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I have no words. The pictures are beautiful and I'm so very sorry about the circumstances surrounding them. I hope you find ways to heal and know he will be with you forever hug.gif
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The pictures are beautiful. I'm so glad you have them! I wish we had some of our sweet babe. What a comfort that will be!
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Beautiful pictures! Such sweet little piggies...
You're in my thoughts, momma. Hoping you have the support you need to grieve and heal over time.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Your photos are beautiful and moving. I hope you find good support in this hard time from your family. All my best wishes go to you!!
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my, condolences, hugs to you and your family.  My heart breaks for you.

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I am so sorry for your loss. Those photos are beautiful, thank you for sharing them, and Sebastian's story with us. He, and all your family will long be in my thoughts.  Take care of yourself. May gentleness surround you in this time of terrible grief. 

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I am so sorry for what your and your family are going through. It is a crazy, unfair time to say the least. Thank you so much for sharing Sebastian's pictures and story. As you can see in my pic my little boy is also holding my finger. i also lost him to a cord accident. We are always holding them and the work (being pregnant) you did to bring him life did/does not go unnoticed. yes we are strangers but feel free to pm me, just for whatever. and be sure to look out for you.

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<3 Shelia & Sebastian <3

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lolliegee--just got back and town and saw your posts...i'm sending you and your family so much love and thinking of you. and shedding a bunch of tears for you. i know sebastian is loved and hope that through the grief you and your family can always remember and connect to that love with him. blessings to you and your family. hugs. hugs. and more hugs. i do not know how we make it through these things--but i know that we do...and they forever change us. much love.


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Adding to the group hug for you and Sebastian. <3

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Your photos are just beautiful.  Your little boy could hear your voice and feel your love.

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I am continually touched by everyone who is reaching out to us and offering support! Our community is absolutely amazing us and taking such good care of us. Thank you to those here, just knowing we're in your thoughts gives us comfort.

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I haven't been on for several days and just saw those precious pictures. I'm so very sorry for you. Much love and healing thoughts to you.
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