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What have you done that most people haven’t?

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This topic came up in the course of light-hearted discussion I was having with friends recently. So, I thought I'd pitch the question here and see what sort of interesting and surprising things everyone has to share. orngbiggrin.gif


I'll start. 


I have:

  • Met a couple of princes
  • Worn an afghani veil (example picture below)
  • Bellydanced 
  • Had sex on a mountain top in the Rocky Mountains innocent.gif
  • Eaten lizard


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Wow. I have to ask, are those veils hard to maneuver in? Seems like there is no peripheral vision at all.


Things I have done that most people haven't:


*stage managed theatre productions

*worked with the lighting director for Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy (he gave me a book about tattoos for an opening night present. orngbiggrin.gif)

*Discovered I am only two degrees from Kevin Bacon. lol.gif

*Taken the train from Portland, OR to Denver, CO

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I once had someone describe me as having had "a life that would make a Hollywood screenwriter blush" - and that was back before my divorce and remarriage. So, it seems very odd that my honest answer to the OP is...nothing. I've lived, by choice, a very humdrum, ordinary kind of life. I guess homeschooling is still an unusual choice, but not so much so that I think it fits the OP.

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- finally, at past 45 years of age and when overweight, agreed to take part in the end of year show with my belly dance class (which i never dared to do aged 34, 20 kilos lighter, with the same teacher .... and i spent 8 years not practising, it's not as if i'm in the advance class or anything ...am still just barely above beginners level LOL) AND not cared what i look like


- decided to move countries at age 24, was planning to be gone for 2 years, it lasted 7 years and in the middle of it i also learned a bit of Chinese, got myself a plane ticket and went to explore in China for a bit - that was over 20 years ago, prior to having kids ....


- marry in another culture .... so that now, i can feel ok living a bilingual life


- breastfed for quite a while and still helping out other moms if i can  (lending a baby carrier with a demonstration of it, lending a LLL book to someone wondering how to explain to their future childminder how to manage breastmilk bottles after returning to work) ... or course, this being MDC, i should think most people posting on this forum would have done that type of things ..... in the general population though .....

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Heh. Most of the weird stuff I've done is pretty banal by MDC standards! I encapsulated and consumed my placenta, but that barely raises an eyebrow here. :p




I learned to write Hobbit runes and tengwar (Tolkien's Elvish script) fluently as a teen, and kept diaries in both for ages. My skills are rusty now, but I still occasionally use it for writing Christmas present lists. I discovered recently you can write in Gallifreyan and toyed with learning it, but I guess I'm old and boring now.


On a related note, I attended (outside, on the street) the Return of the King premiere, in a dubious Eowyn costume. I've had a tour of Weta Workshops, met a lot of the cast, been called "sweetie" by Richard Taylor, groped by John Noble, and visited a bunch of filming locations, including some more esoteric ones. Living in NZ, I've also met several extras. Oh, and I've seen The Fellowship of the Ring more than thirty times. So yeah, there that is.


Apart from that... I dunno. I make wedding cakes occasionally. That's not particularly esoteric, I guess, but if I mention it in real life it seems to impress people. An interview with me was once published in someone's thesis on siblings of children with autism.


Oh, and I went skydiving. Once. Found it underwhelming. And yes, that is SO not mind-blowingly original, but according to my mother it's the wackiest, craziest hijink a person could get up to short of scaling the Eiffel Tower painted blue and covered with weasels. I come from conservative stock. :p This is a woman who's still reeling from the daring feat of painting one bedroom wall aubergine; I think she's still half-admiring and half-embarrassed that I henna my hair - to a shade everyone mistakes for natural, no less. Poor Mother. Still, she's supportive, except for the skydiving thing. She made my Eowyn costume, and that's something.

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Not much that's really out there.

I regularly used to attend the Rocky Horror Picture Show live performance in Berkeley, and won their lingerie contest 2 years in a row. ("Castles don't have phones, @$$hole!" wink1.gif )

Let's see ... I skipped a grade in elementary school, back when they used to do that sort of thing more commonly. I honestly think my height had as much to do with it as my intelligence.

I was born overseas, but that was my parents' doing, not my own.

I took sign language as my foreign language in college.

I'm self-taught in piano.
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Weirdest thing I've done was probably getting my picture on a postcard--not the made-for-family kind, the mass produced and found in every tourist trap within a certain region kind.

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I've flown on a commercial flight all by myself. Just me, the pilots, and one flight attendant on a big ol' plane!

I've been indoor sky-diving in the biggest vertical wind tunnel on the planet.

I've done singular things in my work, but it's the kind of stuff that maybe a dozen or so people in the world actually care about, so that's not very exciting. smile.gif
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I witnessed, and very likely was what thwarted, an attempted robbery


I was invited on stage to sing at a concert. At a show in a major world tour, in a 20,000 seat arena. 


