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The Disconnected Child????

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Hello All,


I usually post about my DD, but DS has ADHD, and we have been struggling more this year.  We are still hesistant to use meds.  One of the moms at DS's school recommended The Disconnected Child by Robert Melillo.  She is in love with it and found it very helpful, I am skeptical.  ANy one out there with experience?

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Subscribing to hear opinions as well.  I am dealing with my youngest son who appears to have ADHD as well.

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here is a link to an online critique: 




I did not look into the program too deeply, but I am very, very cautious of the "one strategy heals them all" approach. I think there is much more about it than what most author give it credit for. 


I do understand though, that desperate times call for desperate measures. I have been there (in fact, I am still there ;) ) 


At the moment I think, that I just go with the approach that is closest to my heart, the one the resonates with me. 


I just read: Smart but scattered. That is about how you teach executive skills to your child, and I think it is really helpful. but it is a totally different approach. and I obviously don't know yet, if it's changing anything.


My son is getting worse and worse at the moment, and at the end of every letter there is the sentence: We suggest starting him on MPH. (He is four for god's sake!)


Hang in there!

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OK, so I checked the book out from the library.  Basically it is one big advertisement for their clinics.  Also, websites said he is a neurologist, but is actually a chiropractor.  There are lots of tests in the book to see if your child has a disconnected brain (by the way everyone in my house failed at least one of the tests), but no actual ways to treat it other than going to his clinics.  I returned the book, glad I did not waste $$ buying it.

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Oh my God you are sooooo right ! I was foolish enough to buy that stupid book.
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