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Finding a doctor

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I've had a dr with whom I was comfortable for some time although I rarely go to the dr, honestly.  I found out a few months ago that she moved out of state, which her office neglected to tell her current patients.  So, in the interest of having someone to go to, I thought that I'd find someone new and set up a well check just to have care established somewhere.


Healthcare in my area, and I suspect throughout the country, is moving away from being something where you can go to a small private dr's office and toward huge, hospital owned practices.  I work for one of the local hospital systems and we are having this awful border war going on with the other health system where many of the physician's practices are being bought out by the hospitals and turned into giant conglomerates.  The few independent practices that exist are also huge enterprises.  None of this is very appealing to me.


So, I bit the bullet and went to see a DO who works for one of the huge groups owned by the health system for whom I work.  She was fine I guess, but I don't love the size of the practice.  I also don't love the fact that it doesn't work well with my health insurance, which is truly ironic given that I am insured through my employer - the group that owns the dr's practice.  For instance, she wanted me to have a blood draw for basic stuff like cholesterol, CBC, etc.  If that had been done in her office, it would be covered by our insurance @ 100% as a well care service.  The drs offices that are owned by our health system, however, don't do blood draws in the office.  They send us to one of the labs we also own and, b/c it is done "off site" from the drs office, it is subject to deductible meaning that I'd be paying the approx. $150 blood work fee entirely myself.  I didn't do it as a result.  This is just one example of the issues I ran into with insurance and the way this office bills.


Honestly, I just really would like to go to a small independent doc again if possible.  So, I did find that my former dr's office has hired a new female physician.  My dh sees the only other dr there, a male.  I was considering just switching back to them, but when I got a mailer from the other health system that owns their practice, this new female doc was profiled as one of their new docs.  Her profile says that she specializes in a number of general practice areas with circumcision being one of them.  While I am, obviously, not male and will not be having more children, and my kids are female, I have a hard time forming a relationship with a dr whose specialty is something that I consider a serious human rights violation.  


Maybe I'm just venting here... I just don't know what to do now other than have no doctor.  I already probably come across as a hot head to the bigger practice b/c I called them rather unhappy when I got the explanation of benis from our insurance denying the entire well check with the dr since they billed it as sick care (that's subject to deductible as well).  They insisted that a new pt visit had to be billed as sick care, which is not what I was told when I set up the apt.

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Hi ChristaN. Just thought I'd bump your post up for attention. I wish I had some advice for you but I don't. I feel the same but don't have any answers. 


Anyone have any wisdom to share?

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Thanks, Cynthia :)

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