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Random Vomiting

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My 2 yr old daughter has had so many issues with vomiting lately.  There is no rhyme or reason to it at all.  Sometimes it can happen 3-4 times a week, and other times she can go weeks with no episodes.  It only happens at night, and it happens as long as 6 hours after she has eaten.  We have gone to the Doctor for it repeatedly, and they have run tests and done ultrasounds, and cannot find out what is causing this. Has anyone else had this happen to their child?  I just hate seeing her suffer like this, she gets really sick, and then is perfectly fine afterwards, and it has been going on for months now.

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Keep a food symptom diary or log. Write what she eats and when and how much, then note the vomiting. Does she ever complain that she doesn't feel well? If she does, is it only right before vomiting, or does she not feel well for hours and then vomit? How does she feel after vomiting? Tired? Hungry? Fine? With answers to these questions, hopefully we can figure out what's going on.
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We've been doing that, and there is nothing in common food wise with when she vomits, and there is no warning, she is fine, she throws up, cries because she's throwing up, and within minutes she's fine again
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Can you take the time to write up a couple days' entries? It might be that I see a pattern because I know some common hidden ingredients.
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I did have a neighbor growing up who did this and was told he had an problem with location of something with his stomache and had a sugery I believe to pin it in place....I guess similar to animals who bloat and the stomache turns?  It was easily 20 yrs ago so clearly I may be missing details but the things I remember clearly were the random vomiting and the surgery to pin his stomache.  Now that said I'm not promoting surgery just relaying the story since the vomiting part was similar.  I agree with the food log but also have you thought about going for alternative testing, aka, Naturopath?  They don't usually do invasive tests but results are amazingly accurate.  My ND was the only one to diagnose DD with an oat sensitivity - Pedi completely denied it even though I knew from food elimination that it caused her severe hives the very few times she had anything with oats.  She was able to test her for close to 100 different things in under a half hour.  Something that might be worth a shot for you. 

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