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Mom of 1 (for now...)

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Hey everyone. I found this forum by chance while suffering an inner meltdown today regarding my 4 year old daughter's behavior and how I relate to her. So, thank you for the help, first off. I'm a 27 year old mom of one, and together along with my same sex partner, I am navigating this road. Let me explain: for three-ish years I was a single mom. When my partner and I committed to each other, it became very clear that I had some work to do in terms of dual parenting. I still have no idea what I'm doing all the time, and am probably too quick to jump in. I'm here for the help and support of other moms, because, I figure, someone out there at any given time is going to have some idea of how I'm feeling and may be able to throw in some reassuring words or advice. 


We live in Florida and I am a full time student. 




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Welcome mommy! Check out the parenting forums. 

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