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Hospital based midwife recommendations in Baltimore

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My husband and I are planning to start trying for baby #2 in a few months and we are looking for recommendations for hospital based midwife groups in Baltimore.  We worked with Kathy Slone's practice at Mercy and I unfortunately needed to get a c-section, so I will be planning to have an unmedicated VBAC with our second.  Slone's practice is not covered by our new insurance however, so I unfortunately need to explore other midwife groups.  We were looking specifically at University of Maryland, Maryland General, and St. Joseph's, although we're open to other suggestions as well.  I would love to hear any input you all have to offer! Thanks a bunch!

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I went to UMD, I liked the midwives, however I needed a repeat c-section, not anything to do with them.  I was not happy with the OB and the situation that happened afterward with L&D. You can message me if you are interested. The midwives were great I thought. Rooms are small but everyone is nice. If you have to stay for a while, you will deal with many doctors, it is a teaching hospital I think, so I got confused who I saw for what reason because a lot of people come in and out. especially with the pediatricians and the baby. But for the most part they were ok with me not getting vaxes and other stuff with the baby right away. I hope everything I said was ok per mothering terms of agreement....you can message me if you have questions. I had my baby a little over 2 years ago, so things may be different.

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My midwives I had for my HBAC specifically encouraged going to St. Joseph's when I decided I wanted to transfer, she said it was the most receptive hospital she's worked with in the area. They've also had good experiences with doula clients at UMD.  I went to Baltimore Washington Medical Center with my transfer and had an EXCELLENT experience. 

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I used Kathleen Slone with my first child and Maryland general hospital with my second. I loved my overall experience with Maryland general midwives and my stay at the hospital. I am hoping to take a break but when I do have my next, I plan to return back to Maryland general midwife group. After my first birth at Mercy, I blame and still partly blame the bad treatment I received from my uncaring very unwelcoming nurses as the reason I didn't successfully breastfeed my first child. Everytime I asked the nurses for help at Mercy, they would grab my baby, latch him on but wasn't concern with patiently helping me learn to latch my own child. oooh, how I hated that experience. When I had my second child at Maryland general hospital even the custodian staff were nicer than the ppl at Mercy.

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Just speaking from my experience as a doula and from a few friend's- the midwife group who delivers at St. Joe's was great.  birthing room was tiny but then you are moved to a larger room for the rest of your stay. I am currently 20 weeks preg and a patient of Hilles Whedbee who delivers at Sinai and I have been nothing but happy so far.  Best of luck! 

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I'm excited to meet Hilles. I see Sandy Seff on Sinai's campus, because I work there, but she's very med-wife-y. Sandy says Hilles is much more of a midwife, hah, so I'm looking forward to meeting her. 

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I had a successful VBAC with Capital Women's Care and St. Joes. My birth plan was respected 100%. It wasn't a natural birth since I caved at hour 38.  I will say they don't let you walk around as a VBAC and you have to have constant fetal monitoring so that means you can't even get in the shower.  

I would say it was a good enough experience, even one of my nurses had a home birth so that was nice. But stay home as long as possible before you go! (That's what I failed to do)

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