I've held a lion cub, lynx, and bobcat. The bobcat pounced on me and scared the crap out of me :D But he was friendly, and polite with his claws. Whew.

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Fun thread!


Two things pop into my mind:

(1) I spent a month in Brazil in 2006- went to a bunch of places there and the HIV conference in Rio.  Awesome.  


(2)  I was on the Judge Mathis show!  I was a plaintiff and won the case.  I spent an hour or so in a large room with many other plaintiffs taping that day and I can tell you if you ever thought the people on shows like Jerry Springer were actors they ARE NOT- people that crazy really exist!! LOL



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-I've eaten rattlesnake.  Tastes like chicken.


-I met and impressed Tim Gunn.  I had sewn a dress just for the occasion.  It had breastfeeding access and he said that in his 29 years as a professor he had never seen anything like it.


-I wrassled an emu to the ground so my dad could stitch its throat up from an unfortunate accident.  I was 18 at the time and that emu was huge!


-I received a Superior+ for a flute solo while in high school.  I played Invention 8 by Bach.

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Given birth on the highway (in a car)
Hitchhiked (bad idea)
Married my high school sweet heart
Ran away from home (as a teen, twice)
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  • Jumped out of a perfectly good plane
  • cleaned a whale tank, with the whale in it as part as my scuba diving certification
  • eaten rattlesnake (while pregnant :-) )
  • Came within inches of hitting Chuck Norris with my car  - he was staying at my apartment complex while he shot a 2 part episode of Walker, Texas Rangers
  • attended a Christian college as a non-Christian


I'm sure there are others, but that's a start....

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Homeschooled and did school of the air for all of primary school (not that uncommon here I guess but you don't meet too many people IRL)

Spent the night on the Great Barrier Reef to watch the coral spawning.

Grew up in the middle of a fairly famous national park (I have my parents to thank for that one though).

I've caught 50+ babies (also not so rare around here but more so IRL).

Not that much really. My parents are the pioneer adventurers in our family.
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Originally Posted by 34me View Post

  • Came within inches of hitting Chuck Norris with my car  - he was staying at my apartment complex while he shot a 2 part episode of Walker, Texas Rangers


That.  Is.  Awesome.

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 I was a plaintiff and won the case.

What was the case?



Weirdest thing I've done was probably getting my picture on a postcard--not the made-for-family kind, the mass produced and found in every tourist trap within a certain region kind.

Also intriguing! How, why, what?


Oh, I thought of another one. I got a perfect 800 in my English SAT exam - which people don't even do here, I just did it for fun. Got offered a place in Harvard College with financial assistance. Mum sat me down and did the guilty "We really can't afford this and I don't want you to move to America" talk, which was hilarious because I had no intention of going. The letter did help me get into my pathetic local uni without "proper" highschool qualifications though, so it was handy.


Come to think of it, that was pretty much the peak of my academic career. :/

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I've given birth in a developing country, which is unusual for an American, I think. Also been sky diving, but that was a long time ago.


It's funny, because I haven't really done a lot that's terribly unique, but I live in an area where many people graduate high school, get married, and buy a house withing 10 minutes of their parents' house. So I guess it depends on the comparison group, really!

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" it depends on the comparison group "

indeed mamaofprincesses

my cousin (same age, now lives in same town) things i'm really weird and do weird stuff ... because i'm different from her in many points !

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Do boring everyday things count?  I can't think of many awesome things I have done as I'm not a risk-taker. :D


I have been with just one man ever (didn't look around at all).  I guess I'm easy to please.


Bought my first home "accidentally" when we went to watch a movie.  Bought our second home the first time we went looking. 


Had a traditional white wedding and did nearly none of the planning (handed everything to MIL to deal with), just showed up for it.


I went to shooting practice once without my glasses (it broke on the way there) and couldn't see a thing.  :D


I've eaten worms and bugs (deep fried of course).


I can count the times I've been to a hair dresser on one hand. :) When I was little my mom cut my hair.  Later I cut my own hair.

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Hmmmm....  cool thread.   I have to admit that I am having a hard time finding something that sets me apart from everyone.  Is that sad!!!     Here I go....


- Run a mile in 5:33 - at 40 years old.


hoisted 153 feet in the air then pulled a rip cord.


-  Pumped in an office in 1994 so I could breastfed my baby.  I did it for 9 months while working full time!  I was a rebel!   


-  Went swimming with Stingrays.  The unusual part is that I was holding my 8 year old and 10 year old in the water while feeding and holding the stingrays.  They were clinging to me like little monkeys and hysterically crying....  Good times man.....


This is gonna have me thinking all day!   


OH!  I forgot - 


My sister was born on my birthday when I was 1....so that's pretty cool huh!

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