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Tdap shot and pregnancy/post pregnancy????

Poll Results: Are you going to get the Tdap shot??

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So just wondering if your OB or midwife wanted you to get this shot?  They offered it to me a maybe a month ago, but i told them that there was no way i was going to take it while i was pregnant (just didn't want to do it then even though they say it is safe and fine) and they said I could get it after our baby was born while still in the hospital, but i'm still really on the fence about the whole thing.  What are you going to do and do you have any insight for me??  Thanks!!!!

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If you are one who normally takes vaccines and need this to be up to date, then yes I would take it after you give birth, I too don't take vaccines while pregnant as I think the unknown risks trumps a slight delay in taking the vaccine. That vaccine provides protection for tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis, the latter of which can be pretty bad if infants catch it, I'm guessing that is the part they want you up to date on to protect your baby? I would confirm with them if that is the case first.

With my first birth, they offered me the MMR vaccine at the hospital because I was no longer immune to Rubella despite having chicken pox as a child (they tested me for this at my OB). I did take it as I normally take vaccines when not pregnant.
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The TDAP vaccine is mainly to protect your newborn from pertussis (whooping cough). Whooping cough is very dangerous for newborns and it's becoming more common. My doctor recommended that anybody who is going to to be around the baby should get vaccinated. Immunity does take some time to build up. That's why they want you to get it before the baby is born. Just keep in mind that you have to balance risks. There's always some small risk with vaccines (and I'm sure your doctor could tell you about them), but there's also the risk of the baby being exposed to pertussis if you don't get the vaccine while pregnant.


Personally, I am getting the vaccine while pregnant. I think I'm supposed to get it after 28 weeks. I also told my husband and my mother to get vaccinated.

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I'm not at all impressed with the effectiveness of the pertussis vax, and I will definitely not be getting any vaccines during pregnancy.
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I researched then declined.  

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I feel that any vaccine that can't be administered to an infant at birth isn't going to be given to me while I was pregnant.    Since the DTaP can't be given to a baby until they are 6 weeks old, I turned down the vaccine.  Plus, I had this vaccine two years ago so I would be more concerned with people in my family being up-to-date with this vaccine including siblings, husband, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and even friends.

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I was thinking about it. We are normally a VERY non-Vax family, but Pertussis is mainly a concern between 0-2 months, so it is tempting to mediate the risks of the Vax through my body (which due to my upbringing has already been plenty Vax'ed) & provide protection @ the most relevant time. I have already stated to my providers tho that I will definitely not consider it until 37 weeks, the last possible moment.

We do live in a 'high Pertussis' area but I also have read it really happens on a 3 year cycle & in the Spring?

So really unsure.
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Tdap doesn't prevent transmission of pertussis. Get it for yourself if you want but it won't stop you from being a carrier.

Our next baby (TTC) will get DTaP (and only that) starting at 4 months. Everything else is less urgent. I will not get it for myself though. Just got a booster last year anyway.
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Getting Tdap during pregnancy would theoretically protect the baby some . . . The antibodies transfer. Personally, unless you ARE interested in protecting the 'community' or the Tetanus component, I don't see the point of initiating DTaP @ 4 months: that is pretty much when the risk of actual death from the disease goes way down.
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I just posted this question in my due date club....my Ob told me to get the shot and flu mist either now or immediately after babe is born - I'm 35 weeks - and he'd ( he said) get lots of the antibodies in my milk. I'm usually non vac but it did start me thinking. I'm still deciding- any info or advice pro or con would be welcome.
I actually looked in to Sears schedule and noticed pertussis is one he says is important early? I'm as confused as I was 8 years ago when I had my first and after shots at two and four months I quit.
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You can't get the FluMist while you are pregnant. And it does shed, so IDK about getting it right after.

As far as Tdap goes, the antibodies from a Post Partum shot are not thought to be meaningfully transferred through milk, I have read.
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