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BORN Community Midwives- Columbus OH- Review

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We are about to have our third baby and noticed that BORN midwives is now on the scene in Columbus. Has anyone used them? How are their practices different than CHOICE? I noticed that it's made up of CHOICE alums. And, because I'm nosy, does anyone know what happened there?



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Just thought I'd bump your post up for attention. love.gif

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No, I don't know what happened, except that Abby died (Dec. 2011), she seemed to be the glue that held everyone & everything together. I do believe they are all still friends, just needing a change I  guess, BORN may do things a little different, not sure, ask Audra. I think it's nice, in a way, that CHOICE is no longer a monopoly in Cols. I don't know how much either charges now,  but I have gotten calls from Cols clients who couldn't afford CHOICE. (I cover most of  southern OH, Cols is my northern border.

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I'm a current client of BORN (due in Sept) and I love them. I had consults with several caregivers including CHOICE and selected the BORN team because I felt the best personality match and was most comfortable with them. Their general approach is pretty similar as you can imagine. My advice is to take advantage of the free consults everyone offers and ask them all your questions! Good luck!
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Thanks everyone for the feedback!



I agree that it's nice for CHOICE to have the competition. It will keep them on their toes.


I think I'll make an appointment with both and see what kind of vibe I get.


Catzia, if you don't mind my asking, how much does BORN charge? I know CHOICE is up to $3200 now.



Thanks again :)

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BORN's rates are lower, around $2750 if I'm thinking right. They don't have the overhead of the big office that CHOICE has, so I assume that's a bit part of why their rates are lower. I talked to a few independent CPMs in the area and most were in the ballpark as well. I think checking them both out is a good approach! I'd be interested to learn your impressions. 

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I was recently looking into both CHOICE and BORN as well. I planned to meet with them both but unfortunately didn't get that chance. Perhaps in the future. BUT from what I have experienced, and I hate to say this on a public forum, but CHOICE seemed more attentive. They called me a few days before my appointment to confirm which reminded me to let them know of my miscarriage (I had a lot going on and I kept forgetting to call, lol). When I informed them of what happened I got a beautiful sympathy card in the mail with information on miscarriage. I also forgot to call BORN (I know, I'm so reliable :P) And they never called to find out why I didn't show up. Obviously that's a 2 way street and I didn't call them either but it was nice that CHOICE hadn't seemed to "forget about me" lol. I don't want to say anything bad about BORN, as I didn't have much experience with either of them. Just wanted to share my personal experience :) I do still plan to meet with them both if I am lucky enough to get pregnant again when hubs returns from his deployment.

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just curious; why didn't you call them when you were miscarrying, instead of after? A midwife can also be a big help during a miscarriage, as well as a full term birth. Safer than staying home by yourself & much more empathetic & personal than going to the ER, not to mention cheaper.  

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This is a very helpful thread. I am TTC and will be looking for a c'bus midwife when my time comes.

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