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So, it looks like my cycle's back in town. I started bleeding again today after more than a week without blood. UGH. Could this be something else? It's probably my period, right? This is my payback for having a good sleeper, though I think she still nurses at least every 5 hours.


I am making my fertile husband stay FAR FAR away from me until I get the IUD in a couple weeks.

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Wow, When did you get it back with DS?  I had several times where i didnt bleed for 5-6 days then 1 day again.... but that was around 4-5 weeks pp.  Hope it is not, but sounds like it may be....

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Uh oh... Is that part of LAM? That baby can't sleep more than a few hours at a time? Because Miss L sleeps 4-6 hours most nights. Not that we've DTD yet, but still (just 5 weeks PP and I have a small but annoying tear I'm waiting out).
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I think that for most effective LAM baby can't go more than 6 hours without nursing. Granted, i dont practice LAM well because we use a paci and a crib for part of the night, but i was hoping to hold off AF till at least 4 months, which is when it returned with DS. Seems like my friends who dont EBF keep theirs away longer!
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My period came back 4.5 months PP with DD1 and she was not a good sleeper - we nursed every 1.5-3 hours.


I think my period came back 1 day shy of 8 weeks PP this time (I stopped bleeding 3-4 weeks prior to that) but it was the lightest period ever.  Just spotting for 2 days, a tiny amount on a pad 1 day, and then spotting 2 more days.  My SIL said this happened to her at 8 weeks PP and then she had nothing until just last week when she had a heavier period when her son was 7 months old.  So we'll see!  Either way...I'm not taking ANY chances!  I want to get an IUD as well.

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Oh no, I hope it's not that Rach! My little guy gets a 4-6 hour slug of sleep every night so I'm a little worried about this too.

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Sorry, that sucks! Mine cameback ar 4.5 mo last time (after 6.5 & 10.5 months with the fiest two) I think my little man is going 4-5 hours most nights but I try to combat it by having him sleep on my chest .. (And following the other LAM/ecological bfing rules that I did not follow with #3) its not like I could wake him up he is right there next to my bare boob, there is only so much that can be done :/
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Oh noooooo...I've had bad cramping and some bleeding for the past 30 hours. I thought it was a lochia comeback because I moved a lot of furniture day before yesterday, but DH thinks it might be AF. Is there a way to tell? Other than just waiting til next month...?

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I started bleeding yesterday but it's not like a period. So annoyed.
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