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Fake Ergos

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I just thought I'd start a topic about how common counterfeit Ergo's seem to be around the web...


How to spot a fake Ergo




The most amusing site I've personally found... it looks all official, even has links at the bottom to "official" companies, which turn out to be youtube videos the the actual companies don't notice the link back... then you start reading the descriptions which are all broken English ROTFLMAO.gif


Using the ERGO baby carrier permits you to stay your baby shut while supplying you with the liberty to stay active and productive in your lifestyle.it is wonderful,isn't it?
ergobaby-canada.com is currently deadly welcomed by a large number of new customers and customers who have ever done the trade with, for it's quite strict with customer service and delivery, it'll be getting better in the future.

From http://www.ergobaby-canada.com


I've even seen reviews on Amazon saying THEY were sent fake Ergos but Amazon says they have no way of verifying which suppliers they came from. http://www.amazon.com/Ergo-baby-Baby-Carrier-Galaxy/product-reviews/B002NGMXR2/ref=cm_cr_pr_hist_1?ie=UTF8&filterBy=addOneStar&showViewpoints=0

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I had no idea! This was really eye opening.
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I had to have a buckle that broke replaced on my ergo. Before they would send me a new one I had to take close up pictures of like fifteen different random parts and send them to them!
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There was actually a site on the real Ergo's page listing the counterfeits but I can't remember which one it was now, there are so many fakes!

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Found it!



List of Offending Sites (updated monthly, as of 01/08/2013)

  • 1stergobabycarrier.com
  • 1st-store.com/index.php?main_page=ergobabycarriers
  • baby-alice.com
  • babycarriergo.com
  • babycarriergo4u.com
  • babycarriersale.com
  • babycarrier-shop.com
  • baby-carrier-shop.de
  • babycarrierzone.com
  • babyergocarriers.com
  • babyergocasale.com
  • babyscarrier.com
  • babyscarriergo.com
  • barnesandnoble.com
  • bbmalaika.blogspot.com/2011/07/pre-order-ergo-baby-carrier.html
  • bestergobabycarriers.com
  • buyergobabycarrier.org
  • carriergosale.com
  • cheapergobaby.com
  • cheapergobabycarrier.com
  • cheapestgoods.net/-p-113.html
  • economicalshop.com/Wholesale/ergo-baby-carrier-is-1-sid-1.html
  • ergobaby.uk
  • ergobaby-canada.com
  • ergobabyaustralia.com
  • ergobabybackpack.com
  • ergobabybackpack.org
  • ergobabycanada.com
  • ergobabycarrier.us.com
  • ergobabycarrierca.ca
  • ergobabycarrieronline.com
  • ergobabycarrieroutlet.net
  • ergobabycarriers.ca
  • ergobabycarriers.co.uk
  • ergobabycarriersale.com
  • ergobabycarriersca.com
  • ergobabycarrierset.com
  • ergobabycarriersg.com
  • ergobabycarriersstore.com
  • ergobabycarriersuk.com
  • ergobabycarrierus.com
  • ergobabycarris.com
  • ergobabyclearance.com
  • ergobabydeeal.com
  • ergobabyinc.com
  • ergobabyinfant.com
  • ergobabyireland.com
  • ergobabymart.com
  • ergobabynz.com
  • ergobabyonsale.com
  • ergobabysales.com
  • ergobabyscarrier.com
  • ergobabyshop.com
  • ergobaby-shop.com
  • ergobabysingapore.com
  • ergobabystockist.com
  • ergobabystore.com
  • ergobabyus.com
  • ergobabyuk.co.uk
  • ergobabywearing.com
  • ergocarrieraustralia.com
  • ergocarrierprice.com/ergo-baby-carriersport-blue-p-174.html
  • ergocarrierprice.com
  • ergocarriersales.com
  • ergoinfantcarrier.com
  • ergoinfrant.com
  • ergosale.com
  • gmarket.com
  • granmababy.com
  • hoopos.com
  • newegg.com
  • shopergobabycarriers.com
  • ukergobabycarrier.co.uk/blog
  • ukergobabycarrier.co.uk
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