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Meal Plans That Work

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I'm looking for a meal plan that works for our family. We all agree that we want dinners that can be made in about an hour. I prefer a mostly paleo diet. My husband prefers a mostly vegan diet. The kids would prefer to live off of pizza, pasta, burritoes, and hot dogs. I try to make sure everyone gets at least two dishes a week that they like (and a side they like on the nights I make something they don't like), but I still feel like there's always someone sulking about dinner. I'd love to discover some meal plans that would make everyone happy. Any ideas?
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I have two kids, (1 and 4) so meal planning can be tricky. We try to eat real food, unpackaged, unprocessed. That said, I make meals and serve them in stages... If I'm making chicken pasta, I sautée the chicken, set some aside for 4 yo dd, with plain noodles for her, then add sauce to ours. DS (1) gets the noodles with avocado or something... That's the only way I've been able to come up meals that make everyone happy. Not sure that helps much :-/
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I do basically what chiromama does, except my kids are 9 (omnivore) and 13 (vegetarian/pescatarian). I make either meat or cheese on the side (DH is eating limited dairy). DD2 gets the various components plain/unsauced and separate. The rest of us combine to our taste.

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I'm vegan, mom of 2 small kids who are both picky in different ways (DS likes soupy textures and DD likes foods plain), and married to a non-vegan.

The first step is agreeing on the main points of the menu so there is no argument when the food comes to the table.  We have meat or eggs on Tuesdays and fish on Fridays.  The other days are vegan with the option of adding some parmesan cheese or whatever else can quickly be pulled from the fridge.  If DH wants meat on other days he brings it home.

I started including DD(5) in the dinner prep and her new task is slicing cucumbers.  Thus, the kids eat about a whole cucumber every night whereas if I sliced it no one would eat it.  DH also eats the cucumber because DD fixed it. 

When I find a meal that everyone likes, I take note of it and cook it every couple of weeks (or more often if I am feeling lazy). Other than that it is just a matter of being flexible and creative using different presenations, leftovers, and combinations of what is available.  Dinner last night for example was rice, beans, carrots, and avocado salad. DSs was all mushed up together on his plate, minus the lettuce which he can't chew yet.  DD got everything separate and instead of avocado which she doesn't eat she got cashews.  DH and I had the beans in a Moroccan stew.  Today for lunch I made a rice dish with the leftover rice for the kids and ate the rest of the bean stew myself.  Sometimes it feels like I am running a restaurant...

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