Baby-palooza! Congratulations, Brooklyn_Warbler! She is so beautiful.
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So excited for you. Congrats, Warbler:) It's amazing!

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Congrats!! Looks like a bunch of us were busy the last couple of days!!

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Oh my goodness!! You went from feeling super awesome to BABY in no time. Love it and congratulations!

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Wow! Congrats!!!!! Shes beautiful smile.gif
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Aww congratulations!!! What a beautiful baby!!!! YAY!!!!

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Aww, congrats brooklyn_warbler! She's beautiful!

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Absolutely gorgeous!
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Awwww! Congratulations!! She is beautiful!

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Congrats! She's precious! 

I guessed her date of birth AND her length right on the baby pool! Woohoo! :D 

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Congrats can't wait to hear her name!
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Oh you guys are lovely!  Congratulations!

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How beautiful - congrats Mama! Enjoy your baby moon. And kudos Bambi for guessing right :)

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Congratulations! She's so beautiful! Enjoy your babymoon!

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Great job - she is beautiful.  And I love her hat!

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Congrats Brooklyn Warbler!  She is perfect!  joy.gif


Congrats Bambi for getting first place in the baby pool.  I managed a third place ranking. orngtongue.gif  That was fun.  I guess I should set mine up now since I'm 37 weeks and all.


Now I have to go back and see who else had their babies while I've been preoccupied with lambing here at our farm!  


Congrats again BW!  Can't wait to hear the name! 

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