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What do I really NEED when Baby comes?

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So I'm not naturally a super organized person, and I tend to forget the little details.  I was just wondering what things we absolutely NEED within the first month or so of the baby's arrival.

Things I have thought of so far: crib, change table, car seat, clothes, receiving blankets, diapers (and accessories, ex wipes), stroller....   what am I missing?


Thanks!  I appreciate the help!

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Never used the changing table, just started using crib at twentyone months. What about a carrier: ergo, boba, tula, beco... Nose frida's are nice. You might not need the stroller. I.would stock up on frozen meals and snacks. If you are breast feeding you may need pads and a couple bras. Good luck!
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My mother bought some baby slings for my sister-in-law and she never used them, so my mom was going to see if she could send them to me.  Maybe I should get another style of carrier just in case I don't like the slings.  I will look into the brands you suggested - thank you.


Also Nose frida?  I am Googling these things.. is that the nasal aspirator?


Thanks for the suggestions! 

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Yep, more gentle than a bulb.
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I like having a small bottle of infant acetaminophen on hand in case of fever. Small nail clippers & yes a nasal aspirator. Depending how big your place is, you might want a baby monitor. I can't see well in the dark, but even if you can, a night light can be really nice to have for those night time feedings/changings. I personally find a comfy recliner a necessity for breastfeeding, especially at night smile.gif I also was very glad I had a breast pump (a simple hand pump is fine) for relief and to save up milk for going back to work when I had a few engorged times as I was bad at hand expression. Some really like BFing pillows too, I preferred using 2-3 flat bed pillows myself.

You don't need one, but I really like having a baby bathtub for baths. And while I agree you don't need a changing table, I loved mine and used it all the time. And you definitely might not need the crib right away, though I think it is nice to have it ready and set up for when you do want it. I didn't use a stroller for quite awhile myself, but it really depends on you and your baby. I also really liked having a bouncy seat (just a simple one with the toy bar removed and I never used the vibrate feature, but some babies love it) so I could put my baby down to pee, shower, etc. but still have her close by as she hated not being held and that at least helped if she was close and could see/hear me.
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Yeah, you don't really need much...I agree with having *something* to put the baby in for using the bathroom or cooking or any other activity that you can't hold baby for.  Pads and some personal care items for yourself for the PP bleeding and in case you get hemorrhoids.  Having burp cloths accessible is good.  And lots of healthy snacks and freezer food, keep water and food stashed near anywhere you may be nursing (if bfing) since you will likely be super hungry and thirsty.  Um, yeah....perhaps get in touch with your local LLL so that if you need support you have already met up with some members (both nursing support, but also just support for new baby stuff).  You don't really need a lot of "stuff"....

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I agree with everyone else, you don't really need much. My own personal musts are: breast pads, lansinoh cream, receiving blankets, several onesies and sleepers (my kids were 9+lbs at birth so no newborn sizes, they started in 3-6month sizes) carseat, diapers (I also like a barrier cream for early diaper changes like almond oil, etc) and a stocked up freezer for easy, nutritious meals.

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Love. Patience. Boobs.

That's about it.

Co-sleeping eliminates the need for cribs, tiny sheets, baby moniters, mobiles and all that other stuff. EC-ing eliminates the need for diapers, wipes and diaper rash cream. Breastfeeding eliminates the need for bottles, passifiers, formula and such. Baby wearing eliminates the need for a stroller, a swing, a bouncer and anything else you use to artificially hold a baby.

It's not what you need, it's what you want. This time around I wanted super nice baby wearing slings, the best nipple cream I could find, really cute and soft blankets, and all sorts of quick and healthy snacks for me while I breastfeed. My baby is a week old, and has yet to wear clothes because we do so much skin to skin. I assume I will want baby clothes when we eventually go outside.

So, forget about feeling obligated to spend money on baby stuff. Spend the money on the stuff you want, because you really don't need anything money can buy. So, if you want a stroller, go for it, but don't feel like you HAVE to buy one to be a good parent.

And congrats and good luck!
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Nail clippers. Mine came put with talons. Nosefreida is wonderful.
I love a Mei tai for newborns, and beyond. Easy to take them out and sometimes it is the only thing that keeps them happy, plus you get two hands.
Car seat. Many convertables fit from birth if you don't want the bucket.
Something to hold your boobs. Nursing tanks are perfect until they settle into a size, and then for years to come too.
We had a bassinet stroller from day one and loved it, but we got it instead of a car.
Skip the bathtub and just bring them in the bath or shower with you. As long as you are not bubbly they lost Velcro on. Plus the bast is a wonderful place to nurse.
Waterproof cover for your bed. Everything is going to get spilt or leak there. Trust me.
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