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I have an intense urge to get started... anyone here have experience???

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I have a bit but I'm not much help with start-up info. I lived for about a year on a farm that had old hive boxes that had been unattended for years. An old friend helped me clean them up and upkeep them. It was an incredible experience for me and my kids. We are about to buy 10 acres and I'm looking forward to keeping bees again but it will probably be a few years.
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Call your county extension office. My son goes to an experiential learning school and while he was off studying wolves in Yellowstone I took off work and took Beekeeping. It was amazing. It was also neat to see how willing members of our cities beekeeping club was to show off their hives and teach a bunch of Middle and High school kids.
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My parents have kept bees for about 20 years. If you're lucky, and can find a beekeeping supply place near you, they'll be able to provide you with resources and contacts.


Fifteen years ago I would've said that beekeeping wasn't that diffcult. The main issues were knowing when to add on more space to the hive (and when not to!), gauging how much honey you can reasonably take without having to feed the bees sugar water during the winter, and properly prepping the hive for the cold season. There are some tips and tricks (best smoker fuel ever: sumac berries!) but the basics are pretty simple.


Colony Collapse Disorder has really changed things, though. My parents have had losses somewhere between 50-100% of their colonies every year for the past few years, even when not taking any honey and trying to keep the bees as healthy and stress-free as possible. Similar rates of loss have been felt by other hobbyist beekeepers they know, and a lot have bowed out altogether from the practice. The local beekeeping store near there can't get enough new colonies to meet demand, because the people who raise new colonies have had so many losses, too. If you go into beekeeping now, expect to lose a good portion of your colonies. :(

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We have a whole two weeks experience bee keeping! lol.gif


So far, so good- only 3 of us have gotten stung!



We found a guy on Craigslist selling hives and bees. Turned out he was practically our neighbor so he came and delivered them. :)

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