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Can you actually wash Huggies swim diapers?

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The internet says you can! LOL


....has anyone actually tried this? Does it work?


What about just laying them out to dry when coming out of the pool and using them again (unless they got pooped in, of course, then I'd just throw it away)?


The reason I'm asking is that we're going away on vacation and I've bought a washable diaper and the disposable ones but since they don't hold water, I can't exactly test them.

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I used to put them in the spinny thing at the pool, let them dry and reuse.  My guy never peed (or pooped) in them so I felt no need to wash. 

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I have one I have used about six times now. It still looks and smells new.
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Agree with pp, putting in the spinner and air drying.

If no spinner I would dry in the sun
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yes you can I accidently learned this yesterday. I guess one I had laying on the dryer somehow ended up in the washer and transfered to the dryer.. Top loading full wash cycle and full dryer cycle and it came out looking brand new (pretty sure it was an unused one to start with)

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We just got back from vacation... the diapers rocked!! I used 2 over the whole week. The first one lasted about 4 days. I just kept sniffing it before I put it back on him and it seemed fine until the last time when I guess he peed in it on the way back up from the beach and I didn't notice. 

I met another lady on the beach who kept changing her daughter's... I tried to share my awesome discovery with her but she just looked at me like I was the most disgusting person on the planet lol blush.gif

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For some reason im grossed out too. lol

I cloth diaper and just use a cloth swim diaper that has 0 absorbancy. Re using a disposible dosent sound right. just my 2 cents, but hey if it works for you go for it.

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They're not much different than reusing a bathing suit. We were either in salty ocean water or chlorinated pool water so they were clean when they came off. 

The swim diapers hardly have anything to them, just the normal outside of a diaper and meshy netting stuff on the inside... when my son peed it didn't even stop the stream lol... it just shot out the front blush.gif

I had a cloth swim diaper for him too but he hated it (and so did I)... it got super heavy and started chafing his legs when he tried to run around. 

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I'm totally for cloth swim diapers.
My dd was taking swim lessons where the center required both a disposible swim diaper with a cloth swim diaper on top.
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That seems kind of pointless and unsafe... they both do the same thing, why would they require two?
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Totally agree. Many things I didn't like about the program Only did 6 classes, all with same disposible diaper.
Though lots of local water fountain/sprinkler require doubling up
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