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Trouble staying hydrated

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This has been an issue for me for as long as I can remember.  It seems that water goes right through me and I had have to work harder at staying hydrated compared to those around me.  If I've been slipping up on water consumption I will start to feel it, when most won't.  (headache, slightly dizzy)  When I was in high school, I passed out a few times after being out in the sun most of the day on a hawaii vacation (and getting a bad sunburn.)  I literally have to alternate sips of water and coffee when I drink coffee, as to not feel instantly dehydrated.  When I was pregnant (3rd tri) , I drank a cup of coffee 2 days in a row, and on the 3rd day I ended up in the hospital with some preterm labor contractions due to hydration.  I feel like I can drink larger amounts of a water at once, compared to other people...and I pee more frequently too.


I've been tested for diabetes numerous times, especially since it runs in my family.



I just thought I'd put it out here in case anyone else shares these symptoms and/or has any idea of what I should look into.



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sounds like you just have a small bladder.


Also try reaching the 8 cups of water a day for a week or so and see if it eases your weird symptoms. If you are chronically dehydrated making sure you are hydrated might help fix the problem. I know when I am dehydrated and drink water my body uses it fast to try and get rid of the toxins its holding. Also maybe stay away from coffee for that week if you can.

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Thanks for your thoughts.
I do drink at least 8 (8oz) cups of water normally.  It's usually more.  

It's not that I feel bad right now.  It's that I seem to have to work harder to stay hydrated, and I get dehydrated easier than most people around me.  I've often wondered if there is some sort of underlying cause.


Since coffee is something I've only started drinking in the last couple of years, and this seems to be an issue that's been with me for a while, I don't think that's the issue.  I guess the point is that if I do drink coffee, it seems to dehydrate me much more than anyone else.

I'm not sure about the small bladder.  It does seem to fill up fast though.  For example, during an ultrasound for something, they wanted me to pee to empty my bladder to get a better view of what they were trying to see.  I went, layed back down on the table, and as they were looking on the monitors for a bit, they said "oh geez, her bladder is already filling back up again."  I hadn't been drinking much water during that time either.  (I was in the ER) 

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Have you tried increasing your sodium intake to help retain fluids? My DS has similar symptoms and his Dr recommended increasing fluids, and having several snacks throughout the day higher in sodium- saltine crackers, potatoe chips, etc. You can even purchase sodium pills OTC. HTH smile.gif
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