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Lack of Movement

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So, I just realized I haven't felt the baby in a while. Like maybe a day or two. I've been sick, so maybe I just haven't been observant. I'm a day shy of 26 weeks. I've always had very active babies, so I'm not sure what would be considered a "normal" amount of time between feeling movements. Anyone have any ideas? I'll definitely be paying attention now. Hopefully, I'll feel something soon. Feeling a little concerned.redface.gif

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have you tried drinking some water and going to lie down?

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I'm just now laying down. Have had some water, but a lot of tea and just finished a cold protein shake. Finally could get away to my room where it's quiet. Hopefully, I'll be able to feel something soon.
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You know where your placenta is and how much daily movement have you felt prior to today? Hopefully that protein shake helps! I know food always makes my LO start moving about.
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Do you mean feeling movement just on its own without any major effort? I hardly feel my baby at all , unless I am.overly hungry or tired. My midwife said I could press down on my belly & feel much more moving, but I dont feel comfortable doing it. I.am.trying not to.be too.worried about it.
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My placenta is in the back, so not a hindrance to feeling movement. He's usually pretty active, except that in comparison to my other kids, his movements are much lighter than theirs were. Here We Are, I'm referring to just movement on his own, without me doing anything. Although, I have tried. I pressed on my belly to try to get him to move, I even laid on my stomach to see if it would cramp his space enough to get him to move, but no dice. I've given myself another half hour, that if I still haven't felt anything, I'm going to text my midwife. I know it's likely nothing, but at this point I am more than just a little concerned. 

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I know you have to watch your carbs but maybe try a little bit of sugar?
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no harm in calling and g oing in! do you have a doppler at home?  i actually read recently that you shouldnt use that to self-diagnose if you observe decreased fetal movement, you should always call/go in

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Hopefully you simply don't remember it or didn't notice it. Mine is most active when I'm trying to fall asleep or while I nurse. At times a treat gets a reaction but I'm also one to notice movement more when I'm hungry. I'd call/text to touch base for sure. Often as soon as I reach out for help regarding something, the situation resolves itself. Here's hoping baby is just yanking your cord as it were smile.gif
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My midwife came by, arrived about an hour ago. She couldn't find heart tones, only cord and those were quite low. So, we're headed in to the hospital to get him checked out. Positive thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
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This really makes me think b/c I feel so little movement on my own, definetly not every day or every other day, it seems like only a couple times a week? I guess if
there was more movement everyday I would be more worried too? And since theres not it seems normal for me? What is "normal" is always changing I think being different for everyone? I thought lack of movement was more of a concern later on? Not sure when that would be. My midwife was saying the baby was more involved in touching her/his own face or body parts. Maybe yours recently discovered something new?
I just saw your recent post& am thinking of you. I hope my thought didnt come off the wrong way, I just dont know about these things& am always trying to hope for the best. I am glad youre following up&finding out what you need to do.
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Positive thoughts coming your way. Glad you are getting the care you need w/midwife and hospital. Hope all will be well.

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Good, healthy baby thoughts! Hopefully baby was simply moving more subtly, as here we are suggested. Hope you get reassurance and good news.
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Thinking of you and your sweetness boy.
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Thinking of you and your little guy. Please let us know how you are as soon as you can. 

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Thinking of you, mama. Prayin that everything is ok.
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I'll keep you both in my thoughts.

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Thinking of you!
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He's gone. No clear reason. They told us they frequently won't know. We're heartbroken. I'm in the hospital to be induced later this morning. We're sick, confused and so terribly sad. Your thoughts and/or prayers would be greatly appreciated as we go through this dark and scary process.
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Oh s*^#. I am so so sorry to hear that Lolligee. So very sorry. I'm holding you and your family in my heart, and sending you strength for the next part of your journey with this little one.
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