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From hospital VBAC to home birth?

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Do I need anymore complications in my life?  No...but that's not my life, it's someone else's.


I am still marginal placenta previa at 34 weeks 3 days.  I am being prepared for a c-section by all of my caretakers and I totally feel like this is absolutely unnecessary.  I had an emergency c with my dd because she was frank breech.  


I am considering a home birth but I have a history of hemorrhaging.  I am a little worried about that aspect of a home birth.  OK, it scares the crap out of me.  The last time I was hemorrhaging, I remember flying down the hall on a gurney and being put under with general anesthesia for the surgery.  It was a hard and fast deal, and it took me a long time to heal and recover.  


The hospital and birth team I currently have will not even consider a marginal placenta previa patient.  It's an automatic c-section.  I saw my OB today and he was not hopeful.  I have had no symptoms, I did have small spotting 2 days after we moved at week 32 but it was not due to the previa.  


I am already seeing a chiropractor (for breech baby), and acupuncturist (for breech and for my rheumatoid pain) and an herbalist (for the previa).  Has anyone ever had a vaginal birth with a marginal previa or successfully moved the placenta prior to birth?


We are considering the home birth only because DH and I do not want an unnecessary c-section.  I already got that t-shirt and I don't want another.

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Don't know much about partial prevaria, but just wanted to offer a hug.gif and good luck that hopefully a vaginal birth will work out for you.
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Thanks Quinalla!

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Are they willing to even check on the placenta previa again? 

I have a friend who was recently in a similar situation with a partial previa.  She had been planning a home birth (and was also a vbac)  but then saw doctors also because of bleeding.  She was still seeing both until literally the day before-it's a hard choice and I don't think there is a "right" answer.  Just right for you.  I can only answer for me that it would depend greatly on the midwife's experience in dealing with hemoraging (and previa at well).  It would also depend on my proximity to the hospital since there is a chance you would need to transfer.  Also, if you tried the home birth  and ended up transferring, would you feel like it was worth it that you tried (physically, mentally, emotionally, financially)?    For some it is and for some it's not.

Either way, I hope you can find a route that you are at peace with and everything goes well!

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Co, yes they are giving me until 36 weeks which is about another 10 days.  I have an ultrasound this Friday and crossing fingers all will be in place.  


We meant with our doula tonight who is also a home birth midwife.  And she feels as I do, a little nervous given my history and the larger quantity of variance I have had between 5 pregnancies.  


You did give me some pause for thought and I am thinking more about what is worth it to me...that is an important point about the physical, emotional, mental and financial satisfaction I might, or might not, receive from a successful, or not, vbac.

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I hope everything looks good on your scan today. 

I just wanted to tell you about a facebook vbac group that is AWESOME!  It really helps me work through my thoughts and plans with the advice and encouragement from so many other ladies in similar situations. 


I've had 4cs and hope to have a normal birth this time.  This group helps me a lot.

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The ultrasound Friday was very good.  I'm cleared to try for a VBAC, much to the surprise of my high risk dr.  The previa moved a lot in 3 weeks.  Previous to that, the placenta had not moved in over 2 months.  Either the Chinese Herbal medicine works, or the acupuncture works, or both or neither.  Either way, I am one happy person.




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That's awesome jacqueline, congrats! I hope your VBAC goes well smile.gif
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That's awesome!  So glad to hear it!

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