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Grain free/dairy free diet for toddler?

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My 19 month old has been off dairy for several months and is finally doing a bit better with his digestive issues. He has a lot of sensory integration issues too, and I had read that GFCF might help, so I took him off gluten. He still seemed to have issues digesting things like rice pasta and cooked brown rice, even though he drinks rice milk and is fine with that. So now I have taken him off ALL grains and his stomach seems to be doing great.


I want to give it a few more weeks to see if it's really "better" and he is going for a follow up with a GI specialist in a few weeks so I want to be able to say that his diet is helping.


So I'm glad that he seems to be feeling better, and grateful that I'm not changing 8 completely nasty diapers every day, but is this something that can be sustained long term for a child this young? Are there nutrients he will be missing? Does anyone have direct experience with doing this?

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http://whfoods.org/essential-nutrients/ will give a list of foods dense in specific nutrients


http://nutritiondata.self.com/ you can input a typical days meals and see what nutrients are lacking


If he is not getting energy from grains I'd want to make sure he was getting plenty of good fats.


We have a child on a pretty restrictive diet but gf grains and dairy she actually does fine with.

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Wow, thanks!


That will help me plan a little better. Right now I'm just throwing veggies and whatever else I can find in the fridge onto his plate and hoping he'll eat it.

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I second the healthy fats. Ds had a lot of food issues around that age. He can do grains BUT we try and make that a very small portion of his meal and can't do dairy. When he's given it the poor kid gets crazy ill.


We are also vegetarian so it was a little hard to get use to but honestly he ate better then any other toddler I knew. A lot of fresh veggies(diced tomatoes/cucumber/peppers/mushrooms),protein(beans/tofu/lentils/eggs),steamed veggies(sweet potatoes/cauliflower/broccoli) and TONS of healthy fats. We did avocado smoothies,diced avocado,guacamole(he'd eat it with a spoon). Flax seeds made into crackers. Flax oil on things. Hemp seeds.


Now with 3 kids and a 4th on the way we don't eat like that as much and I miss it.greensad.gif

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