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What the P.A. Said...

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I had to run in to town tonight and see the p.a. at my doctor's practice and he saw in my charts that I was breastfeeding so we have to work around meds with that. On the way out he asked me how long I planned to and I said for awhile. Then he told me about how his wife was still bfing their 20mo old and his mom bfed him for 2 1/2 years. So I said the shortest I had gone was two years with one of mine and he thought that was great.


So much better than the run-in I had a few years ago with an er doc who thought there was no benefit after six months.

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Awesome! I love finding medical professionals like that. I always give them good reviews online so other people will know they are a good egg.

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Oh how great is that!

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That is so awesome! A couple of years ago I talked with my daughter's family doc, who was still nursing her one year old and from her attitude, seemed reluctant to stop. I told her I nursed til way past a year and lots of my friends do, too. I wish more medical professionals breastfed. Most of the RNs I know personally have kids with bad diets, use benedryl to get the kids to sleep smoothly at bedtime and stuff like that. It's so weird to have that lifestyle when you have a medical background!

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My family doc nursed her son for 14 months! It was helpful to have a BF-friendly doctor.
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